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Arnold In Idaho -- Two-Tired to Face Reality

5/25/2011 2:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Arnold Schwarzenegger took a much needed break from L.A. this morning -- riding out the storm in quiet Ketchum, Idaho ... on a bicycle.

The former Governor of California is really spinning his wheels.

FYI -- Ketchum is the city where Ernest Hemingway committed suicide back in 1961.


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Is that a gravestone behind him?

1211 days ago


The Kennedy's are pretty non existent anymore. So, no Kennedy's will be skinning Arnold alive. Besides, Maria is a Shriver, a Kennedy cousin, which is pretty much all that exist anymore. Didn't Maria's cousin, Michael Skakel kill Martha Moxley, 24 years ago? And wasn't he convicted of it in 2002? Funny how you don't hear about that.
Didn't Michael Kennedy have an affair with an under aged babysitter? William Kennedy was charged with Rape, but got away with it, thanks to Uncle Teddy. This sort of scandal is par for the course in this family. They just bring it all on themselves, by who they marry, or hand out with, or just by their nature. Arnold fit perfectly into this family.

1211 days ago


Who cares !!

1211 days ago


Can you blame the guy? He needed a break from all the mess in LA. Leave the guy alone for a while. Don't suggest suicide either....that's really mean. How do you think his kids would feel about losing their father. He made a BIG mistake and I hope men everywhere will learn from it. Don't cheat on your wives....

1211 days ago


Arnold didn't make a mistake he knew what he was doing,now he running away like a coward can't take the heat. His wife and kids aren't in hiding. Big bad man in the bedroom now face the consequences of your actions. Instead of Terminator what about Conan the Barbarian.actions.

1211 days ago


as long as they have black hookers he could give a **** where he is...
yeah he got a lot o money but a tiny weenie!!

1211 days ago


What's wrong with his knee? Kinda looks like a lg bandaid--reckon maria hit it with a golf club?

1211 days ago


I remember some of you people wanted to make him president of the U.S.A. lol

1211 days ago


a little perspective people. Mentioning suicide speaks more about the person's mental health who wrote the caption than Arnold S. He's not a murderer, rapist (maid was a willing participant) and he lavished gifts/money/ on his out of wedlock son. His actions have hurt those close to him (including himself). But I only know him through his entertainment - which I've enjoyed. Nobody is all bad...or all good . This truly is a family matter.

1211 days ago

Rafaelle Zuccaro    

Aaahnold should go a tour with Charli Sheen- Gathering goddeses T EVERY STOP--- Call it the "INSEMINATOR TOUR"

1211 days ago


what's wrong with his legs? They loook pudgy or doughy or something weird

1211 days ago


Without steroids the muscles go back to flab. There has been enough of photos of him in speedos on vacation and not looking good. His body is just going back to natural.

1211 days ago



The Skakel's ARE NOT MARIA'S COUSINS. They are Ethel Kennedy's (Bobby's wife) family. So not Maria's cousin's only the cousin's of Bobby's kids.

Unrelated anyway why drag that up. If you want to go there Arnold's father was a Nazi and he himself is likely a statutory rapist.

There are danger's in broadening the scope of an argument.

1211 days ago


Frankly Arnold looks very good for a 60 something year old. Just fine, it is the inside that is ugly.

1211 days ago



Yes Michael Kennedy was a gross statutory rapist too! Karma took care of him though.

I concede that Arnold was not married and only 28 when he was with or allegedly with Gigi...another ho who wants to get paid.

1211 days ago
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