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Arnold In Idaho -- Two-Tired to Face Reality

5/25/2011 2:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Arnold Schwarzenegger took a much needed break from L.A. this morning -- riding out the storm in quiet Ketchum, Idaho ... on a bicycle.

The former Governor of California is really spinning his wheels.

FYI -- Ketchum is the city where Ernest Hemingway committed suicide back in 1961.


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Joe Gould    

Ahnold is only a girlie man.

1249 days ago


I hear his baby-mama is there too, trying to hide.

1249 days ago


That pic is a total photoshop.
All you hypocrites have a special place in Hell waiting for you.
Arnold's son is well supported, loved, and being raised in a 2 parent family. That's more than 70% of American kids can say.

You tabloid minded drones are pathetic.

1249 days ago


Fake picture or not he looks homeless & that is probably where he will end up after Maria gets done with him............

1249 days ago



1249 days ago


Maybe he is breaking it in since that may be all he has left after the divorce.

1248 days ago


i don't think those are his legs, if u look close it looks as tho he is wearing black spandex under that skirt or whatever it is. and his hands and those shoes, that cant be him maybe the head but not the rest. TMZ whats up fess up don't make us to be fools please.

1248 days ago


He's wearing nylons!

1248 days ago


Speaking of Idaho. I've told my husband if I could afford it, I would buy a town in Idaho and RENAME IT................................YOU-DA-PIMP, I-DA-HO
HA HA HA HA HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you know your laughing!!!!

1248 days ago


i see the photoshop now, but i sure would like it if TMZ would keep their big azz letters out of the middle of a pic so we could distinguish the photo better. how bout it Harvey, Charles?

1248 days ago


back to 1986 rummor have it he used to be whith men

1248 days ago


That pic is sooo fake...I mean come on now! And the god it's horrible!

1248 days ago


Arnold!Arnold!you are still my hero, my inspirations from a young boy who struggling since 15 years old from the cold gym in Graz to success, I read your story "education of a body builder", people are the same Arnold, when you do or having something good, they run to you, clinging on you, when you do or have something not good, they will trash you, attack you, push you over the bridge and happy to see you suffer, I've been through that in my life, Arnold, you will get over this, you are a warrior. By the way, I went to University of Idaho, Moscow, Idaho from 1979 to 1987, and earned two degrees in Engineering, mechanical and electrical engineer,Arnold, if I ever meet you, I'd like to have a beer with you.

1247 days ago


fyi.. is it necessary to have the "FYI".. i mean how's it related to the post? or are you like giving him idea to kill himself because of the scandal he is in? what he did in unforgivable but i don't think the "fyi" is necessary..

1247 days ago

Poster/not always viewer    

Why are so many of you 'angry' with Arnold? He did nothing to you! This is between Maria and Arnold. I think it was wrong of Maria to release the story of Patti b/c she hurts her children and the innocent child. But I can understand her fury and not thinking clearly. I can't say I wouldn't have done the same thing. But I am surprised her 'friends' didn't help her to control her actions better. Be that as it may.

Everyone should leave them alone to sort out whatever they need to sort out. This is more complicated than a one night stand and any first year psych student can tell you they both contributed to the breakdown of the marriage. However, that does not excuse Arnold's indidelity and worse, in the martial bed! But only Arnold can explain that; and he owes that explanation to no one except Maria. If I were them I would leave the children out of it as they are totally innocent in all of this.

1247 days ago
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