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Willow and Jaden Smith

Mentoring MJ's Kids

5/25/2011 11:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jaden and Willow Smith didn't just bump into MJ's kids on a movie set in L.A. yesterday -- TMZ has learned, it was all set up by Katherine Jackson ... to help nudge her grandchildren in a positive direction.

Sources close to Katherine tell TMZ, she believes the Smith children are prime examples of young success in Hollywood -- both extremely talented and down-to-earth -- and thinks Prince, Paris, and Blanket could learn a lot from them.

According to sources, Katherine wants to surround her grandchildren with role models like Jaden and Willow -- so she set up the meet-and-greet ... and we're told, the kids got along like a house on fire.

Katherine wants Michael's kids to enjoy their childhood -- and is actively encouraging them to become involved in all kinds of activities ... including acting.


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I think people are reading a bit too much into this. Chances are, it's not much more than a photo op.

1225 days ago


the Jackson kids still seem pretty respectful and well behaved
the Smith kids seem like little smart-alec brats

hope that it doesn't rub off!!

1225 days ago


Anonymous about a minute ago
Just because they're Michael Jackson's kids doesn't mean that they should become stars, even if they WANT to be. What good did fame ever do for Michael? He'd probably still be alive and healthy now if it weren't for becoming famous! Katherine should be ashamed of herself for wanting the same thing for her grandchildren, especially seeming as putting those kids in the public eye is AGAINST MICHAEL'S WISHES. Michael Jackson did everything in his power to protect his kids from cameras, he must be be rolling over in his grave now...

Katherine Jackson should have waited until Prince, Paris, and Blanket reach 18 years of age before allowing them to enter showbusiness which is a very dangerous world for kids.

1225 days ago


While I am not sure Will Smith and his wife are the role models I would want for my child. You can not argue against their success or the fact that their children are talented young individuals. While the background of the Jackson children speaks for its self, they could use some positive role models their own age after exposure to the leaches they have spent the last two years with.

1225 days ago


Oh goody, the Smith kids can teach the Jacksons to be no talent, entitled brats..I'm sure Michael would love that.

1225 days ago

todd lee    

yeah, the kids of Will Smith are PERFECT examples of how to be spoiled, brats who depend on mommy and daddies fame to get somewhere in life.

HEY WILL!!! why not send your kids to college when they get older and not depend of the materialistic ways of HOLLYWOOD to get your kids ahead. But i seriously doubt that will happen.

1225 days ago


I don't know any of these people but I'm going to guess the mentors are the ones WITHOUT the baseball caps.

1225 days ago


Are they trying to lure them into the Church of Scientology???

1225 days ago


One can 'read between the lines' here & it all becomes clear what Katherine(and shhhhh!...'catfish-behind-the-scenes-yankin'-KJ's-strings')is up to here. In between her Oprah, Primetime,20/20, Dateline 'boo-hoo' interviews, she has done NOTHING but come up with ever-cheesier money-making opportunities to cash in on MJ's name. THAT'S RIGHT..MJ'S NAME, NOT THE 'JACKSON' NAME. Somehow, Michael was made to feel 'indebted' to his family thru pure 'GUILT'. Yes, one should 'gift' their family after they have become an adult & achieved success in their own right; you don't simply forget or neglect your family's needs but THIS FAMILY'S NEEDS NEVER SEEM TO END. They have squandered their Jackson 5 fortune & went to work on MJ's long before he died & managed to squander what he gave them as well. IMO he loved them but he was completely 'fed up'. His father was so stubborn that he plunged headlong into ****ty business ventures against everyone elses advice, Jerk-maine kept crankin' out the kids with no means of supporting them until his entire family was living at Hayvenhurst on MJ's dime. Katherine's sense of ENTITLEMENT IS LEGENDARY. Her idea of 'needs' seems to include new wardrobes every 3 months, endless beauty parlor & nail appts., etc. etc.

Here's my take on this situation:

Joe got shut DOWN in court as to the will. He's continuing to do to Katherine what he's been doing for years. Living in Vegas, bangin' whomever he likes, then going back to Hayvenhurst to play 'Grandpa' & 'devoted Husband'. Katherine just keeps eating all the sh.. he's willing to dish out to her; no change there. She can maintain her 'illusion' with the JW's that way. Meanwhile she's running her sleazy 'games' to trade on her dead son's name under the guise of the ever-grieving 'mother'. I know this sounds harsh & I've no doubt she dearly loved her son BUT the Jackson's idea of 'love' is hopelessly intertwined with $$$$$. Theuy are one & the same & they jerked MJ around at every turn & played him like a grand piano when he was alive. He was no fool. He took his kids around to THAT house probably twice a year. Truth is, these kids barely KNEW their Grandparents & I don't think that was an 'ACCIDENT' on Mj's part! MJ had more of his 'faculties' I think than people gave him credit. At least he recognized dysfunction when he saw it. Of course, he also knew HE was 'dysfunctional' as well but he wasn't so stupid that he couldn't recognize where it originated. I don't think he ever thought that he would die before his mother either, hence the terms of the will. I really don't think he ever thought his children would actually end up at Hayvenhurst in the very same situation as he & his brothers & sisters years ago. Only difference is Joe's too damn old & there's too many 'eyes' on him for him to be swinging that belt like he used to.

Katherine is attempting to sue the executors, attempting to petition the court for a bigger allowance for herself..REPEATEDLY PETITION THEM. So now she feels like enough time has gone by & the kids are a bit older so this is her first 'weedle' at seeing how it will 'fly' with the press & the public if she sticks these kids little toes in the 'entertainment waters'...see how much backlash she'll get over it. By doing this, she can always say.."Oh they were just socializing". Why 'I' wouldn't make these kids do anything they didn't WANT to do"! Uh, huh. "Why, they WANT to be actors"! These two make me ill cause they haven't paid a bit of attention to MJ over the years, haven't heard a word he's said to the press about his childhood, haven't acknowledged ANY CULPABILITY whatsoever in his 'utter misery' as a result of all their 'WHIP CRACKING' in his youth.

It's not that they are in 'denial'about it, it's just that they didn't give a damn what their kids REALLY WANTED out of life; or rather that they gave 'more of a damn' about the money that is:(

Mark my words, this IS the Jacksons 'first move' at indoctrinating these kids of MJ's into showbusiness. Katherines been yakking for over a year now about how Paris wants to be an actress, Prince wants to be a director, & Blanket can "really dance"! As soon as we heard her utter those words, we should have seen what would be coming. I think Katherine has shown absolutely NO RESPECT FOR MJ'S WISHES WHATSOEVER. I hope MJ sends a nasty old 'poltergeist' into her bedroom every night to haunt this woman! :)

1225 days ago


Nice to see the Smith kid out actively being not dead.

1225 days ago


Tons of bitter, envy people here. So sad.

Anyway, at least Mrs. Jackson only thinks and wants positive things for her deceased son's children.

1225 days ago


panchang8108 minutes ago

Tons of bitter, envy people here. So sad.

Anyway, at least Mrs. Jackson only thinks and wants positive things for her deceased son's children.


...and every $$$ she can wring out of them in the process.

I don't think Katherine is a 'bad person', I just think she's been living the life & the role of 'celebrity parents' so long, she has become very accustomed to the 'perks' that go along with it. When you read the Jackson biography, it's quite sad because there WAS a time when Katherine had a very different set of values & ambitions for her children...their happiness rather than monetary gain. I think she traded in those values a long time ago for the 'hopes & dreams' of her husband who was completely determined that his kids would fulfill HIS DREAMS since he wasn't able to in his own youth. Katherine forgot 2300 Jackson St. a long time ago.

1225 days ago
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