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Willow and Jaden Smith

Mentoring MJ's Kids

5/25/2011 11:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jaden and Willow Smith didn't just bump into MJ's kids on a movie set in L.A. yesterday -- TMZ has learned, it was all set up by Katherine Jackson ... to help nudge her grandchildren in a positive direction.

Sources close to Katherine tell TMZ, she believes the Smith children are prime examples of young success in Hollywood -- both extremely talented and down-to-earth -- and thinks Prince, Paris, and Blanket could learn a lot from them.

According to sources, Katherine wants to surround her grandchildren with role models like Jaden and Willow -- so she set up the meet-and-greet ... and we're told, the kids got along like a house on fire.

Katherine wants Michael's kids to enjoy their childhood -- and is actively encouraging them to become involved in all kinds of activities ... including acting.


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It is a sign of Peace - if you want to read something into it.

1242 days ago


Thank you Pegasus !!!

1242 days ago


Phantom, Thank you sooooooo much for the Video, it is so nice !!!!Sorry, but I have to run to work. If you like, I posted one of my E- Mails on here. You can also message me, Pegasus.

1242 days ago

kathy 40    

Hollywood's Family Dynasty EXPLOITATION(?)

- Sheen
- Douglas
- Bridges
- Baldwin
- Spelling
- Garland (Minelli)
- Fonda
- O'Neal
- Osmonds
- Shields
- Foster

and last but by NO MEANS LEAST.....

Riley and Benjamin Keough-Presley (Elvis Presley's grandchildren and Michael Jackson's ex-stepchildren).

Never heard anyone say that these CHILDREN were being exploited, but then again...THEY ARE WHITE and/or JEWISH!!!

You racist MFFers better LEAVE MJ's and Will Smith's kids ALONE!!

1242 days ago


AS WELL I think but I am equally disappointed by that detail who will guide them to the adults do not think katherine survive or not to view the target 20 or 30 years old (or think it did) who will tell you Drug debbie mother or perhaps hope that if by then conosca lester mark his godfather, and uncles can support or tito, marlon or nephews 3T mike
to or because janet jackson.
I would not like at all the disgusting hypocrisy negative support in joe jackson.
megustaria see on the red carpet paris I have a great desire for it but it is questionable that she really wants paris.

1241 days ago


I know Katharine means well but this is not the way to a normal childhood; normal children don't have play dates on movie sets and remember she didn't do such a good job with making sure that Michael and his brothers receive a normal childhood and protection from the vultures in the show biz industry including their own father so I'm not so confident with her ability to do this with this generation of Jacksons at 80 years old.

1241 days ago


Since every major tabloid has reported on this except for TMZ, I am posting it again for the fans that haven't seen it. Guess its not negative so TMZ doesn't want anything to do with it.

Its Michael and Barry Gibb recording together in the studios in 2002. Love it

I love to see videos like this of him creating songs.

1240 days ago


Dear Kim, I saw the Video too and I love it!Michael, he looks so sweet in it !!!

1240 days ago


I can feel the Rain on me like a warm shower from heaven,touching the Earth under my feet.Barefeet in the rain, barefeet on the Earth feeling your love touched by its power. Running, Running through the rain like a Fool in Love. In love with you.Barefeet, touching the Earth, feeling the rain.How beautiful can our World so be. Rain, so gentle and blue, give life to so many Beautiful things.How do I love him!!Barefoot in the Rain, you and me holding hands till eternity.....To Michael Jackson

1240 days ago


So long ago. So long ago. We walked together, the pathway to Heaven.Standing there, laughing and crying, tying to understand the feelings in our hearts and coundn't find the answer there.So long ago. So long ago. You and I ,little Angels who once fell from Heaven to this Earth, lost and lonley, searching,looking for the secret of happiness.So long. So long ago. Trying to make our dreams come true. You and me, it's now all in the past, and so are our dreams and hope.Can't return ,can't ever go back to what it once was.....Little Angels of our Hearts....To Michael Jackson

1240 days ago


Why are you sitting so alone by yourself???You need company, you need me to be with you. To show you god's love. Look up in the Blue sky, see the Clouds so fluffy and white. Perfectly shaped. See the sun in its golden glory.The birds flying above your hat, so colorful and playful with delight!!Hold on to my Apron so we can run, run down to the Medows and see the creek, so fresh and sparkling clear. See the Fish.Lets touch the loving deer.So our world perfect,made from God. How lucky we are.Lets dance, lets dance to song of endless love with butterflies and bees above.See the beauty of our so loving world.Never sit alone, never without me !!!How lucky we are !!!

1240 days ago

kathy 40    

As much as I disagree with Katherine on some things she did after MJ died, like joining Howard Mann, I do approve of her ALLOWING the children to have friends. This was something her own children could not enjoy in THEIR youth because Joseph would NOT allow it. Michael always said he had NO friends except his own brothers. La Toya wrote in her book that sometimes her mother would let them play outside but they would have to be inside before Joe got home so they would not get whipped. Interacting with other kids is the right thing for MJ's kids so will have a normal life and won't have to suffer the loneliness he endured his whole life. If MJ DID have friends his own age when he was little instead of spending his childhood between his home, school and the recording studio maybe he wouldn't have had little children as friends when he was grown up. MJ was looking for his LOST CHILDHOOD and this is what eventually got him into so much trouble. God Bless and keep PPB and I'm sure their Daddy is watching with approval because no matter what, he trusted his own mother to raise them after he was gone. Michael told Barbara Walters once that he would NEVER keep his children away from showbiz, they could do whatever they wanted when they were ready for it. The children themselves said that their Daddy was preparing them, they were having improvs when he was alive Paris told Oprah and Prince said they had acting lessons from a college professor. So everybody please stop disrespecting Katherine, she is over 80 and doing a wonderful job with the kids, she learned from her mistakes in the past. MJ would be very hurt if he could hear all the ugly things his 'fans' are saying about his mother. To him his mother was a Saint, Mother Theresa, so please leave her alone.

1240 days ago
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