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Kim Kardashian's

Engagement Ring


5/25/2011 7:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian's engagement ring is worth almost HALF as much as her Beverly Hills mansion ... sources close to the diamond tell TMZ the rock is valued at $2 MILLION!!!!!!

Kim Kardashian Engagement Ring
The ring -- designed by Lorraine Schwartz -- features a 16.5 carat emerald cut center stone flanked by two 2-carat trapezoids ... for a grand total of 20.5 carats. 

We're told the stones are all "the highest clarity and color."

So, we gotta ask ... 


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Bubbles The Chimp    

It is just a temporary engagement. They will not even make it to the altar. He is not 'black' enough for her.

1213 days ago


Shame on her for even accepting it! And no, Im not hating or being jealous my husband presented me with a ten carat and i scaled it down to a three carat ring. Why would he think he had to give her soething that huge it just makes her a really ugly person on the outside and inside. Way too material ugggg

1213 days ago


there should be a mandatory "who cares" option on every poll! because who cares?!!!!

1213 days ago


Older tv celeb marries younger NBA guy. Haven't we seen this story already ? How did that work out ? Kim, you are so dumb.

1213 days ago


LOL what an idiot!! She likes black meat, it won't last!!

1213 days ago


$2 Million is probably what People Magazine paid for the story, not to mention how much they'll get paid for the wedding reality show.

1213 days ago

keeping it real    

He's a fool You can't Turn a whore into a housewife!
And she's only Trying to Out do Her BROTHER Khloe's Wedding.
MR. And Mr. Odam.

1213 days ago


Bad investment - this will never last. Who the hell gives someone a $2 million ring after 6 MONTHS of dating? Ridiculous.

1213 days ago


Her past behavior is an indicator of how she'll be as a wife. Look at her career. She got attention because of her sex tape with Ray J. Yeah she turned a negative into a positive, but at what cost. So, if she's feeling neglected by this dude because he's busy trying to get to the finals, what kind of stunt will she pull. Also, once she's settled into her marriage, she's going to let herself go and balloon. You can see the beginnings of it now in the pic.

1213 days ago


Yeah right, we all know this has publicity stunt written all over it and that ring is on loaner from the jewelers. Kris Humphries does not make enough money to blow 2 mil on a diamond ring, so unless Kim forked over the money herself a la Mariah, then I call BS.

I'm guessing her Pimp/Mom saw opportunity for more reality show money if Kim got engaged and this whole thing is a scam. Who marries someone who got peed on for the world to see unless there's something in it for him?

1213 days ago


There is NOTHING this family wont sell...it is disgusting. I wish they would all go away already.

1213 days ago


Get a picture of the ring!!!!!

1213 days ago


What a complete looser!
Who would marry this tramp?

WE have an expression in greek "I mounotriha travai karavi"
meaning (depending on the desperate looser guy)
"a woman's pubes is so powerful it can tow a boat."

This guy obviously is so desperate to get in a woman's pants he is settling for this infested tramp... it does not matter what anyone sais... fact is we know her because she did a PORN and for her nude pics. Oh and for "dating" half of L.A. and N.Y.....

This is why the young girls in north america are all going down hill because of role models like this... I have never seen sooo young men so intimidated by young women before....tooo trampy.

1213 days ago


If you thought Star Jones’ circus of a wedding to Al Whatsisname was annoying, hold on to your uber-sponsored hats. The cross-promotional wedding of the century is about to unfold, so stock up on your Dramamine, ’cause a fierce case of nausea is about to ensue.

Read more of our thoughts at "I Mean... What?!?" http://imeanwhat.com/#ixzz1NNTvpcTl

1213 days ago


they always look sincerely happy and relaxed together so I wish them well and I wish them healthy babies, which I think will follow in a year or two going by what I have read reported about what Kim has said

they don't need a long engagement
but they do need a pre-nup

anyone in this day entering into a marriage where both already have careers/businesses/money before hand (especially at this level) would be naive not to sign a pre-nup
it has nothing to do with love or commitment but with business

and I'm sure that Kim, like any woman in love would have been surprised and thrilled and said yes even if the ring were 1/4 that size
it's not about the ring
it's about who is giving it

contrats and good wishes to them
they need to ignore everyone's comments except for their families and closest friends-who I'm sure are equally delighted with the news

1213 days ago
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