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Kim Kardashian's

Engagement Ring


5/25/2011 7:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian's engagement ring is worth almost HALF as much as her Beverly Hills mansion ... sources close to the diamond tell TMZ the rock is valued at $2 MILLION!!!!!!

Kim Kardashian Engagement Ring
The ring -- designed by Lorraine Schwartz -- features a 16.5 carat emerald cut center stone flanked by two 2-carat trapezoids ... for a grand total of 20.5 carats. 

We're told the stones are all "the highest clarity and color."

So, we gotta ask ... 


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No Avatar


The reason she's so desperate to get married is :

to get a bigger ring than her sister (yeah she's that shallow)

make the magazine covers which equals money (ask her mom.. she's definetly behind all this)

sell the mariage pictures (more money)

get poked in the arse by yet another black guy

then dump his a$$

and lastly try to wrangle more money out of him as a result of the divorce (house and God forbid a kid)

Now, if this guy can't see this coming he's stupider than he looks and proves he's thinking with ****.

1184 days ago


bad investment, considering she changes boyfrends faster then she changes her underwear!

1184 days ago


i always thought Kim was so beautiful till i found out shes all basically fake. but i hope they work out. he is a young kid and his eyes are seeing stars with her. Hopefully shes not to needy and they end up happy.

1184 days ago

Throwback kid    

Baby K should have a gossip site, they could call it Keepin it real with Baby K! Most of these celebs like Kim K are over hyped self absorbed pieses of garbage. Baby K could rip them all a new a-hole!

1184 days ago


No big surprise here. Kim is a fame whore so of course she is going to have to have the bigger ring. She HAD to up Klohe and Lamar. She needs more pictures to tweet and more bragging rights. It's 2 million worth of more KK publicity. Scott is going to have to up the ante and buy Kourtney a THREE million dollar ring and then Klohe is going to have to burn Lamar for a bigger rock on their 2nd anniversary.

What I love is how Kim is going to have to explain to her children one day how she actually got famous: "Well, mommy wanted to be a celebrity so I hung around this chick Paris and got a lot of photo opp's and it went well but I wanted even bigger fame so I seduced my big black boyfriend and screwed him in every disgusting way possible in front of rolling camera's and then found a way to leak them out for the world to see and then got a settlement and big publicity for it and instantly because I screwed a big black dude, mommy was instantly famous. Do you want to see my first film? It's in black and white"

1184 days ago

Charlie Sheen's Watch    

So true - having an expensive ring on such a cheap woman. This guy is no different than the other high paid idiots who will take an advance on all their earnings - **** it all away in a year or two on cheap skanks like this woman.

You can't expect different from such mental midgets. This woman has a disgusting ass, terrible breast and horrendous body. The only thing that was appealing was the face, but that is slowly turning ugly.

1184 days ago


hahhahahha Violette-Blue, I LOVE your comment and totally agree!!!!

1184 days ago


Why do these atheletes keep falling for sloppy 4th,5ths,etc. Homegirl is a tramp, with no talent! I'm not hating, the whole family's fame came by accident! If O.J.doesn't kill his wife, we never know who their father is, and if she doesn't take it in the ass on tape(Ray J)swallow too,then this doesn't make news? Please talk about something news worthy! The famous for nothing fad should end soon?

1184 days ago


@ Baby K - that was super awesome

1184 days ago


Weirdness going on here. Self love?

The Kardashians are known for having three daughters and a mother, Mom Kris, Daughters Kourtney, Kim, Khloe.

Now Kim gets engaged to Kris, who has sisters named Krystal and Kaela.

I don't even know what to say.

1184 days ago


She's knocked up. No dude jumps at marriage that soon.

1184 days ago


So many hard-working decent people in this country while undeserved whores live in totally unearned luxury and wealth. It's sickening, an dpeople like her are the reason why communists and unions exist.

But hey if that fool thinks he can turn a ho into a housewife then it's his own stupid loss.

1184 days ago


Well I see that Kim has done it again!!!!! She is just a hoe, that's what is she good for???? It was her nasty sex tape that got her famous!! Did everyone see how jealous, Kim was when she saw Kloe's engagement ring, it was killing her that Kloe had such a big stone, and I knew if she did ever get engaged, I knew her ring would be 10 times the size of Kloe's, because she just has to be the top Kardashian, with the biggest engagement ring, she always has to be the Sexiest one, of them all!! She is so materialistic, and big deal, who cares that she has a bigger ring,why don't she bring it back, and get one that is big, but take the rest of the money, to the poor in this country, or to some charity's, which there are a ton of them, which need help bad!! Kim is the "SLUT" of the family, Kourtney is a cold maniplitive "BITCH", all the time, but I do like Kloe, because they always make fun of her, but she is the most down to earth Kardashian in her family, and I think the only one that has a head on her shoulder's, and is not a "Hoe", like her sisters!! Just look when Kim "had Shengo", for her bodyguard, and the 1st night they went out to eat, she couldn't wait, when he brought her home, she slept with him, now what kind of girls do that, "!! Then in New York, when Shengo, said he was there, she couldn't wait to see him, as they call it, "BONE HIM", and I bet if he didn't leave to go back to Australia, she would be engaged to "Shengo now", and would be walking down the isle with him???? Don't you gree??? Kim, big deal has a "big butt", so what???? I wouldn't want that big shakey ass, when she gets older, then she will need ass implants??? I still don't know if Kim, has ever had her boobs, made that big??? Can someone tell me if they know for sure, that she had a "BOOB JOB"???? I know that Kourtney had her breasts made bigger, but what about kim, I doubt she has real ones??? Kim has always just has this fantasy about men, and she thinks her life is going to be "A BIG "FAIRYTALE", well wake up Kim, I don't beieve this engagement, or wedding will last, for long!!! Stop showing off Kim, you really make me sick, and I would never be a "Hoe", like you!! Plus those fake "EYELASHES, TOP AND BOTTOM, she even sleeps with them, my God, I have never seen anyone who sleeps with those fake eyelashes on, because i am married, and don't sleep with women, but she wore them , when she was in bed with Shengo, in the morning, Kim, how "VAIN" can you be?? I am also disgusted at Kris Jenner, as a Mother, and she let her kids grow up doing these crazy things??? She should be embarrassed by them??? Just like when Kim said that she was not suppossed to be nude in that magazine story, that she was nude, and you could see her nipples, and the crack of her ass, and she went balistic!!!! But then her Mother said they are beautiful pictures of you, and you should be proud, and own them!! That's what her Mother told her, well my Mother would have dishoned me, if I did something like that, but Kris onlt makes money off her daughters!!So what does she care, telling her that they are gorgeous pictures, and to own them, thats because she gets money from that shoot she did, where she was suppossed to covered up with silver paint!!! It's like Kris Jenner enjoys, pimping out her daughters, and it's a shame, because now her younger daughters are getting in the business to!!!!....I am glad I don't have a Mother like that!! And what is this that they have to go out with football players, or basketball players??? What is it that they have to all be in sports, except for Scott!!! Plus the way they talk about sex, and the things they say and do about sex, it is sometimes real dighusting!!! I am certainly no prewd, but i am grateful to my Mother who instilled great "MORALS", and to "RESPECT OUR BODIES"!! Kris Jenner doesn't care as long as she keeps raking in the money, off her daughters, "like a Madam, in a "WHOREHOUSE", she should be ashamed of herself, as a Mother, but I really feel bad for Kendall and Kyle, that Kris Jenner has already has them modeling , and doing things, that make them look older!!...and make sure they get in the business, now!! I think there Father Robert Kardashian, must be rolling over in his grave, at what they have become, because of the "PIG" Kim!!! Well Kim, I just knew that you would get engaged to this guy, and made sure he bought her the biggest ring, to beat her sister's rings, even the one Scott was going to give Kourtney, was gorgeous, and a good size, but Kim, I am sure that you picked it out yourself, so you can have all the attention of having the biggest Diamond, that would try to make her sisters feel maybe a little bit more Jealous!!! Kim you will do anything to be in the "SPOT LIGHT", All I can say Kim, is that I hope it lasts, but I think that you are going to end up being another "EVA LONGORIA", who when I heard got engaged to that basketball player, and look how he was cheating on her, left and right, and didn't know it!!! When these ball players get married, they always have girls in different cities, just waiting for them, during the season, to cheat on there wives!!!! Let's not even go there about Tiger Woods, cheating on his beautiful wife, gorgeous wife, and she wasn't good enough for him obviously!!! But I do believe Kim, you will have another Tony Parker romance, until you are made a fool of by him cheating on you, just like the rest of these ball players do, and there are many!!!! Well good luck Kim, and Chris, don't go crying to everyone when it doesn't work out!!! You just fall in love, to fall in love again, and again!!! I would have someone looking for your "BLINDSIDE"!!! I will wish you the best of luck, but I don't feel that you really love him, like you should!! You are just in love with being in love, and those feelings are great when you first start going with someone, everyone loves the feelings of being in Love!!! Good Luck!!!!

1184 days ago

Charlie Sheen's Watch    

This is like buying a Herme Brasilia Saddle for cheap lame horse.

1184 days ago


KK will only have kids if it means money in her bank account. She will whore her kids just like her mother whored her out. Kris Jenner is the worst kind of stage mother. What MOTHER finds a way to make money off her daughters sex tape? Then urges Kim to pose naked in Playboy and show off her tits on a magazine. Kim isn't worth crap unless she's showing off her tits and ass, taking it UP the ass or just being an ass.

Yep, Mommy was a whore for sure.

1184 days ago
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