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TMZ Live – No Cover for Arnold & Kim K’s Boob-Gate

5/25/2011 1:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Arnold Schwarzenegger may be a cheat, but he didn't stick the tax-payers with the bill -- according to members of his former protection detail so at least there's that. Plus, Boob-Gate! What did a pair of record producers know about using Kim Kardashian's boobs and when did they know it.

All the answers to your questions on today's TMZ Live!


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(1:30) After Lauren Alaina's vocal cord chaos... could they even tell a difference?
(5:30) Arnold's CHP protection kept him safe... but from what!
(13:45) Were cortisone shots Lauren's singing savior on last night's "Idol" performance?
(15:15) Dog the Bounty Hunter's blonde doppelganger is spotted on Sunset Blvd. but his car doesn't fit the bill. Is it Him?
(19:10) Charles finally clears up the world's greatest mystery -- how do you pronounce his name?
(19:40) Was it okay to use Kim K's shiney silver boobs on an album cover? TMZ's lawyer, Jason, shines a little light on the legal letter.
(26:30) Max gives an in depth opinion into Kim Kardashian's awesome engagement -- what's "insane" about it?
(31:20) Gary dishes the details on what happen to the "Jerry Maguire" kid in the bedroom... does the human head really weigh eight pounds?
(33:40) Dax goes inside Usher's open zipper and questions whether he is really a big star.
(37:20) Shevonne shares her sadness for Oprah's last show.


No Avatar


Has Playboy asked for a Girls of TMZ yet in the mag?

1193 days ago


It takes so long for Americans to bring themselves up-to-date on world news. There is NO Lady Kate. She is Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.

1193 days ago

Jus Another Viewer    

Bubbles The Chimp 29 minutes ago Geez. Look how big Mike is to Charles. Sitting side-by-side, they look like the number TEN

Yea, I LOL'd! THATS a Good One Bubbles!

1193 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

WOW. Mike is freaking annoying.

1193 days ago


Why does harvey have his own song on his ringtone?

1193 days ago


Why don't you guys do TMZ Fit Club anymore? Mike talking about it today was the first time I've heard anything about it from you guys for a long time. TMZ FC was/is a awesome, supportive concept, and it needs to continue, and expand.

1193 days ago


what did Shavon's moms say to her when she found out she smocked weed?

1193 days ago

Amanda Beaton    

Hey guys..any news about Pink ? Havent heard much about her? She is due soon !

1193 days ago

Get Some    

Does anybody else think the guy sitting to our left is a spitting image of that dude who plays Bennett on AMC's show "The Killing"?

1193 days ago

nee nee    

the producers want a girl to win this season, the last 3 or 4 season winners have been males.

1193 days ago


Let's hope it is another long time no see Mike, you are so annoying.

1193 days ago


Why isn't it ever Mike and Harvey anymore? I liked it best with the two of them. Charles is cool but gets me kind of sleepy. There must be a reason Mike is out??

1193 days ago


I'm in the minority, but I like Mike. Especially Mike and Harvey. I would like them to rotate co-hosts, so everyone is happy some of the time. These TMZ Lives are getting too long. I guess it's due to the Sirius thing, but they're too long. Where is that music from? It sounds familiar.

1193 days ago


Harvey or Charles-In the pictorial of Arnold taking his nuclear family to the christening of his son (by Patty) why in picture 6 of 9 is the man's face (who is wearing a black t-shirt) blurred but in picture 8 of 9 his face is not blurred? Appears to be the same man-just wondering. When do you decide who to blur & who not to blur? Like in picture 1 of 9 there are a few people blurred.

1193 days ago


without harvey you guys are not really making it. it's a problem depending too much on 1 person but TMZ IS Harvey, not you.


1193 days ago
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