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Cheryl Cole's Accent

Too Thick for 'X-Factor'

5/25/2011 4:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cheryl Cole was dropped from the judging panel on "X-Factor" largely because producers were  concerned her English accent would be too difficult for an American audience to understand ... sources close to the production tell TMZ. .

There were other issues too -- we're told Cheryl and fellow judge Paula Abdul had a "lack of chemistry" ... and Cheryl was more expendable.

Producers now want Cheryl to return to the UK version of the show -- but according to sources, Cheryl's royally pissed over how this situation was handled ... and may sever ties with "X-Factor" entirely.

Steve Jones will now be the only host on the show -- which debuts in September -- since Nicole Scherzinger will be filling Cheryl's seat on the judging panel.

Calls to Simon Cowell still haven't been returned.


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If some of you are asking why she was sacked for having a British accent if Simon Cowell has one too then you need to realise what accent Cheryl Cole has exactly. Simon Cowell has the typical English accent, which verges on posh, it is called "RP", or the Queen's English. Where as Cheryl comes from up north in England, in Newcastle. The accent there is called "Geordie" and its very different from Cowell's accent. Hope that cleared it up for some of you.

1211 days ago


I love Cheryl.

1211 days ago


How can it be said that the American's can't understand Cheryl's accent??? We all know the American's are made of better stuff than that and this link proves it!

Methinks that maybe Ms PA may have had a little hand in Cheryl's departure???

1211 days ago


Cherly Cole looks like she could be Kelly Ripa or a close relative..... Cute.

1211 days ago


Her accent is just an excuse! It's Paula's fault that Cheryl got axed. Paula's just jealous

1210 days ago


There is no way that this is believable! It became obvious almost from the first day that Simon didn't want Cheryl on the x-factor. This is all a publicity stunt to try to take attention away from Idol and The Voice. I think that it was always planned for Nicole to be a judge. It just shows what a nasty piece of work Simon really is. Just hope that Cheryl realizes that with friends like Simon, she doesn't need any enemies. I for one, won't be watching the program.

1210 days ago


Sick of all the British people here....their are plenty of Americans that can fill these jobs...enough of the Brits...can't understand what the heck they are saying....also not a simon fan he is so creepy. BUY AMERICAN, enough already.

1210 days ago


Let's be upfront - there's a lot for Paula to be jealous of so whilst I can totally understand her jealousy (although I much prefer the word 'envy') we have to be honest because in reality Paula is old enough to be Cheryl's mother - true.

LA must be such a tough place to be when you're a femail racing toward 50 having and having to sit next to someone who is much younger, prettier, with age on her side and admired by your boss. It must be hard!!

I'm just putting the thought out there.

1210 days ago


"Last time I checked, Simon Cowell also has a british accent and americans can understand him but not Cheryl? I smell a rat!"

Well there are many different accents in England, and even more in Britain.

1210 days ago


TreeMileZune said: "Brits do sound like they have marbles in their mouth when they talk. Sometimes I wonder if they're even speaking ENGLISH" You only wonder that because you're an inbred, ignorant red-neck.

1210 days ago


Gene said: "Sick of all the British people here....their are plenty of Americans that can fill these jobs...enough of the Brits...can't understand what the heck they are saying....also not a simon fan he is so creepy. BUY AMERICAN, enough already."

Well the the Word is sick of ignorant hicks such as yourself .. there are decent Americans but red-necks such as yourself gives them all a bad name.

And it's your fault you can not understand people's accent whent hey are speaking clearly.

1210 days ago


denhunt said: ".. from Newcastle (commonly known as the anus of England)." You made a mistake, London is recognised by the whole of the UK as being the anus of the country, and the SE of the country as the s*** smeared surrounding area.

1210 days ago


@Jonky - LOL!

1210 days ago


.... she is totally understandable... some of the things she says r just funny because we wouldnt phrase it like her...
and everyone understood her during the auditions...well she was the only one making comments that were useful

1210 days ago


It's the nasal American accent that is difficult to understand.

1210 days ago
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