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Cheryl Cole's Accent

Too Thick for 'X-Factor'

5/25/2011 4:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cheryl Cole was dropped from the judging panel on "X-Factor" largely because producers were  concerned her English accent would be too difficult for an American audience to understand ... sources close to the production tell TMZ. .

There were other issues too -- we're told Cheryl and fellow judge Paula Abdul had a "lack of chemistry" ... and Cheryl was more expendable.

Producers now want Cheryl to return to the UK version of the show -- but according to sources, Cheryl's royally pissed over how this situation was handled ... and may sever ties with "X-Factor" entirely.

Steve Jones will now be the only host on the show -- which debuts in September -- since Nicole Scherzinger will be filling Cheryl's seat on the judging panel.

Calls to Simon Cowell still haven't been returned.


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I think her accent is cute. I can understand it fine.

1058 days ago


Seriously? So Americans can understand SPACE ALIEN ON VALIUM or whatever language it is that Paula Abdul speaks, but not proper English? That's actually very insulting to Americans.

1058 days ago



1058 days ago


---***This woman's voice has got to be one of the most HORRIBLE sounds on this planet! I don't know what she's saying? Cheryl Cole is what's called Geordie Slang from the gutters of Newcastle in Northern England.***---

Geordie slang from the gutters of Newcastle? Gutters? A thick Geordie accent might be difficult for some people to understand outside the north east of England but I don't see where the gutters remark comes in.

They knew she had a regional English accent when they picked her. She's done the show before and it says more about the producers not treating their audience with any faith or respect.

1058 days ago


If this is true. I am not going to watch this show, its such a disgrace. to hire her, which meant she had to quit the english version due to timing and then to mortify her globally and essentially end her career as she cant exactly go back to the uk version after already quiting. but to give her the sack cos people cant understand her accent when she had numerous screen tests beforehand to determine this just takes the cake. Also can anyone really understand Paula abdul? I mean most of the time i can understand the words but there not in a coherant order given she's doped off her face all the time. The judges from day 1 should hav been cheryl and nicole, beauty, talent, and current and not drugged up has beens , the only reason abdul got it was to bring in A.idol viewers and the reality is that Cheryl was probably simons favourite which paula didnt like cos she is wet for him, She said its her or me and she is worth more launching the show than cheryl got the axe. P.s if this is not true i am going to kill whovever in tmz started this ****e. I have been awake all night trying to see if its true.

1058 days ago


Aw come one . . no one buys this excuse. I saw that fat hayseed Larry the Cable Guy has his own show . . . you have to be dumber then a truck to understand what he is saying. Actually it's probably the truth, come to think of it . . I have never seen her talk, but she probably sounded too intelligent for most of America. Put some hayseed on the show that says things like "fikkin to' or a rap guy who says "kno whut i'm saying" every other word . . . and Americans will be just fine! *smile*

1058 days ago


Accent excuse sounds like bs, someone just didn't like her.

1058 days ago


Good for him . . I guess.
I sill can't understand 'hayseed' regardless.

1058 days ago


I know how that feels. I was denied a job because of my accent too. I'm a southerner and was job hunting in Indiana. I couldn't believe it. Not only was I offended but I was also humiliated. Wasn't the first or last time I've been belittled up here because of my accent, but to be denied a job because of it was outrageous.

1058 days ago


@puddintang I'm from NY moved to NC about 11 years ago. I had to deal with the same prejudice as well. Being called a yank all the time is not fun. But you eventually take on the accent. Now I have no problem hiding I'm northern. I can turn it on and off, almost like learning another language.

1058 days ago


Its not the accent its definitely something else ..... and it is very insulting using that as an excuse, also alot of the people who auditioned to the show have spoken out on twitter and stuff that Cheryl and Paula have great chemistry together so thats a load of rubbish as well ... time will tell the real reason behind this awful sacking

1058 days ago


I'm not British or American and i have no trouble understanding cheryl cole...... all those rumour are just shobiz CRAP ... ppl from the actual auditions have commented all over twitter and stuff that cheryl and paula are great together even hilarious, and the accent thing is just pure cover-up for something else ... weasel of a business the entertainment world !!

1058 days ago


I live in Europe and i have never heard of her. Anyway....why did they hire her in the first place, if they knew her accent was gonna be difficult for the Audience?

1058 days ago


I love British accents sexy as hell

1058 days ago


Thought Simon was smarter and of better stock than he apparently is. Well, prepare for his so called golden touch to just plain flop. Nicole, boring and average. Paula, loopy and half baked. Simon, annoying old whining fart that looks at himself in the mirror all day flexing his man boobs. LA Reid, ummm. Cheryl was the only thing original in this formula of a show that has been overplayed AND no matter how much flack she has taken, always manages to come out on top - yes did Simon ever consider that she is the goose that lays the golden egg? Did he ever think that it might not be him, but Cheryl that was the winning factor on the UK show?
Finally, you just have to also do the right thing sometimes and instead you tossed the poor girl to wolves, doesn't take much testicular fortitude to do that. Prediction: X Factor to just join the pack as Zzzz Factor.

1058 days ago
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