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Alleged Baby Killer Casey Anthony -- The $68,000 Bill

5/26/2011 10:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Accused child murderer Casey Anthony is in more hot water with the feds -- the I.R.S. believes she failed to pay $68k in taxes back in 2008 ... the same year she allegedly killed her 2-year-old daughter.


TMZ obtained a tax lien filed against Anthony in Florida last week -- and according to the document, Casey never forked over $68,520 in federal taxes in 2008.

Casey was charged with first-degree murder the same year -- and is currently on trial in Orlando, FL ... facing the death penalty if convicted.

Calls to Casey's attorney were not immediately returned.


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Could she have made the money selling pictures of herself and/or Caylee to the media?

1185 days ago


This figure has to be wrong! $68K? Maybe $6,800...

1185 days ago


I'm so sick of seeing her fake tears. She just needs to rot in jail.

1185 days ago


Lol.....loving all the repeat comments about how she got the debt. Selling pictures for media attention will come down to income. Since the media HAS to file papers to show they paid her, its pretty obvious she didn't file anything claiming she recieved the money. This whole case leaves a bad taste anyway. She deserves her karma.

1185 days ago


Um, I don't think she failed to pay $68k in taxes. She probably failed to pay taxes ON $68k. Harvey, you're reporting bonzai squad is mirroring the crap that goes on over at Perez's garbage site.

1185 days ago


From what? Her non-job? Maybe based on the value of the legal services she's receiving for free? This is something we need to address in FL. Lawyers got her declared indigent so taxpayers are paying her legal dream team to defend a pathological, baby killer. With our budget problems in this state where teachers & cops are losing jobs, why is no one doing anything about this ridiculous law? No one should be able to pass up the public defender & have taxpayers pay for a legal team that most of us could never afford. It's disgusting.

1185 days ago

Home Skillet    

Well, I've run some quick numbers and, good news for Casey, she should be able to pay that off working at the prison laundry facility for $.20 per hour in just a bit over 118 years - that's if she works eight hours per day, every day of every year and the IRS doesn't charge additional interest. But, chin-up, Casey - you can put that on your resume for when you get out, you heartless, self-centered baby killer.

1185 days ago

Rhonda C. Poynter    

I agree with Barley's comment - I can't stand Anthony, but 68 THOUSAND? Was she dancing in those clubs Nancy Grace keeps finding photos of her in?????????????

1185 days ago


I wouldn't hold my breath if I was the IRS. They won't be getting their money anytime soon. If Casey gets the lethal injection, then they will go after her parents for the money. It shouldn't be that way but it is

1185 days ago


Didn't she make like 200,000.00 from donations? And she gave it to Baez the atty who says hes doing this all for free? Especially when all he had to do was tell the truth so people kept their hard earned money, efforts, sweat tears, etc...... People fell in love with that little girl! just terrible!!!

1185 days ago


she was declared indigent after Baez blew through almost 300K dollars which she paid him from the money she made selling pictures/videos.If I remember correctly it was 275,000 dollars to be exact.

1185 days ago

Home Skillet    

Baez seriously makes me want to vomit.

1185 days ago


To everyone who says she's being convicted before a trial, you can save your breathe. I live in Florida and she was convicted long before they found that baby's body. In all probability it does look like she may be the culprit, however every KNOWS she did it. How? Because the prosecution has done their best to try this in the media? I told my mother that she should save herself a headache and just plead guilty because she won't get a fair trial. The local 24 hour news channel has posted darn near all the evidence and court papers, and this case has not been out of the news since it began. Regardless of how we feel about her, if it was you or your family in court, you would want a fair trial.

1185 days ago

Home Skillet    

If it was me or my family, that baby would still be alive.

1185 days ago


so,, the lesson here is: if you plan on murdering your child, be sure to take plenty of photos to sell & remember to declare this income -- ALSO,, buy your OWN damn shovel - and not with a credit card

1185 days ago
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