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Arnold to Maria -- Smile With My OTHER Family

5/26/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Arnold Schwarzenegger dragged his wife and their children to the christening of his love child back in 1998 ... and forced them to smile next to the secret family he was hiding in plain sight.

Through the years, Arnold spent some serious quality time with Mildred Patty Baena and their kid ... even engaging in tender father-son moments -- like when he taught the little guy how to golf.

Click through the gallery and check out all the family pics.


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Okay ENOUGH! I get it that Arnold's a celebrity, this is big news...blah blah blah, but come ON Harvey! I'm so sick of this crap! Stop reporting on this junk. We get it--Arnold's a creep. ENOUGH!

1209 days ago


Speaking as the parent of lotsa kids -- when out in public with the entire crew, your only focus is keeping everyone together and smiling -- even when you are introduced to other people, you really don't notice because most of your attention is on your own kids and keeping them in line.

1209 days ago


To anyone who thinks that posting these kinds of pictures further harms the kids: News flash, they already know about all this because they were in all these pictures, were at all these events, etc... The kids at their school already know Arnold is a dirtbag. There's no stopping that once the truth in a divorce comes to light, which it always does because (even with non-public people)everyone wants to know "what went wrong" and someone always finds out and tells.

I suppose that the maid's kid was not in the public eye, but Maria's kids were photographed all the time. Plenty of photos on file. As for the maid's kid, this was going to come out sometime. No stopping that either. It's called the truth, and it's hard to stop the truth from coming out.

1209 days ago

Vicky Lehman    

this is really ****ed up!

1209 days ago


What most of you are forgetting is that at the time of the christening, Arnold didn't know yet that the kid was his. Yes, he had the affair but the slut Patti put the other man on the birth certificate. Arnold was told when the child was about 3, so while he screwed up royally, he did NOT force Maria to be involved in the christening ect. If anyone here should be blasted it's that Mexican slut who by her own admission played games with all these people's lives, including that of her son.

1209 days ago


Who cares: u are a Moronic American. Now u are attacking ARNOLD'S PLACE OF birth place. Typical American who always attacking people that were not born here. THIS COUNTRY ISN'T THE WHITE MAN'S COUNTRY. U people put ARnold in as Governor, now u want to send him back to Austria. Cares make up your damn mind. Arnold appears to be a responsible father. It appears he careS for his son with his mistress. LEAVE THE MAN ALONE. I BET THE PEOPLE WHO ARE CRITICAL OF ARNOLD ARE WHITE. LEAVE THE MAN ALONE. HE IS NOT A DEAD BEAT DAD. HE CARED FOR ALL HIS CHILDREN.

1209 days ago


Honest to goodness this little kid is as innocent as the day is long but his parents needs to be gunned down.

Im appalled at the insincerity these two vultures showed Maria and the siblings. Arnold and his whore mistress laid in their bed and this dumb slut possibly thought she was Maria. She was the maid and she did a terrible injustice and now her son has to suffer.

1209 days ago


What was he thinking...that woman was UGLY. I was expecting the housekeeper to look like Penelope Cruz.

1209 days ago


He's an ass!

1209 days ago


How does TMZ know that he dragged his family there, print facts not fiction.

1209 days ago


how embarassing for that she knows...she must see that photo and want to barf.

1209 days ago

Marco Tulio     

Don´t worry Arnie. They are only "oposition Party"...
Kepp your head cool...
Try to make a new porn film...
How about this title : "Future Inseminator"...

1209 days ago


Its wrong what Arnold did, but I think credit should be given for the fact that he was involved that child's life.

1209 days ago


TMZ, how did your organization acquire these photos? Did Patty or her family members sell those photos? I could not imagine anyone from outside of the immediate family having possession of these photos.

1209 days ago

Johnny Knoxville    

Screw the adultery, lies and shame, what is up with those shoes? Is Arnold wearing Sketchers?

1209 days ago
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