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Baena's Daughter: It's Just 'Cause Mom's Hispanic

5/26/2011 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mildred "Patty" Baena's daughter is breaking her silence about her mom's scandal -- claiming the ONLY reason people care about it is because Arnold was having an affair with a Latina.

27-year-old Jackie Rozo told Telemundo, "It's just a big thing because she's Hispanic, and he's a celebrity."

Either way, it's still all news to her -- Jackie claims she had "no idea" her half-brother was fathered by the Governator until the news broke last week.

But now, Jackie's coming to her mom's defense -- adding, "She's like a superwoman pretty much" ... "My mother does not need to justify herself."


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that vote box had the best choices ever! :)

I am so over this already though!

1217 days ago


That is soooo funny because that didnt even cross my mind once.

1217 days ago


LMAO Taco flavored *****

1217 days ago


Um… no one gives two flying farts that he had an “interracial affair”. This girl clearly just wants some attention and to cash on the fact that her mother is a ho and that Arnold is a cheater. I think more people are shocked with the fact that he would cheat on his wife (who’s NOT that pretty to begin with) with that fugly, even uglier “woman”. The End.

1217 days ago


its because she is a fat ugly whore.she is a whore because she knew what she was doing to get money.

1217 days ago


Jackie, look around you and realize hundred's of people cheat with someone of another race, adopt children of another race and marry people of another race. Realize your mother destroyed families. She took the trust and generosity of Maria and her family and spit in their face.

What was shocking is we who have Latino housekeeper's adore them so much they become part of our family. We share everything with these loyal, trustworthy and loving people. This trust and loyalty had been built by your grandmother, who worked for the Shriver's and your Aunt who adored them. Then in comes your mother who is with Maria everyday for years sharing the intimacy of her family and what does she do?

She lies, cheats, steals and sleeps with Maria's husband in the marital bed. She tries on Maria's clothes and jewelry while she plays with Maria's children. She is disgusting, duplicitous and a snake. The worst a woman can be.

So stop with the racial crap. The only reason people were surprised is because Maria is a beautiful woman with elegance and the comparison was jolting.

1217 days ago


I love how anytime there is any type of controversy involving someone hispanic they always turn it into a "race" issue. Hispanic is not and never has been a "race". It's an ethnicity. And it wouldn't matter if she were polka dotted, it's a big deal because he is a celebrity AND was the governor of Ca. has nothing to do with the fact she's hispanic.

1217 days ago


It's a story because 1) the woman is ugly 2) Arnold is a very high profile celebrity 3) Arnold got both woman pregnant at the same time 4) he kept it hidden for so long. Race has nothing to do with it. The daughter is just as ugly.

1217 days ago


I don't think the housekeeper is being targeted because of her ethnic group but I think the focus on her looks is a bit misleading. It often doesn't work like that. We'd have no genetic diversity if we did. Attraction between adults is always odd, powerful, and mighty source of trouble. Lol. People are sometimes just attracted to each-other, even if they hate each-other (often especially), or are radically different people. That's normal (and a *massive* headache, or, truly wonderful, take your pick). The only problem was that he was married/committed to someone already. That's when sexual organs can no longer do the thinking unchecked. They shouldn't anyway, but life doesn't always work like that:

All of this focus on her looks strikes me as a bit Hollywood.

1217 days ago


She's every bit as ugly as her mother, and has now just proven she inherited the stupidity gene, too.

In whose sicko world is adultery and seducing your employer under his wife's nose in her bed, etc., (the etc. being all of the other richly tacky, trashy stuff) primarily a racial issue?

We may be talkin' brown trash in this instance, but we're primarily talkin' TRASH.

1217 days ago


A Superwoman???! More like a lying, cheating, no class, no moral whore. She betrayed her friendship, her loyalty to her own FAMILY and those she worked for and called friends.
Thats no superwoman..Supertramp, maybe.


1217 days ago


Listen, I am hispanic, and race is not a factor here at all!! Maybe its because her mother is an adulterer, and not only decieved Maria who probably treated her like family, but her husband as well. If this is a superwoman- than she needs to go back in space.

1217 days ago


I don't blame her for saying it even if she is way off. No one is going to say their mother is fugly.

Still, the scandal is much more about who Arnold is and that he fathered an illegitimate child in the first place. The part where people see the picture and say "with her? seriously???" is secondary.

1217 days ago


Stupid b*tch... it has nothing to do with her mom being hispanic - hello a hole is a hole - it doesn't discriminate. Ignorant hispanics! How about that fact that her hispanic mom had no problems poking her boss in the house she worked while the wife was there with their kids, then stuck around for the next 17 years or so. This lady has made money hand over fist working for that dumas. DISGRACE - they all are jokes. LOSERS

1217 days ago


If you were raised to think that the issue here is race and not your mothers actions, I feel sorry for you.

1217 days ago
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