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Baena's Daughter: It's Just 'Cause Mom's Hispanic

5/26/2011 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mildred "Patty" Baena's daughter is breaking her silence about her mom's scandal -- claiming the ONLY reason people care about it is because Arnold was having an affair with a Latina.

27-year-old Jackie Rozo told Telemundo, "It's just a big thing because she's Hispanic, and he's a celebrity."

Either way, it's still all news to her -- Jackie claims she had "no idea" her half-brother was fathered by the Governator until the news broke last week.

But now, Jackie's coming to her mom's defense -- adding, "She's like a superwoman pretty much" ... "My mother does not need to justify herself."


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If her mom looked like Sofia Vergara, no one would be as upset. Except Maria.

1249 days ago


"It's just a big thing because she's Hispanic, and he's a celebrity." Really??

1249 days ago


Since when is someone's race classified as "Celebrity"?

A superwoman, really? She's a cheating ho-bag - the complete opposite of a superwoman.

1249 days ago


I just love these Latina's. They think they're so important and so entitled. Don't want to stand in their way or they'll beat the cr*p out of you. So low class!

1249 days ago


it kills me how these people are ALWAYS THE ONES to bring up RACE
and always the ones to CRY la la raza indeed.
go back to mexico or where you came from.

1249 days ago


Are you kidding me? Do you remember Jude Law & the Nanny? He didn't even father a child with her and they were both white! That was all over the news! He is famous, was in office, and I think it amazes people that the lie went on for so long while she was still employed. That is why we are still hearing about this! Her mother is just as disgusting as Arnold is. They both should be ashamed. Stop pulling out the race card and deal with the reality that your mother is a nasty lying ugly skank.

1249 days ago


"It" would be a BIG DEAL if "it" occurred within the John Doe family, but wouldn't make international news. This "it" is in the media because of the family's celebrity status. It has nothing to do with the race of anyone involved. The behavior of the 2 parties is disgusting because of their irresponsibility, duplicity, and deception.
Positive side: The fact that Patty is butt ugly does give hope to many women out there.

1249 days ago


Race has nothing to do with this. It is the face that Arnold has a kid ouit of wedlock that happened to be the house keeper..She is just clutching at straws. Deal with the fact that your mother has a kid with Arnold, the "sperminator"..

1249 days ago


Seriously...supermom? Supermom is right, she can fold the towels while doing the deed with the Governor! It has nothing to do with race. Just keep your trap shut because you are an embarassment. Chip off the old block I guess.

1249 days ago


It has nothing to do with race, it is all about the fact that she betrayed and destroyed the family that provided for her own family.

1249 days ago

Fidel's niece    

"My mother does not need
to justify herself."

Really??? Cheating (while married)
and getting pregnant by a married man
who was her boss???

After Maria divorces Arnold,
he should marry your mom
and then they can both cheat
on each other!

That would be "justice"!

1249 days ago


What a lost individual, in essence what Arnold did to Maria and their children is inexcusable. That’s what people are fascinated by, the fact that he duped everyone, and had the gall to bring his then wife and kids to an family affair for his “Love Child”, that’s just wrong!

Nice try with the Race Card, but you failed.

1249 days ago


She's an idiot if she really believes that. But, she also said that her mom is a role model that women can look up to so clearly she's not very bright.

1249 days ago


It's news b/c 1) he's s*** of the earth and was married 2) your mother is s*** of the earth for sleeping with a married man while smiling to his wife's face and 3) he's a politician.

Doesn't look like brains runs in the family...that's for sure. Playing the race card...stupid.

1249 days ago

Bitchie McSnit    

I hate to break it to the Hispanics, but you are classified in the Caucasian race by those who study these things. Y'all are not black, mongoloid or aboriginal.

1249 days ago
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