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Dodger Beating -- Daughter Backs Suspect Alibi

5/26/2011 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The 9-year-old daughter of Dodger Stadium beating suspect Giovanni Ramirez has given a sworn statement supporting his claim he never set foot in the stadium on Opening Day ... when Bryan Stow was attacked.


TMZ obtained a photo of Giovanni and his daughter -- as well as the girl's statement ... detailing how she and her father spent March 31.

In the statement -- given to Giovanni's attorney Chip Matthews -- the girl says they were at an aunt and uncle's home early that day ... when her dad gave her a $100 bill to go buy a drink for him at a nearby store. She says her father was napping with his girlfriend at the time.

After the pickup, the girl says she played basketball with a cousin outside the house -- and then at 2PM left with her aunt and uncle to go get another cousin from school. She says when they returned she hung out with her father and family -- at the house -- for the rest of the day.

Matthews says, if necessary, the girl will testify on her father's behalf.

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Look at the sketch that was released!! it looks just like him! Was his daughter at the tattoo shop when he was getting his tattoos covered up so that he could not be identified?? What a COWARD and a LIAR... and to top it all off we ALL know what that tear drop tattoo means...

1245 days ago

captn moonlight    

His 9 year old daughter is his alibi, that's credible--NOT

1245 days ago

brown dynamite    

This guy looks like about 100 of other gang members fitting the profile. I wouldn't doubt they got the wrong guy. The LAPD was under a lot of pressure to get the guy, it's possible they made a mistake.

1245 days ago


What happened to the fundamental right of presumption of innocence? I want justice to be served as much as anyone, but I want it to be served on the true assailant(s). Hard evidence is one matter, but people profiling this guy doesn't help the case. He hasn't even been charged, yet. Save your hate and anger for the men who get charged for this horrific crime, otherwise you all simply look like bigots and racists.

1245 days ago


That's about a s credible as saying "I'm not in the pictures, so I wasn't there."

1245 days ago


I dont think this guy fits the description perfectly. That sketch looks like a lot of cholos. And I dont see a birth mark on his face. Did he have it removed? Or did they think that was his tear drop tattoo....i'm sure this guy is no angel but if he didn't do this crime he should be let go. And as far as his daughter you'd be surprised what sharp 9yr olds remember! But i want to know why she wasn't at school????? hmmmmm......Also, who send a 9yr old to the store with a $100 by theirselves while daddy is "napping" WTF.......Oh my other question was when poor Brian Stow was getting beat up by two men why didn't his friends/family that were with him that day help him out? That part I'll never understand. This is just a tragedy :( Hope he will be ok.

1245 days ago

Second Opinion    

@Laurita--he doesn't have to fit the description perfectly. It was a sketch (details from what a person can remember drawn by a third party). Not like they took a picture and looked for the guy. At a distance, a tear drop tatoo and a birth mark might appear similar. While his daughter may be sharp, I doubt she remembers that much detail about a random day almost two months ago. If she is in fact that sharp, then she should also be able to just as meticulously detail any other day around the same time, on the spot. Something tells me she wouldn't be able to.

1245 days ago


LMFAO, so, he gave her a hundred bucks to go to the store but he was napping with his girlfriend at the time. That's some talent to nap and hand out bills.

Sorry but that statement doesn't make sense. After what pickup?

1245 days ago


Why not just give Giovanni the polygraph test like he asked for? If hes asking for one he must telling the truth..

1245 days ago

hue jazz    

toss this piece of gutter trash in the can, you know he's guilty of something.

1245 days ago


This story gets better and better. First, the family comes up with a few pictures that don't show this gangbanger at the park (wonder how many pics they have thet do). The, has his EX girlfriend vouch for him not being there (how sweet), then he gets his 9 year old to say all this to cover himself. Now have him try to explain why he had the indentifing tattoo removed. Maybe his son can help him with that one.

1245 days ago


I can't even remember what I did yesterday, and I'm 29!

1245 days ago


I don't know what I did on March 31, and I have a Daytimer, Outlook Calendar, Blackberry and a wife that tells me what to do... When my kids were 9, they couldn't tell me what they did the previous day. This daughter is one smart kid.

1245 days ago


I guess the smallest amount of dope he sells is $100 and he don't take small bills. There's not a chance in hell when I was nine years old that I'd be able to account for my activities for an entire day 2 months ago. I agree with STD's (though that's a crappy screen name to use) that the proof will be with the cell phone and where it was pinging that day.

1245 days ago


Also, as far as those photos that is true what if he was the one taking the photos AND this is only the park that is not the stadium where the actual crime was committed. He could've arrived after his nap lol if it was him.......

1245 days ago
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