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Dodger Beating -- Daughter Backs Suspect Alibi

5/26/2011 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The 9-year-old daughter of Dodger Stadium beating suspect Giovanni Ramirez has given a sworn statement supporting his claim he never set foot in the stadium on Opening Day ... when Bryan Stow was attacked.


TMZ obtained a photo of Giovanni and his daughter -- as well as the girl's statement ... detailing how she and her father spent March 31.

In the statement -- given to Giovanni's attorney Chip Matthews -- the girl says they were at an aunt and uncle's home early that day ... when her dad gave her a $100 bill to go buy a drink for him at a nearby store. She says her father was napping with his girlfriend at the time.

After the pickup, the girl says she played basketball with a cousin outside the house -- and then at 2PM left with her aunt and uncle to go get another cousin from school. She says when they returned she hung out with her father and family -- at the house -- for the rest of the day.

Matthews says, if necessary, the girl will testify on her father's behalf.

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What the heck    

Why would a grown man be sending a little girl to the store to buy him his drinks (liquor)? Last time I checked, you have to be a certain age to buy liquor. Hmmmmmm.

1248 days ago


all those piece of **** LA "gang bangers" who creepily love the Dodgers so much all stick up and LIE for each other. don't believe this low life in innocent. hope this ****er gets shot by the LAPD! ...or eventually one of his rival animalistic gang bangers will rub him out for looking at em in a wrong way.

1248 days ago


except the photo is identical even down to the MOLE on the left side of his face!

1248 days ago


Give him a polygraph test!! HE ASKED FOR ONE! What if he is innocent and the s***bag who did it is running around laughing in East LA or something?

1248 days ago


Neck tattoo = dumb thug.
Tear drop tattoo = killer.

1248 days ago

What the heck    

It's all in technicality. He never set foot in the stadium but he could still have been in the parking lot after the game. Remember she said she spent all day with him not all night. I think the crime happened after dusk. Correct me if I'm wrong.

1248 days ago


@Laurita - I would also like to know why a 9 yr old wasnt at school. And seriously, what kinda father that wasnt a total POS drain on society would send their 9 yr old kid out to buy drinks so he could take a "nap" with his girl. With a hundred dollars? This pathetic excuse for a human being was lucky his daughter wasnt mugged, or worse, kidnapped and raped by another POS. (If he's telling the truth that is.) Im sure when he realizes with his tiny little brain that his "story" makes him look like a terrible father, hes gonna change it. But IF his story is true, CPS should be called in and the lil girl should be taken away from this idiot's custody so she actually has a chance to grow up and not become another gangbanger's sex toy.

@AngelsFan89 - Polygraphs are so easy to manipulate that even the most feeble-minded person can make it think that they are telling the truth. Well probably not this s*** bag, hes gonna need to squeeze out all his mental capabilities to beat the test.

1248 days ago


Bwahahahahahah! Too funny. Like this loser isn't raising another criminal and a liar to boot! No one believes this trash or his daughter.

1248 days ago


I'm not saying that he did or he didn't. I don't care if he has a tear drop and he has a bad record it doesn't mean that he was the one that beat up stow. All i'm saying is I hope the police catch the right guy because it would be shady if they put an innoncent man behind bars.

1248 days ago

So What    

Ya right, the kid is so full of **** just like the **** hole Dad who lies. hang them from a tree and do not waste the rounds.

1248 days ago


Throw the book at the daughter too for perjury.

1248 days ago


I wonder if she had school that day.

1248 days ago


Weren't Stow's buddies there ? why can't they ask them if that was the guy? common sense..

1248 days ago


Jail the kid for perjury

1248 days ago


Ya never stepped foot "inside the stadium" the attack was in the parking lot.

1248 days ago
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