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Dodger Beating -- Daughter Backs Suspect Alibi

5/26/2011 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The 9-year-old daughter of Dodger Stadium beating suspect Giovanni Ramirez has given a sworn statement supporting his claim he never set foot in the stadium on Opening Day ... when Bryan Stow was attacked.


TMZ obtained a photo of Giovanni and his daughter -- as well as the girl's statement ... detailing how she and her father spent March 31.

In the statement -- given to Giovanni's attorney Chip Matthews -- the girl says they were at an aunt and uncle's home early that day ... when her dad gave her a $100 bill to go buy a drink for him at a nearby store. She says her father was napping with his girlfriend at the time.

After the pickup, the girl says she played basketball with a cousin outside the house -- and then at 2PM left with her aunt and uncle to go get another cousin from school. She says when they returned she hung out with her father and family -- at the house -- for the rest of the day.

Matthews says, if necessary, the girl will testify on her father's behalf.

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@Mel - A holiday Ill accept, but then she goes on to say that she went with her aunt/uncle to pick up a cousin from school. From what I understand, all of LAUSD had the day off, how is it that only one of her cousins is at school? Cover up one hole in the story and another opens. Care to explain that one?

1246 days ago

brown dynamite    

HAHAH Listen to all these people who know what happened. I hope they find those 2 *******s who did this but why don't any of you pay attention to what was written. He babysat his daughter, that means she likely DOESN'T LIVE WITH HIM. It's a lot easier for a kid to remember what she did with a parent when she doesn't see him everyday. Obviously this doesn't mean he didn't do it, but like myself and every other person here nobody saw the guy do it and he looks like a lot of other lowlifes in this city. Let the system play itself out before all of you lawyers throw the book at him.

1246 days ago

john wayne gacy    

they're right about one thing;

all these hispanic males look alike;

more like somebody defecated
& put the same shaved tattooed
head on top of an oversized t-shirt.

perhaps only compared to the oldest
surviving parasite known to mankind.

the ****roach .....

1246 days ago


I can't even remember what I did last night. How on earth would a 9 year old remember exactly what she was doing and the time two months ago? Sorry. I think the father threatened his child. I don't believe this guys story at all. IF he is, indeed, innocent fine,but he is acting very guilty to me.

1246 days ago

What the heck    


"To answer the question as to why this child wasn't at school that day--March 31 is Cesar Chavez day, a California (state) holiday. It is a holiday for LAUSD and so she had it off. At 9, I COULD tell you what I did for a school holiday, even if it was just sitting at home watching tv with my dad. It is a plausible alibi--that he was watching his daughter because she had the day off from school, and so her mother could go to the game, which started at 5pm. I'll buy it." - Mel

If it was a holiday, why did they go back to school at 2pm to pick up her cousin? Just wondering.

1246 days ago

Justsay Nohan    

"Here's $100 sweetheart. Go buy Daddy a soda. And if you tell the cops I was with you when they ask, you can keep the change!"

1246 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

I can just hear the coaching now:

"..and Babygirl, make me sound like a guy with money. Say I gave you a $100 bill for a drink."... "I sound like on I am the king now. Isn't that right, Homes.!!!!"

1246 days ago


What a busy Thursday! He must have a VERY important and high paying job to support all the mid-day napping and $100 bills...

1246 days ago


How do any of you have any idea where this guy was on opening day in Los Angeles? I dont care what you think of him or what he has done in the past, he is an American citizen and deserves the right to a fair trial. He doesnt owe any of you an explanation. The state has to prove where he was. Not his 9 year old child.

1246 days ago


What a bunch of IDIOTS gangsta' style.

1246 days ago

right straight    

Could be a mistake....almost all of L.A looks exactly like this guy.

1246 days ago


yeah he looks like a real stand up guy! i am especially drawn to the tear drop tattoo'd on his face. wonder how he earned that?!?!? keep giving your daughter $100 bills. that and beating a man to near death must make you feel like a BIG man.

1246 days ago


After Balloon Boy and Botox Mom, I refuse to believe any little kids! They will lie for their parents just as quickly as adults so nope. No buying it!

1246 days ago

hue jazz    

"water board the whole family including the baby bean"

^THIS Lmao

1246 days ago


I don't know what's more horrific at this point? The fact that LAPD still has nothing to convict this guy on, or the fact that so many of you have convicted him on a presumption based on his appearance. However, I sure am glad none of you are justices.

1246 days ago
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