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Dodger Beating -- Daughter Backs Suspect Alibi

5/26/2011 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The 9-year-old daughter of Dodger Stadium beating suspect Giovanni Ramirez has given a sworn statement supporting his claim he never set foot in the stadium on Opening Day ... when Bryan Stow was attacked.


TMZ obtained a photo of Giovanni and his daughter -- as well as the girl's statement ... detailing how she and her father spent March 31.

In the statement -- given to Giovanni's attorney Chip Matthews -- the girl says they were at an aunt and uncle's home early that day ... when her dad gave her a $100 bill to go buy a drink for him at a nearby store. She says her father was napping with his girlfriend at the time.

After the pickup, the girl says she played basketball with a cousin outside the house -- and then at 2PM left with her aunt and uncle to go get another cousin from school. She says when they returned she hung out with her father and family -- at the house -- for the rest of the day.

Matthews says, if necessary, the girl will testify on her father's behalf.

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Hey, K! Good Catch! ALL of LA mummified was out for the "holiday" so why was that one cousin in school?
Unless he was breaking into it...

1248 days ago

john wayne gacy    

just another typical
day in the hood;

watching the dodgers on the tube, eating
quesadillas made from government cheese,
busting out a franklin from your unemployment check,
for yo rug rat to go fetch you something from your so busy schedule ...

1248 days ago


What do you expect her to say? Besides just wanted to defend her father, it would be VERY easy to manipulate a child of that age into confusing dates. She could honestly be talking about spending the day with her dad, but not the day in question. Just that with enough coercion by adults she could come to believe it was the day of the game.

1248 days ago


lol; is this rehearsed or not. So far there are many witnesses of him doing it.

He's a known gang banger; has a tear drop tattoo which means he either killed someone or one of his homies was killed.

This guy is s***.

1248 days ago


inurtrash-I always wonder about people like you who come on here and say things like that. It makes me wonder what you are guilty of?

1248 days ago


I hope he dies on a cold jail cell floor -

1248 days ago

john wayne gacy    

rolling around in da ride during the middle
of the day, napping in the afternoons with
new girlfriends, throwing around $100 bills;

whadda life !

aunts, uncles &
even more cousins.

no wonder they're now the majority
& there's a population explosion in
los angeles with these people.

nobody seems to work & all
they do is breed all day .......

1248 days ago


The suspect said that he was babysitting his daughter and another child, but the daughter didn't mention that...How could you babysit while "napping"? How hard is it to get your shild to lie for you? And how is it possible for someone to basically identify you by all the marking you have without seeing you? Smh...if you're going to lie atleast be good at it. He's s*** I hope he's charged and locked away forever!

1248 days ago


9 year old,
2 months ago
100 bill handed to 9 year old

have your daughter lie
this is called low life gang banger

1248 days ago


man if i was 9 years old and my dad gave me $100 dollars to go to the store i would also lie thats a good way to bribe your kids good job cholo

1248 days ago


let the daughter testify, won't be that hard to find out if she was lying for daddy

1248 days ago


Hey, I'm not defending this guy AT ALL, but state holidays are a funny thing in California. State offices and departments were closed, but most City & County and all Federal government offices were open. Public schools were closed, but private schools operated business as usual. There are many parochial schools in that part of LA (Catholic actually) that would have been open. The child they picked up was not a sibling of the little girl, but a cousin.
Like I said, I'm NOT defending this guy, but so many are fixated on the school issue here. It is a plausible alibi, but whether or not the statements of this little will hold up remains to be seen.

1248 days ago


Oh, and for the $100 to the daughter while her father was "napping." He was "napping" with his girlfriend and he gave his daughter $100 to get something to drink, to get her out of the house. I'll go ahead and guess that the "napping" the father and his girlfriend did had nothing to with sleeping. There are a lot of inferences in that statement.

Again NOT defending this guy, but he hasn't even been CHARGED with this (yet). He's being held on a probation violation for not living in the residence for which he had been registered to live in with his probation officer. So far, there is, up until today, no legal connection between the beating of Brian Stowe and this guy.

What I want to know is why he hasn't been charged by the LAPD yet if they're so sure he's the one that did it?

1248 days ago


while we sit here and judge this human POS he is probably gloating that he put a white boy in a comatose state with brain damage - who are the real racists ? please go back to mexico.

1248 days ago


His ex girlfriend was on tv saying that he was at HER house watching her kid. Now they are saying he was at and Aunt and Uncles house with the kid- and his girlfriend- and they were sleeping?
Then the kid leaves with the aunt and uncle?

It's pretty clear that the kid was actually being baby sat by aunt and uncle- the only reason they admitted it is because the child was clearly seen with them and at their house.

But no one saw the child and dad together because he was 'sleeping' with is girlfriend.


1248 days ago
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