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Kim K's

Engagement Ring

The Secret Inscription

5/27/2011 3:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There are hidden messages inscribed underneath the 16.5 carat diamond on Kim Kardashian's MASSIVE engagement ring ... TMZ has learned.

Sources very close to the couple tell us Kris Humphries had two bible passage etched into the $2 million stunner ... and they each have a special meaning for both Kim and Kris.

So far, we're told, the couple isn't revealing which passages are on the ring.


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A bible passage has special meaning to Kim Kardashian? I've never even heard those publicity-seeking, whore mongering, cash-grabbing Kardashians even mention a religion and now Kim has TWO whole bible PASSAGES inscribed on a tiny metal band? Kim K's financial worth is her only value.

1161 days ago


Does she really think anyone is envious that she wears a small boulder on her finger? lol She is so ridiculous. She needs to downsize it and do work for charities to fix her reputation pronto. What a self-absorbed nincompoop. She should hope no one grabs that thing, ripping off her finger with it as she's hanging at her clubs...

1161 days ago


The word laser inscribed into the diamond is PRE-NUP

1161 days ago


very sad .. is look like paris ring 4 years ago WAS FAKE!!!

1161 days ago


Kim, you are very shallow. I hope you're proud. I can't afford my prescriptions this month. Lucky you.

1161 days ago


Looks like Kim is doing some arm exercises with that heavy ring... Lift, one, two, three, hold, one, two, three....

1161 days ago


She isn't lucky.
She is empty, barren inside, got nothing that's really important!
So what! She wears a big rock of carbon on her finger.

1161 days ago


I hope that she realizes that a bible passages wont stop her from going to hell when she dies!

1161 days ago


How does two different scriptures fit on the inside of a ring?

1161 days ago


Bigger isn't always better. Case in point; that big Neanderthal Kardashian.

1161 days ago


That ring is way to big, way too gauwdy,and it does not look like it is worth 2 million. The stone does not look like a real gem, it looks cloudy and dull looking.
It should not be about the size of the diamond,it should be a symbol that comes from the heart. I Have seen 1 caret stones that were way more appealing.
Kim is about money..And seems very into material things that that say I am about money..
Who in there right mind would wear a ring like that everyday to run errands or whatever..I guess if you KIM you have no problems with it..Maybe there is two rings that look alike one for everyday and one for other times..
NAH,,,NAH..We talking about the Kardashions..Nothing normal about them...

1161 days ago

karen darvin    

first of all, I can barely see t he ring but what I see does not impress me in the looks like a shapeless chunk with no sparkle.And as for her fairytale wedding that rivals kate's, please no is all Ii can say.One was enough.Kim Kardashian is a shallow, fame mongering not interesting female.she does photographs and although she is a pretty girl and does nice shots, we all k now (who were ever in the modeling business) that it is mainly an illusion and it is quite obvious she can't leave her house without a pound or two of makeup on.Dressed to the teeth, what kind of life is that?Eventually it has to get tedious unless you crave attention to the point of desperation.Can she walk out without makeup and an outfit? Can she carry a fun non designer bag that just is fun?Can she actually do something that takes some talent such as write, paint a picture, play an instrument, act, or do something normal such as go cheer up folks at the senior citizens home or visit kids in the hospital with a big box of stuffed animals?I seriously doubt her intelligence at t his point, everything she is doing has already been done(paris, Lindsay,Posh,blah blah blah) AT least someone like Cameron diaz or julia roberts have a talent and don't have to be overdone every second of their lives.And there are so many beautiful women with brains these days, that seems like the real catch, how proud a man would be to have a beautiful wife who's also a doctor or editor.Instead, here is today's example of a desireable woman, sleeps around and makes pornos, is materialistic beyond words, does nothing except look good and go to events, and is screaming for attention.No thank you.No no no no thannk you.Can you imagine the maintainence?You know how you just want to go out and not wait 2 hour for soeone to get ready?That gets old TMZ, i will read your gossip, as much for comments as the stories, and i love Lindsey cause she's so cr aZy and her little clique of self important commenters, none of you are as fascinating as you th ink.(Blood Red witch!)But don't make us suffer through too much KK news and wedding details.i can already write the script. Best of this best of that, lists and lists of more things to do and more things to buy in that hideous Hermes handbag.I feel ssorry for her fiancee."what have you done?

1161 days ago

Oval Beach    

What a BEAST!!! I can imagine what Momma PIMP Kardashian said when she saw the ring..."JACK POT!!! Now go work your what your momma gave you".

1161 days ago


Evan Spade is a new up and coming artist that have been recently linked to celebs like Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga Britney Spears and more.

1161 days ago


Holy cow! She must have MASSIVE bear paws, that thing doesn't look anywhere near 16.5 carrots on her hands.

1161 days ago
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