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Kim K's

Engagement Ring

The Secret Inscription

5/27/2011 3:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There are hidden messages inscribed underneath the 16.5 carat diamond on Kim Kardashian's MASSIVE engagement ring ... TMZ has learned.

Sources very close to the couple tell us Kris Humphries had two bible passage etched into the $2 million stunner ... and they each have a special meaning for both Kim and Kris.

So far, we're told, the couple isn't revealing which passages are on the ring.


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Hasn't this story run it's course??
Gawd, there has to be some other bimbo in the news.
Like I said 3 days ago: Who cares?

1248 days ago


pretty sad when mom has to help get the ring. Maybe she doesnt need a rediculous 2 million dollar ring. 3 months salary, not "ask mom for help"

1247 days ago


What a skank. She jumped from celeb to celeb until she found a meal ticket.Divorce in less than a year and her fat ass looking for that big payday.

1247 days ago


the jeweler made the mistake.

1247 days ago


Kim, don't forget to record another tape. Once your popularity drops you can release it!

Media 'ho.

1216 days ago

adrienne banker    

I just hope that their love is as true as that ring.

1201 days ago


I recently took on the project of watching the Kardasian reality series and also did some of my own research. I was puzzled about their fame given no one being an actor/actress, in the music business, in politics, or involved in any scientific achievements. Their fame began from the father's involvement in the OJ trial, followed by the viral Kim Kardasian sex tape.

Bruce Jenner seems to be fighting a losing battle. You see him time and time again trying in inject some sense of morality into this family. He is the least materialistic of the bunch. Kris Jenner certainly deserves credit for her savvy business sense; however, material possesions seem to be on the same plateau as her concern for her family. She comes across as selfish and would have anyone of her family members do just about anything to make a buck. She is also intrusive in her children's lives. In all these episodes, I do not recall her ever practicing philanthropy that wasn't suggested by her husband. I don't expect Scott and Kourtney to last. Any psychologist can point out all the signs. She needs to stop making babies with this guy. Khloe seems smart. Her marriage has a good shot at lasting. But, as a piece of the Kardasian empire she has only a hint of class on occasion. She appears to be the most independant. Rob Kardashian is just lazy. And, why not? Mommy will give him money. I don't see him becoming a man anytime in the next 2 decades. Kim is the most materialistic of all. She flaunts her wealth without thought of those who are having a rough time. I think most of her outfits are trashy and are meant only to expose her assets. Pretty face, yes. But, there are plenty of those in the celebrity world. Why Kris Humphries married her is a puzzle. What decent man wants to marry a woman with a history of a sex tape and a reputation of sleeping around with the athlete of the moment? I pray they don't have any children anytime soon. That would be a disaster. Like Pari******on, Kim's speech patterns are underdeveloped. She sounds like a 17 year old spoiled brat rather than a bright,independent woman of 30.
Parents need to keep an eye on what their teens are watching. The Kardasian family members are not role models. I pity Kylie and Kendall. Their exposure to unlimited profanity, blatant comments about the female anatomy, and a sister with a sex tape is not going to turn them into quality human beings. The Kardasians lack class and decency but have a monopoly on vulgarity...and they're making millions from it. Another force in the dumbing down of the world.

1155 days ago

Sara Schmalenbach    

XHarvey,2nd in command(sorry Can't remember you Name)MAX,and all the rest. I watch you every night. All of you that started from the beginning and are still there, I just Love You Guys and Gals. You are like my Family and Max, your my Son, the Gals are my Girls. Wish I could come down and meet you someday. You Make my Evening Harvey, Your Crew and You.
Love MaMa Sara. Keep on Rockin. I'm an old HIPPIE and LOVE it. But I don't look it. I'm preserved very well.Must have been all the real good drugs, without the B.S. in it. SHHHHH!!!

1094 days ago
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