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Lindsay Lohan Surrenders -- Begins House Arrest

5/26/2011 9:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is officially confined to her townhouse ... TMZ has learned the actress surrendered to authorities this morning and has begun to serve her house arrest sentence.


Accompanied by the effervescent Shawn Holly, Lohan arrived to the Lynwood Jail at 5:02 AM this morning to check in -- where she was fitted with an electronic ankle bracelet. She was quickly sent home to her pad in Venice, CA and we're told she'll spend roughly 35 days in confinement.

According to the booking sheet, 24-year-old Lohan was listed at 5'7" and 117 lbs.

The sentence stems from Lohan's legal troubles involving a necklace she allegedly stole from a Venice jeweler. Lohan pled no contest in the case.

In addition to the house arrest, Lohan was also ordered to complete 480 hours of community service – which includes a stint at the L.A. County morgue.


No Avatar


I thought she was in Mean Girls, why no mention of it?

1211 days ago


Lindsay will not go to the Chateau. The Chateau will go to Lindsay.


Whoa. (Said in Cosmo Kramer-like wonder.) That's a site to behold, surely. Almost like a miracle or something.

See, BRW, we were looking at the equation in the wrong direction.

1211 days ago

Blood Red Witch    


I think I am finally getting an idea of what LINNOCENT means.

1211 days ago


Is she allowed to eat sushi with Sam Ronson during the confinement?

1211 days ago


She will crack this weekend. It's memorial Day weekend and all of the clubs will be hopping and poor little klepto will sit at home? Me thinks not. Over the wall she goes!

1211 days ago

Ronald RayGun    

Just when I thought we were out of the woods with this character. Maybe the rapture should have happened after all.

1211 days ago


so she arrived at 502am - sounds to me like she went directly from the after-hours club to Lynwood. She probably had coke all over her face (and that disgusting coke breath) and reeked of booze.


1211 days ago


It will be interesting to see what the gossip sites do for 35 days of no Lindsay stories (assuming she conforms, and doesn't create a reason for a story). What will Michael and Dina do with nothing to sell for 35 days?

1211 days ago


California is about to release 46,000 prisoners due to overcrowding. Its going to be a major crime wave.

1211 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

I'm positive DUIna will buy her a step ladder to get over the wall. No tacky chairs for house arrest break! Cause LieHo is a celebrity!!!

1211 days ago


If they had said house arrest with limited visiters and outside ***munications et te delivers etc I would say ok just what is the limits on house arrest in California...Here its inside house only, no outside areas, only visiters who live in the house allowed and delivers are limited to food only and meds. Stick you nose outside to set on the deck and your screwed...then its full term jail time....

I will lay odds at two weeks max before she does something...but in the mean time Lohan Inc will be busy feeding Harvey all the inside the house infro he will need to keep this pony running.....

1211 days ago


Does she have the ankle device on her? Hey, as much as I think she's ALWAYS getting a slap on the wrist by these judges, for a person like Lindsay who has to be out every night at clubs, this is going to drive her nuts, even if she's inside her condo. YES I think she should be at Lynwood but she's not. She will still be bored off her ass, and she must have crapped and I bet cried when they said 35 days. OK Dina, toss your calculator away. Oh it will be 14 days and if she waits to June it will be 10 days at home. She will do the 10 because of budget cuts. How is 35 for ya? I pray to god she's wearing the anklet. That is such a pain in the ass for her. They also give you this black box to download the info on what she's been up to. It is what it is, so now she can put her mouth where her words were. I like to stay home and watch TV. One day of that and not leaving will get old really quick for a person like Lindsay. So is she out of the spotlight for over a month? NO.

1211 days ago


People that complain about celebrities should shut up. They have the money that can afford them the lawyers. Are you telling me if you did something wrong you wouldn't try to have your high profile lawyer get YOU off. please, you complain now but later youre crying cuz you don't wanna go to jail and wish you were a celebrity or someone powerful, anything to not go to jail. who actually wants to go to jail?!? so GTFO.

1211 days ago

Seal Team 6    

Sparced --

jail and prison overcrowding has nothing to do with her house arrest being shortened so much, or that they didn't set restrictions upon it, like a SCRAM, no visitors, etc.

1211 days ago


I also think she will violate it within 2 to 3 weeks. This child can't handle a thing.

1211 days ago
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