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Lampanelli's GIANT $50K Check

Suck it, Hate Church

5/26/2011 1:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lisa Lampanelli just donated $50,000 to the good people at Gay Men's Health Crisis -- sticking it to the hate-mongering homophobes of Westboro Baptist Church -- and we got footage of the GIANT CHECK.

TMZ broke the story ... Lisa challenged the hate church head on last week -- claiming for every rotten bastard from the WBC who showed up to protest her show in Topeka, Kansas ... she would donate $1,000 to a gay charity.

Lisa couldn't decide exactly how many protesters showed up -- the number was somewhere between 44 and 48 -- so she called it an even 50 ... and put her money where her mouth was yesterday in NYC, donating $50,000 to GMHC in the form of a giant novelty check.

Hate on that.


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This is not a person you want as a spokesmen, I mean spokeswomen. I guess im in that one percent. Yeah GOD.

1193 days ago

His Prince Michael    

Lisa, Impoverished and hungry children from across America
called and left a message for you: "You are the nicest, band-wagon jumping, media-manipulating, self-promoting,
sorta-funny "lady" EVER!"

1193 days ago


what is with tmz? hate-mongering homophobes, sharp language a little biased aren't you. Good for westboro for being against homosexuality, its immoral, un-natural, and gross. plenty of people are against the gay agenda, there's no hate involved.

1193 days ago


Suck it, Westboro! I hope everyone that these dirt bags protest will do the same thing.

1193 days ago


Good for you, Lisa, 10 points!

1193 days ago


she didn't even sign the big check!

1193 days ago


She forgot to sign the check

1193 days ago

debra trendle    

I say yeah for Lisa....these idiots(westboro) protested at my daughters high school in March...(the school is on an Army Post,Ft Meade,Md) 5 of them showed up on the westboro side and about 600 on our side...cant wait til their day of judgement comes,they have a lot of explaining to do...

1193 days ago


I love it! This is the way we're all going to fight back against this group now. Every time they show up somewhere, a donation is made on their behalf. Brilliant!

1193 days ago



1193 days ago


@Kevin -- they started by protesting funerals of people with AIDS, and they say quite frequently, that AIDS is god's punishment for (fill in the blank).

1193 days ago


TMZ is obsessed with anyone who says ***got or with anyone who condones their lifestyle choice.

1193 days ago

Gloria Unread    

noella- what is with tmz? hate-mongering homophobes, sharp language a little biased aren't you.

It's not just that the Westboro people hate homosexuals that angers people. It's that they protest US soldiers' funerals. (Their "logic" used to be that because the Army had "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" in place, any soldier could be gay, so they're all "sinners" in their eyes.)

They also were going to protest the funeral of the 9-year-old girl shot in the Arizona massacre last January. They backed down from that protest in exchange for being given airtime on two radio stations.

I think that these WBC people are actually just a crazy performing arts group - That they're mocking extreme right-wing Christians, since no legitimate church would advocate their behavior. That kind of makes sense when you see their tactics, and their insane parodies of rock/pop songs.

1193 days ago


I really think the reasoning behind the publicity here is to really shove it in WCB's face. Just telling them privately would not be near effective of having it splashed across the country. More people can point and laugh at their stupidity and ignorance this way.

The reason WCB protests at military funerals is because they felt military supports homosexuality because of the "don't ask, don't tell" rule

1193 days ago


EricaJxx: Thanks for saving me the trouble because you said exactly everything I was thinking. Great minds.....

1193 days ago
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