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Maria Shriver & Bono

Positive Vibes

5/26/2011 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Maria Shriver found the perfect counterbalance to all the negative in her life -- a lunch date with rock music's super do-gooder Bono.

Maria and the U2 front man weren't hiding from cameras either ... since they chose to lunch at The Ivy -- a known paparazzi hangout.

No word on what brought Bono and Maria together -- they both back numerous charities -- but we can say that, for a change ... Maria was smiling.

Nice work, Bono.


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joey _ I love TMZ 'til ya piss me off!    

I think she wanted to see what spending time around a classy guy felt like.....

1208 days ago

She IS A Lezzie    

Another MEDIA WH0RE in the making.

1208 days ago

Made it Past 27    

The Ivy? She did that to make him jealous. In other words, good for her.

1208 days ago


Is there a bigger d-bag in the music industry than Bono? Irish trash.

1207 days ago


It is nice she is getting out with friends.
They both are Catholic and have an interest in philanthropy/giving back.

1207 days ago


@ PaulWS- another example of a BIG time JERK!! Bono does so much good in the world. What do you do?? You trash a good man for what, can you back up what you say? What makes him trash?? You are trash!! I actually met Bono and he was awesome, so kind and nice. So sick of you bully-haters!! Grow up you jerk!!

1207 days ago


WOW!! Some of you people are just mean. Who the hell are you to make fun of someone for the way they look. I bet if we saw a picture of you, you would be butt ugly. You haters sound like a bunch of bully's. Give the lady a break. She is going through a hard time, does she really need your rude remarks?? Grow up!! Maria has more class in her little finger than some of you have in your whole body!! I am so sick of people being so mean, what gives you the right?? You are classless jerks!!

1207 days ago


(RED) was created by Bono and Bobby Shriver to help eliminate AIDS in Africa by teaming up with the world's most iconic brands to produce (PRODUCT) RED. It's a frienship developed through charitable endeavors. He's worked with the kennedy family a lot. And he's awesome!!

1207 days ago


because The Ivy is one of the most a popular paparazzi places where you are sure to be photographed, stars go there on purpose to be seen when they want to make some kind of a statement like

"look at us-who said there is trouble in our marraige-here we hare smiling, holding hands and having lunch together"

this is part of Maria's public campaign showing everyone that even though it's devastating, she is coping and taking things in stride and moving forward with her day to day life

wise move on her part-right now she needs to minimize stress and doesn't need TMZ or anyone else with a camera shouting at her in public asking her how she's coping with the whole Arnold thing

in her case a photo op says it all - she's not in bed with the covers pulled over her head! she's a strong lady

1207 days ago


Re: "Maria Shriver is an elitist who thinks she is better than everyone when really she is so much worse than everyone."

That is so right. Your assessment is very insightful and very true!! The idea that she thinks she is in a position to tell anybody else how to live is a joke.

My giess is that she'll do some public relations tour with Bono in Africa, under the guise of charity, and then she'll come back saying that now she knows what is truly important. She'll announce her transformation in a special interview on OWN.

Whatever. She needs to apologize for her part in getting Arnold elected, but she never will.

1207 days ago

oh pleazzzzeee!!    

YES ,YES AND YES ! My girl is on the right track ! xoxo you both !!

1207 days ago


I love, love, LOVE Bono!!

1207 days ago


I hate hate HATE Bono. Media whore. Vomit.

1207 days ago


Am very relieved that some of the financial aspects of this will be analyzed -- especially for the California taxpayers -- bodyguards as procurers? Did they get the benefits as well? I'm really surprised that one of the aides/bodyguards/friends wasn't set up to be the beard when Arnold learned about the extramarital child.

The Shriver family is most well-known for their charitable work over the past 50 years and they are pretty quiet (relatively speaking).

1207 days ago


I would think she is feeling more relieved than any thing else. If she wanted out for over 2 years I hope she is organized enough to take 1/2 of every thing this guy has. I hope she forces every thing to be sold. He is and was a douche bag for a long time. Feel sorry for all 5 kids--

1207 days ago
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