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Children's Services Visits Mariah Carey

5/26/2011 2:36 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Social workers from the LA County Department of Children and Family Services will arrive at Mariah Carey's house any moment to conduct a formal interview with the singer -- after receiving an anonymous complaint that she drank a beer while breast feeding ... TMZ has learned.


DCFS launched the investigation after someone complained Mariah drank a Guinness in the hospital after giving birth to her twins about a month ago. We're told DCFS social workers will ask Mariah about the widely reported incident and interview others in the house as well.

The investigation is curious because hospital workers were closely monitoring Mariah and fully saw what was going on in her room. Sources tell us someone from the hospital told Mariah it would be beneficial to drink a dark beer -- like a Guinness -- to assist her in lactating.

We're told Mariah took the advice and drank a Guinness and in no way hid what she was doing from hospital staff -- assuming it was fine to do.

Several people connected with DCFS are privately critical of the agency for honing in on anonymous tips against celebrities ... and devoting "extensive resources" when the agency should be looking at serious cases of abuse.


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Ridiculous. CFS should dismiss any such petty complaint. And the person who made the complaint should have a beer thrown in their face for being stupid.

1057 days ago


Who is to say that she didn't pump after and not feed the kids! Who cares I mean really... who cares.. Leave that poor woman alone she is a new mom and she has enough to deal with.

1057 days ago


You're slacking TMZ this story is old. Maybe you need to hire me to keep you updated on celebrities when the story actually breaks not two weeks later.

1057 days ago


They are only doing this because its Mariah!! Come on now... Im sure there are plentt kids out there that are being abused and can use their assistance.. this is BULL

1057 days ago


For all you idiots calling her a "fat slob" and "fatso" all have some kind of issues with women!! She just gave birth to two babies! Damn! Id pay a million dollars to see what your fat ass looks like after giving birth! HAVE SOME RESPECT FOR WOMEN!!

1057 days ago


I was given the same advice years ago with the birth of my first child. There are a lot of people in the world that should be investigated a lot more.

The more I read about CA the more I feel sorry for the people in the State.

1057 days ago


everyone taking up for mariah..if this was you who did this..SS would already have your kids.just sayin

1057 days ago

Pompano Ann    

This is a waste of time; this agency needs to put thier energy else where; I think Ms Carey and her husband will be great parents. Who ever started this mess; it's a low blow!! An other example of malice and jealousy!

1057 days ago


really? this is just ridiculous! i am sure there are way worse mothers in LA county they can waste their time on investigating. i thought the issue had already been cleared up when social services arrived at the hospital and spoke with nick? leave mariah alone, *******s!

1057 days ago


Ridiculous! I have had two babies in two different hospitals in two different states and both hospitals offered a celebratory dinner for the parents WITH champagne the night after that baby was born. Obviously a drink won't hurt and I have heard that Guinness helps with breastfeeding. California tax dollars at work, folks

1057 days ago


If beer helps milk production, I should be able to feed a small county. Let me know if ya need any.
Thank you

1057 days ago


I am in no way a fan of Mariah's but with all these anonymous complaints about celebs and their children, and that DCFS agents respond quicker to these than to reports of serious child abuse... one wonders if the DCFS agents are making this stuff up so they can "pop in on a celeb", especially since DCFS feels to need to broadcast their arrival to the media ahead of time.
This information could have easily been cleared up via contact with the hospital and not having to embarass them by showing up at their home.
It is unhealthy for a new mother and a new born to be put under unnecessary stress like this.

1057 days ago


The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that nursing moms avoid alcohol. If you decide to drink anyway, the AAP suggests waiting two hours to breastfeed after having a drink. The alcohol will clear from your breast milk just as slowly as it clears from your bloodstream. While a polysaccharide in barley (also present in non-alcoholic beer or better yet, barley soup) appears to stimulate prolactin, Alcohol, on the other hand, can inhibit milk production. This may explain why babies have been found to drink significantly less milk in the four hours after their mom drinks a beer.
And then there's the issue of exposing your baby to even a small amount of alcohol. Alcohol is present in breast milk at the same level as in the blood. And that level can continue to rise for 90 minutes after you have a drink. Even if you haven't had much to drink, your baby is so much smaller than you are that a little bit of alcohol for you is a lot for your baby. - The Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics

1057 days ago


Gee, isn't it HER body?

1057 days ago


About three months ago my neighbor had a woman and her young child visiting. The woman was constantly yelling and beating the child. This went on for several hours.
I called DCFS, twice. Later I found out I was one of four people who called.
We're still waiting for them to respond.

1057 days ago
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