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Children's Services Visits Mariah Carey

5/26/2011 2:36 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Social workers from the LA County Department of Children and Family Services will arrive at Mariah Carey's house any moment to conduct a formal interview with the singer -- after receiving an anonymous complaint that she drank a beer while breast feeding ... TMZ has learned.


DCFS launched the investigation after someone complained Mariah drank a Guinness in the hospital after giving birth to her twins about a month ago. We're told DCFS social workers will ask Mariah about the widely reported incident and interview others in the house as well.

The investigation is curious because hospital workers were closely monitoring Mariah and fully saw what was going on in her room. Sources tell us someone from the hospital told Mariah it would be beneficial to drink a dark beer -- like a Guinness -- to assist her in lactating.

We're told Mariah took the advice and drank a Guinness and in no way hid what she was doing from hospital staff -- assuming it was fine to do.

Several people connected with DCFS are privately critical of the agency for honing in on anonymous tips against celebrities ... and devoting "extensive resources" when the agency should be looking at serious cases of abuse.


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This sucks!!! Any a-hole can make up anything they want and get innocent people in trouble and put them through hell for no reason. If you are a person that does this type of crap, screw you. Stay strong, Mariah. The pariah's are out. I'll bet you $10 this was started by some tabloid like TMZ.

1248 days ago


It is a proven fact about beer and helping w/lactating and DCFS should also know this. I believe DCFS is waiting taxpayers money on this frivilous investigation and that there are many other children that are suffering that could use DCFS help. This situation is an absolute shame for LA. not to mention how Nick and Mariah are going to feel to have them come in their home to investigate them.

1248 days ago


I hope this story is BS

The Federal Court has just order that CA release 46,000 offenders from prison due to over crowding but they have agents investigating a complaint that a beast feeding mother drank a beer?

It's not against the law to have a drink while pregnant- nor is against the law to have a drink if you are breast feeding.

1248 days ago


@Cara ... Technically, Guiness is not a beer, it is an ale. There is a HUGE difference. Not to mention you obviously have not had the discomfort (both physically and mentally) of not lactating properly after giving birth.
Oh, and as for the journal of any medical so-called professionals... yeah, I remember they once reported that eggs were bad for us, too.
They change their minds about things every time they put out a new journal.

1248 days ago


RabbleRouser, it's probably just the standard home visit with some TMZ wishful thinking added.

1248 days ago


It used to be recommended in the past, but I don't know how widely. Women were advised to have a beer in the evening, which would help produce more milk. There is an ingredient in beer that does does have an effect on milk production, but it is also in non alcoholic beer. It is now thought it doesn't really make any difference and not recommended for obvious reasons. I don't know who suggested that to her, but I doubt it was a professional health care worker. Bethany Frankel, on her reality show Bethany Ever After, was advised by her baby nurse to have half a beer for the same reason. She drank it on the air. I don't know if she continued to do that while she nursed, but no one called CPS on her.

1248 days ago


Recommended or not, how do you justify an investigation based on an anonymous tip of a legal activity? I call BS on this story.

1248 days ago


In the meantime somewhere in Ca something will occur that really needed the attention of the people visiting her home. I had my daughter overseas and they recommended a pint of Stout in order to assist the feeding process.

1248 days ago


Dreamon, I agree that something about this story stinks. Maybe the babies tested positive for something and this 'I had a beer for breast feeding' is a cover story her PR people are putting out to spin it.

1248 days ago


I think this whole TMZ story is a reflection of the fact that most of the employees (from what I see on camera on Live) are male, and they are all fairly young at that. It's hard to know all the TMZ employees' marital statuses and whether they have children, but from what I see only a couple of the guys who have kids MIGHT know anything about breastfeeding.

1248 days ago


Big Brother is watching you. And, those dumb people who work in child services are worthless. Once they took a child because they found Marijuana growing in a house. Said it endanger the child. The child couldn't walk or reach the area where the plants were growing. Plus, there has never been an overdose caused by Marijuana. After further investigation they returned the child to their parents.

1248 days ago

john wayne gacy    

i would breast feed all day until
drunk until the utters sang MOO !!!!

1248 days ago


The "have a beer to increase the milk production" is an old wive's tale. The reason it was used in the past was because people had diets deficient in b-vitamins. Beer has lots of the B's. It's actually the vitamins that increase the milk production.

In today's society, there is no need for a well-fed woman to use the breast feeding excuse to drink.

1248 days ago


dreamon 26 minutes ago
Gee, isn't it HER body?

Not when she's breastfeeding. What she eats/drinks/snorts gets passed to the baby.

1248 days ago


Give me a break! There are mother's, Casey Anthony, for example, who kill their children and bury them in the woods. My mother smoked throughout her pregnancy and most of my childhood. Not the ideal. But it was the 60's, they didn't know. So Mariah had a Guiness to help her milk come in? BFD!!!! While the social workers are investigating her, some pregnant chick in a back alley is smoking crack. Her child will be born addicted and most likely seizing from withdrawal. But, by all means. Check Mariah out. A Guiness. The horror!

1248 days ago
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