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Children's Services Visits Mariah Carey

5/26/2011 2:36 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Social workers from the LA County Department of Children and Family Services will arrive at Mariah Carey's house any moment to conduct a formal interview with the singer -- after receiving an anonymous complaint that she drank a beer while breast feeding ... TMZ has learned.


DCFS launched the investigation after someone complained Mariah drank a Guinness in the hospital after giving birth to her twins about a month ago. We're told DCFS social workers will ask Mariah about the widely reported incident and interview others in the house as well.

The investigation is curious because hospital workers were closely monitoring Mariah and fully saw what was going on in her room. Sources tell us someone from the hospital told Mariah it would be beneficial to drink a dark beer -- like a Guinness -- to assist her in lactating.

We're told Mariah took the advice and drank a Guinness and in no way hid what she was doing from hospital staff -- assuming it was fine to do.

Several people connected with DCFS are privately critical of the agency for honing in on anonymous tips against celebrities ... and devoting "extensive resources" when the agency should be looking at serious cases of abuse.


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My doctor, pediatrician, and all the nurses at the hospital that I gave birth in gave the EXACT SAME ADVICE! Stout beer encourages the milk to flow. I nursed by daughter for 3 years - it works! Child Services needs to do their homework. Better yet, take care of the children THAT ACTUALLY NEED HELP! There's millions in the US that need it. Leave Mariah & her babies alone!

1244 days ago


BEER is the best thing for milk production. And most likely when you're trying to feed twins, even better. No! you can't go all ape shi$ and drink a case, but the malt and yeast in beer help get things going! I drank two right in the hospital. I'm not a fan of these people, but for real, leave them alone already.

1244 days ago


Social Services need to be checking up on the mothers that come in high as hell and they let them take to kids home. They need to find better reasons than that to check on Mariah Carey you dont ever see her on the news because of a drucken ordeal or drug addiction.

1244 days ago


Yes, well known fact in Germany, where my grandmother is from! She even drank occasionally while pregnant, no big deal!!! The only problem with the baby??? She/my mother weighed 11lbs and was healthy as a horse (still is to this day)!!! We're policing ourselves to death people. She did nothing wrong, and after 9 mos. with twins...she deserved it!

1244 days ago


I learned in medical school that the amount of alcohol that passes through a woman's breast milk is only a trace amount, if even. So while drinking a glass in early pregnancy isn't the best idea, you can certainly have a drink while breast feeding.

1244 days ago


What a terrible thing to do to a brand new Mother. It's just mean. I give her props for breast feeding. She's actually trying to do the best thing for her children.

1244 days ago


Holy cow, is this forum filled with lactating beer drinking mothers or is one person posting 400 times? Hmmm...

1244 days ago

Proud American    

I know of wine. But not beer, however,it is a fact that it brings the milk down. But you do have to be careful it is know that the alcohol gets in the milk.
So, it is better then Hard Liquor

1244 days ago


Beer is suppose to help you create more milk - it's not illegal to drink alcohol - also it's higly unlikely any alcohol would be present in the breast milk.

CPS should do a real job and get their asses out into the ghetto where the real child abuse is taking place.

1244 days ago


i was anemic after i gave birth and my doctor told me to drink a 1/2 Guiness to help with anemia and milk production. people are retarded.... i hope mariah laughed at them.

1244 days ago


they need to stop this ****, they just want an excuse to speak to a celebrity. doctors tell women in obgyn to drink a glass of guiness to increase lactation. look it up! if the nurses encouraged this than they should discuss this conduct with them and ask why and they would get an educated answer!!!!! Quit wastingtax payer money and time and investigaqte the children who really need your help!!! not an autograph!

1244 days ago


Well then they should have visit Bethenney Frankel cause she did it right on TV in front of God and everyone.

1244 days ago


Im sure there are kids in America who are more at risk than their mum drinking a beer. Absolutely ridiculous!! I dont particularly like Mariah but i feel sorry for her, there is seriously no need for this.

Social Services should look into their case loads and prioritize the kids who are being sexually, physically or emotionally abused.

1244 days ago


As a new mother I was also told the same thing from the lactation speialist at the hospital! People need to get a life!

1244 days ago


Exactly ! What a freakin' joke !! This country is unbelievable...supposedly the home of the free and land of the brave ! Yeah right !! Guiness is absolutely good for mother, baby and everyone concerned. She just went right up in my estimation. Good on you Mariah.

1244 days ago
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