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Macho Man -- Gun Recovered At Crash Scene

5/26/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Randy "Macho Man" Savage was in possession of a high-powered handgun when he crashed in Florida last week ... but TMZ has learned Savage had an active permit to carry the weapon.


TMZ spoke with Randy's brother, Lanny Poffo, who tells us the gun was properly registered and legit.

Lanny says Randy had recently gotten into the hobby of target shooting -- and was a pretty damn good shot.

Lanny says Randy and his wife were so passionate about the hobby -- he wasn't surprised about the discovery of the gun because the couple went shooting together all the time.

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No Avatar

Sin D    

And this was mentioned because ?

1254 days ago


Typical of what one would expect from a California based group. California, a state that does not believe in the right to bear arms.

1254 days ago


CRAP STORY!!!!!!!!

1254 days ago


Will you just let the man rest in peace? Or how about instead of posting sh*tty articles about how the man had a gun which he had a freakin permit for why dont you post articles about the good things he did when he was alive.

He was a great man who did lots of chairty work, especially with children.

1254 days ago


Why the hell report this then? To tell us he had a legal permit? S***bags trying to a rise out of some slow witted people I guess!!

1254 days ago

Fat hand puppet    

Owning a gun is a "Right" not a "Privilege". Law inforcement has not right to require "registration" or deem a gun legitimate. The History of the Untied States and the Constitution is clear. States or Cites like New York that ban guns are unconstitutional, and cities like New York that confiscate guns are stealing.
I keep hearing the word "Registered" gun in movies ...but Registration is unconstitutional also.
Know your history.. If you can find French people that were alive from WW2 ask them how "registration" led to confiscation ..or other contries like Czechoslovakia during WW2.
Or the Phillipines under Marcos.
I don't own a gun (don't like them) but I do know what the constitution is.
If the country doesn't want unregistered guns then change then amend the constitution.

Sorry for the rant Im just sick of media using "Unregistered" firearms AS-IF it was shocking or it was the law of the land, its not.

1254 days ago


"...high-powered handgun..." Is that supposed to stand in stark contrast to a low-powered handgun? What exactly would that be?

1254 days ago


Ok this is news worthy .....WHY>>?????????

1254 days ago

Prince Von A-Hole    

So the leftys can call it a gun related death for their ajenda filled with lies. You know the motorcyclist was killed in a head on collision with a train. HE WAS NOT WEARING A HELMET.

1254 days ago


I don't care about him having a gun, with all of the articles about Macho Man here on TMZ, i am curious as to why they feel the need to ask his brother EVERYTHING about him? Why not ask his wife who was with him, what her condition is, what she saw, how he acted while driving and so on?

Why is Macho Man's brother SO important? Was he with them during the crash? How did he know it was a heart attack?

Why is Lanny Poffo such a big deal in this entire story and what part does he have in it? These are questions his wife should answer because she was also involved in the wreck, she should know more than anyone what happened to Macho Man.

1254 days ago

Vito LaBella    

This isn't news, it's not germane to Randy's life or death, he wasn't a criminal, and the gun is not illegal. So then why try to smear Randy's name a bit after his sudden and tragic death?

Let it go and leave him alone.

1254 days ago

Joe Blow    

Macho was known to carry a handgun with him throughout his career going back to his ICW days in the late 70's. Do some research TMZ, this is completely non-relevant to his death. Go post another Lohan story, I hear mommy DUIna is getting pretty angry that he daughter isn't on top of the page.

1254 days ago


Was anyone shot NOOOOO so whats the point?

1254 days ago


Ridiculous reporting.

1254 days ago

Dug Rown    

"High Powered Handgun" Um, ok, what the hell is that? This story is so pathetic I can't believe they posted it other than to receive a bunch of comments like they have. This just in "In his trunk was found a tool for changing tires, we suspect he may be concerned he would get a flat at some point" whew, now that's news. RIP.

1254 days ago
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