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Hollywood Car Chase -- YOU GOTTA SEE THIS!!

5/27/2011 6:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

An incredible high speed chase -- featuring several near collisions and an attempted carjacking -- just ended on the streets of Hollywood ... and you GOTTA see the footage.

LAPD officers responded to a stolen vehicle call and followed the suspect for several minutes through busy rush hour streets. 

ABC7's chopper was above the crazy scene as the suspect eventually jumped out of the moving vehicle and attempted to carjack a woman with a baby in the backseat.

Check out the video to see how the good guys came out on top of this one.


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joey _ I love TMZ 'til ya piss me off!    

Her reaction, according to Biologists & Doctors, is a common "reflex" reaction. "It is almost an instantaneous movement in response or any unexpected stimulus." Most people regain their faculties within approximately 10 seconds, so that is why she automatically jumped out so quickly & then returned for her child. Not only lock your doors, but don't have the paasenger window down to a point where someone can reach in. When someone is in the adrenaline state like the carjacker and open the door, even though we think it would take somebody a long time to get the door open. I read that in a Carjack Safety Book to help the public and explain the feelings that we experience.

1215 days ago


What a doochebag, try to carjack a mom with the baby in the backseat. lock this up and send him to the joint already!

1215 days ago


Clearly racism on the part of the cops.

kidding, geez

1215 days ago


justme, you're a moron.

1215 days ago


I have to see this! Why? Just another dumbass running and getting caught.

1215 days ago


Ha ha the mother forgets about the kid (DOH!!!) and runs back! LMAO

1215 days ago


Here is where they have a longer clip, enjoy!

1215 days ago

KATHY =( ^-^ )=    

OK...this makes me mad as hell. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU GUYS THAT DON'T LOCK THEIR CAR DOOR?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???? It is an automatic thing that I have done from day one when having a car. Is it a cultural thing? A generational thing??? Are you that STUPID????????First thing in the car before LEAVING THE DRIVEWAY.... I LOCKED THE DAMN CAR DOOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU PEOPLE ARE9NO OTHER WORD TO EXPLAIN THIS) STUPID! That woman got LUCKY...PERIOD. YOU ARE STUPID.. No wonder there are more hijacking of cars... YOU ARE STUPID.

1215 days ago


Stop attacking the victim, Lindsay Lohan, she didn't know the car had a baby in it!!!

1215 days ago


That mother's reaction was completely normal. Her flight instinct kicked in because that is the way humans are wired and, because she's an excellent mother, she went back into the fray to rescue her child. Hopefully you'll never be placed in that situation because you might not pass such a test of parental love.

1215 days ago


Come one people...that mother forgot about her child for a split second and ran for her Then she hesitates and goes back for the! I mean wow! And I don't wanna hear any comments about 'oh she just did what her instincts told her to do first which is run'. I know without a doubt I would have thought of my child first! Not as an after thought!

1215 days ago


That woman definitely started to run away before she remembered there was a child in the backseat. Way to go, lady.

1215 days ago


That woman was an idiot. I drive car that was made in '07 and while my doors don't automatically lock, the first thing I do after getting in my car is lock the damn doors.

And I understand her being scared because some douche just tried to carjack her, but WTF. She didn't jump out of the car as he was trying to get in, she jumped AFTER the cops had already pulled him out and had him tackled to the ground. Not to mention the fact she didn't put her car in park and/or put on the emergency break before jumped out and it looked like she forgot her kid.

Just one big giant FAIL, in my opinion.

1215 days ago


Harvey.............i'm avaiable when you need me.

Not to fly reporters and cameras around...........

but to sic balls......


1215 days ago


look how many pigs to just one guy come on wtf s t u p i d pigs

1215 days ago
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