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Hollywood Car Chase -- YOU GOTTA SEE THIS!!

5/27/2011 6:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

An incredible high speed chase -- featuring several near collisions and an attempted carjacking -- just ended on the streets of Hollywood ... and you GOTTA see the footage.

LAPD officers responded to a stolen vehicle call and followed the suspect for several minutes through busy rush hour streets. 

ABC7's chopper was above the crazy scene as the suspect eventually jumped out of the moving vehicle and attempted to carjack a woman with a baby in the backseat.

Check out the video to see how the good guys came out on top of this one.


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wow talk about anti climactic!!!! Come on TMZ, scraping the barrel for this story....?

1246 days ago


I for one just don't get the reason cops feel the need to endanger other innocent peoples lives over a stolen car. Put the chopper on him, see where he goes and be waiting to cut him off. Stupid cops on a power trip.

1246 days ago


Cops are awesome. I respect that as soon as the perp went for the passenger door, the cop went after the guy like a German shepherd instead of drawing a weapon and letting the perp dive in the car. Intelligence, courage, training, whatever. If that perp got in the car, this could have gone very badly. Hooray for the police! 99% of time unsung heroes, esp. considering the human trash they have to deal with, and all the people who always side with that human trash.

1246 days ago


This seems like something OJ would do.

1246 days ago


She left her baby! She ran and left her baby!

1246 days ago


To hell with the yourself mom!

1246 days ago


Is this really a 'YOU GOTTA SEE THIS'?

1246 days ago


Uh... This headline made it sound super exciting... This was boring. Where's the actual chase??

1246 days ago

John Stone    

They should have shot him.

1246 days ago

JLo on Steroids    

If this was little Lindsay again I want to assure everyone that we will put baby powder on her wrist this time. So that when we go to slap it, she will have minimum pain. Thank you for your concern.
As well if it is not Lindsay, then we WILL THROW THE BOOK AT THEM!
-Sincerely The California Justice System

1246 days ago


Your videos suck TMZ, get rid of some of these ads on the site and the stupid Share bar at the bottom of the site.

Your videos might as well be audio because they run slow as hell.

1246 days ago


Why didn't that woman have her doors locked? Seems to me if I had a kid in the care I'd double check to make sure all doors were locked. At least it ended okay for them.

1246 days ago


The victim-blaming happening here (and probably everywhere else) is repulsive! Just, what the hell is wrong with you people?! You accused this woman from being an idiot to being a bad mother to being a coward, and not a word was said about the s***bag who tried to carjack her. I wonder just how brave/calm you would be if you were the ones being carjacked, you misogynistic, hypocritical pricks.

1246 days ago


Always lock your car door!!!!!

1246 days ago


Gia, can't agree with you more. There are moron's who post on these types of blogs. She IS the victim and not many normal red blooded Americans will react 100% correct, when put into a situation like she was. If you are not a trained professional, you just don't know how you will react. She did, afterall, return for her child, (relatively quickly, I might add). These people are looking at an event (sort of from the outside looking in), and that is NOT realistic. This hppens so much quicker in real-time, there's little to no time to react. She did nothing wrong, and thats that!

1246 days ago
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