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Justin & Selena -- The Maui Make-Out Sessions

5/27/2011 6:20 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Teen lovers Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez didn't let jet skiing or parasailing get in the way of their very public displays of face sucking in Hawaii this week.


Justin got frisky grabbing Selena's ass and kissing her every chance he got while on vacation in Maui.

They've come a long way since their first public peck at the Billboard Music Awards just this past Sunday.


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Bet she goes a2m

1245 days ago


I think everyone needs to chill. I was 17 and in college. Yes, COLLEGE. It's like everyone sees how young he appears and freaks out. But in reality, he's freaking 17 and she's even older. What were you doing when you were that age? Oh wait...

1245 days ago


I suddenly respect justin he's got the most beautiful girl in the world Mann.. I'm really jealous right now

1245 days ago

Lucky # Slevin    

Yup...he's hittin' it. Way to go JB!!! People need to seriously get over it, the kid is 17...she's 18...sorry to say but this kinda thing happens nowadays.

1245 days ago


wow, people need to chill out.. it may be gross in your opinion and if it is then why are you here looking at the photos?? They're teenagers and yes they're hormones are going a bit nuts, weren't yours at that age!? They obviously like each other a lot and they're young so you're going to end up seeing a lot of make out pictures lol it's what they're going to end up doing at this age... and for the people saying someones going to jail, hahaha are you kidding me? Why would someone be going to jail? really, common.

1245 days ago


Nothing better than being 17 and being able to tap that action 10 times a day if you want to .

1245 days ago


Gotta give them credit for being good actors. This is an obvious "arranged" couple. Both sides get something out of it. Selena's career gets some additional longevity by being in the press regularly while Justin can keep hiding the fact that he is gay.

1245 days ago


look like typical young adults enjoying life....why complain...i know when I was 17 or 18 I was doing much worse than that with any girl that would let me(well she had to be good looking)

1245 days ago


I don't think this is about the fact that they're groping and making out - all teenagers do. It's the fact that they are on a solo vacation without parents and he's 17. All of you saying people should loosen up - would you wave fondly goodbye as your 17-year-old jetted off to a sexy Hawaiian vacation with his GF? Yeah, didn't think so. I can't even fathom that with my kids.

And and yeah, I think TMZ is overstepping posting the pics.

1245 days ago


I heard he has herpes already

1245 days ago

Like It Is    

She should seek some legal advice, STAT! She is currently 18 years old and will 19 on 22 July 2011. He just turned 17 years old on 01 March 2011. Some over-reaching narc could try to charge her with child rape because he is not 18 years old. Stranger things have happened. Until he is old enough, they should do the groping in private, and, by then, they both may have matured enough to prefer to grope in private. Plus, raunchy PDA's are a bad example for the tweenies!

1245 days ago


This kid is only 17 and they're away together on a vacation? Seriously? What about statuatory rape? Does that not exist in hollyweird? His mom and dad are ok with him traveling alone with a girl? What a joke! He's a train wreck waiting to happen and it disgusts me that these two morons are purposefully showing all of this PDA for the cameras. Also, since he's under age, how did he get a tattoo at 17?

1245 days ago


Yes...too gross Where are their parents?

1245 days ago


What a SKANK!!!! Send her to jail!!!!

1245 days ago


He's not a virgin anymore.

1245 days ago
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