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Lindsay Lohan -- The ART Of The House Arrest

5/27/2011 6:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan plans to spend her stint under house arrest doing lots of painting ... reading ... and relaxing at her townhouse by the beach -- exactly the kind of hard time the judge intended.


Sources close to the actress tell us ... Lohan is looking at her confinement as a "time to relax, focus on her recovery and figure out her new game plan for her life and career."

Before she started to serve her time -- Lohan stocked up on art canvases so she can paint to release the stress.

We're told Lohan also has a stack of scripts she intends to read -- so she can decide on her next project.

Lohan is confident she will be released from house arrest before her birthday on July 2nd -- and we're told she's already making plans for a sober celebration. 

No wonder she was smiling yesterday.


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It's funny to see this former teen actor in big girl land. She just acts like she needs a pair of adult diapers and a pacifier. I can picture her inside her condo sucking her thumb and looking at her water color paints deciding on whether or not to draw a sun or rain drops. Now that she's got the time she should consider bathing, washing her hair, brushing her teeth, and looking for a bra. Try to find some carmex for those blistered lips, and look into a tanning bed so you don't look like a corpse.

1254 days ago


Ah yes.... "a time to relax". Thinking of the sentence as a self imposed va-cay.

1254 days ago


Bearcat34 says:

She just acts like she needs a pair of adult diapers and a pacifier. I can picture her inside her condo sucking her thumb and looking at her water color paints deciding on whether or not to draw a sun or rain drops


OMG, too funny! This is hilarious!

1254 days ago


@Reality Bites

1254 days ago


When are these judges going to get some backbone. Put the spoiled Bitch in a real jail for at least 6 months.

1254 days ago


Bearcat34, that was THE BEST post of the day! Thanks so much!

1254 days ago


Thank goodness she's come up with a way to deal with the stress of hanging out at her beach house.

1254 days ago


She can always do scrapbooking. Think of it, she could photograph all of her stolen jewlery and clothes, and then put them into the book, trying to remember who she stole them from. Would be an hours long project, at the very least. Fun, fun!

1254 days ago


@Reality Bites (sorry about the last burped!)

You're onto something there. They should make all these 33,000 non violent offenders they are putting on house arrest perform jobs instead. They could open a day care center, and have all these NON-VIOLENT offenders work there. Then they can take all the people on welfare, who have children, and put the children in the day care, and then the welfare people can go to work at real jobs, and get off welfare. It's a win-win situation for all!

1254 days ago


ilovegossip - Jeez, are you actually suggesting that LL be put in charge of other people's little children? They'd be drinking and snorting and swearing by the end of the day!

1254 days ago


I highly doubt she'll even finish one painting. She lacks the creativity & patience to paint, this is obviously something she just pulled out of thin air. "Oh I'm going to de da de da....". Also, even an unknown can get a stack of scripts to go through. This means NOTHING. It doesn't even mean she would be considered for roles, it means she acquired scripts. She looks terrible, her body is like the body of a 50 year old, she's difficult to deal with, it would be difficult and costly to insure her, and....SHE CAN'T ACT TO SAVE HER LIFE. How does she expect to have a career in acting? It's repulsive how one sided TMZ is when it comes to reporting on her. Why haven't you reported on any of the stuff the other sites have? The things that paint her in a very unflattering light? Like all the partying stuff that's recently happened?

1254 days ago


Lindsay, it's a beautiful day at the beach today! Sunny, with high of 73 degrees - not too hot, just perfect! Great day to sit on the sand and tan. And lots of people there, too, for the holiday weekend. Maybe some barbeques. Music. Possibly some booze. Cute guys.

So what are you doing today?

1254 days ago

Who Farted    

I want to get a list together of all current hard working talented actresses. Has one been done already?

1254 days ago


What a surprise, who would have thought she would say something like that to a magazine.
Now for the reality translation: I am going to drink and do blow for the first 30 days because they are not testing me. Plan to munch any carpet that stops by, and wouldn't mind a few guys to keep the clam open. Your all a pack of fools and I got over again, wonder what comes next, maybe I can borrow from the effects of the people in the morgue while I am there and get a better price on drugs at the womans shelter.

1254 days ago


Of course she can paint! She just painted "FU!" on a photo of Daddy's face.

1254 days ago
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