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Lindsay House Arrest -- Best Vacation Planning Ever!!

5/27/2011 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Not to suggest you follow Lindsay Lohan's path -- allegedly steal a necklace, plead no contest and get placed under house arrest -- but it could be the best 35 day vacation you've ever had. 


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WOW...Jeebus is F@CKN nuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lmao ;)I off to another thread -this chick freaks me out!

1253 days ago


hmmmm... seems the TRUTH doesn't really want the truth after all. Goes running like a coward when someone points out how wrong they really are.
Let's see - point out where Lindsay is falling down. Proof given.

points out that Lindsay is not 23...not even close. proof given.

point out where truth calls me names thinking I have a big gut, when in reality it's his obsessions gut... proof given.

Go running... the TRUTH... with your tail between your legs.

1253 days ago


Everyone take a look at jeebus comment history, EVERYTHING, everything is all Lindsay and the same repeated posts plus she calls herself a person that fancies women.
You just lost your case foolish witch.
Thank you for playing, please drive through.

1253 days ago


Judge Ito, LMAO

1253 days ago


*laughs* you must not have gone far back enough. Posted on the mel stuff the gladd stuff, the lisa lampanelli stuff, that kim kardashian thing the other day. I post mostly here because of the few posters that I can say are internet buddies.

And how does me saying I like women matter? I wouldn't touch lindsay with a ten foot pole. Not my type in the slightest.

Anyway last post for the night. seriously keep proving how obsessed you really are.

1253 days ago


have a good night jeebus. I've got your back :)

1253 days ago

Hot Farts    

hey ILG. Where did you get that gut picture? I am always amazed by her tummy. I thought it was just me. It seems malformed somehow and the belly button it next to the boobs. On the news yesterday they showed her in the white court dress over and over, except from above her head and all you could see was her stomach sticking out. How can she have a belly when she is only 117 lbs

1253 days ago


People-- Look at ILOVEGOSSIP'S HISTORY AS WELL, ALL 11 pages of comments are ALL on Lindsay.
This moron is obsessed with her, and fights with everyone too, what a LOSER, you and the witch , a couple of die hards whose lives revolve around lyinching Lindsay Lohan.
Your comment history, both of you is astounding and speaks volumes.
What a couple of massive losers, obsessed losers.

1253 days ago

the Seeker    

Hey ilovegossip buthatemyself,
I have stated every time you bring up a post from 35 days ago that I have seen the genuine progress and intent on Lindsay to correct her bad behavior by
1) taking responsibility for her misunderstanding @ the jewelry store
2) she was sentenced and has complied with all requirements to date.
3) she has been working on numerous jobs including photo shoots and filming guest appearances on popular tv shows
4)She settled a civil case amicably and in a timely fashion
5)Started her house arrest punishment(3 weeks early btw)

I could go on but, my point is I find no satisfaction in continuing to bash and sling mud on a young lady that is CLEARLY trying to turn her life and troubled career around.Lindsay has begun to take personal responsibility ONE small step at a time.I will NOT wait until she is starring in a movie or has completed nearly 500 hours of community service to show my encouragement, support and love for her and I don't care who it bothers especially some unforgiving christian HATERS on a failing website.

1253 days ago


@ The Seeker. This isn't about "Trolls" or "Haters". Its about rich, powerful people being treated differently under a justice system that is supposed to treat everyone equally. There are MANY working class people who end up sentenced to full terms in jail for far less while your hero here gets to sashay out the door. you yourself dont seem particularly aware that 99% of the US population dont get to hire top caliber attorneys and live in the insulated world of LA. In the end she comes off as a spoiled little whore who has "yes people" surrounding her like yourself who are the ones who are screwing her up the most. Do us a Favor and run into a bridge abutment and die.

1253 days ago


Night ILG!!! Hope you make it into the chat room soon! We miss you there

1253 days ago

Hot Farts    

Oh well night all...thought Id see BRW but guess she has a life too. See you all at Circle Bar...Gros Bisou

1253 days ago


TRUTH 3 minutes ago
What a couple of massive losers, obsessed losers.

And what does it say about you that you are so obsessed with a couple of massive obsessed losers?


1253 days ago


@ the TRUTH didn't go back far enough. I comment on a lot of stories. Hence my "name". Unfortunately, lately Lindsay is the only one out there.

If you go back you'll see I've commented on Mel/Oksana...Nadya Suleman, the Gosselins, etc. You'll also see me on ROL on all sorts of stories...not just Lindsay.

Sorry...not obsessed at all. At least not with Lindsay.

At least my 'name' speaks the TRUTH!!! Unlike yours...

1253 days ago


I have to say, this was delicious and no witchie poo, I only went back eight pages, lol, omg you are one pathetic obsessed individual. Bully.
And of course you miss the other obsessed idiot, the sating goes...birds of a feather flock together, thank you for the opportunity to throw pies into your face, it was certainly entertaining, especially the part where I called you both out.

All people have to do is look at jeebus & ilovegossip's comment history to see just how credible they truly are.

1253 days ago
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