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Lohan -- You Say I’m Drinking ... You're a Dead Man!

5/27/2011 8:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's camp is going into ATTACK MODE -- preparing to take legal action against a blog that is threatening to run a story saying Lindsay has been drinking again.

TMZ has learned ... the story began when someone at Gjelina restaurant in Venice, CA told several photogs -- including TMZ -- that Lindsay was inside the eatery Wednesday night drinking two glasses of red wine.

But Lindsay flatly DENIES she had anything to drink -- and her camp is so outraged, they are sending the blog a cease and desist letter demanding that it stay clear of the allegation.

For the record -- Lindsay is claiming ... all she had grilled squid and a coke.


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When one is spending time focusing on their life, as Ms. Lohan attests to doing, it would be wise to look inward. Blaming everyone for the situation you're in may very well placate your emotions, but it leaves you helpless.
May I suggest Ms Lohan, that you ask yourself why you are always the "victim"? You continue to play the part and frankly, you're not a good actress. Had you not dragged yourself through the mud and mired your name in filth, perhaps people would be willing to give you the benefit of the doubt. As it were, you are untrustworthy.

1211 days ago

Ghost Rider    

Nobody cares about you seeker, so you can drop dead now. You have no say in anything just like the rest of us so STFU, unless you are employed by tmz to start problems that is.

1211 days ago


"So I pointed out that GJELINA doesn't even serve "salmon", which was what Lindsey "swore" she ate. And so now the story has been changed to "grilled squid" since I posted the menu link. (You can check back on prior comments to see people talking about the "salmon and coke" report. Unless TMZ deletes them.)
I hate to have to say it...but...YOU SUCK, TMZ!"
OMFG, you are right. I was here at lunchtime and the article said salmon and coke. It now says squid. There are several posters in the first 10 or so pages who mention the salmon. You can check for yourself. What a sleazy freaking thing to do. I am dumbfounded and disgusted. Now who, pray tell, has the power to get this website to change its story? And so quickly! And why would they try to help someone perpetuate a lie? Does TMZ think their audience wants to be lied to? Perhaps TMZ thinks we are all stupid and won't notice. Good eye Amy, by the way. I can only conclude that TMZ is on that ditch-pig's payroll.

1211 days ago


Well, I don't get it...isn't she on house arrest?

Does that mean she can go out to eat?

What the ----

1211 days ago


@ Del
I can only conclude that TMZ is on that ditch-pig's payroll.

I think it's the other way around.

1211 days ago

Bill Leslie    

That's a restaurant? It looks like a prison guard stand.

1210 days ago
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