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Lohan -- You Say I’m Drinking ... You're a Dead Man!

5/27/2011 8:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's camp is going into ATTACK MODE -- preparing to take legal action against a blog that is threatening to run a story saying Lindsay has been drinking again.

TMZ has learned ... the story began when someone at Gjelina restaurant in Venice, CA told several photogs -- including TMZ -- that Lindsay was inside the eatery Wednesday night drinking two glasses of red wine.

But Lindsay flatly DENIES she had anything to drink -- and her camp is so outraged, they are sending the blog a cease and desist letter demanding that it stay clear of the allegation.

For the record -- Lindsay is claiming ... all she had grilled squid and a coke.


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Reuban Rolando... nobody wants to be you, you delusional L.A piece of trash. People in Hollywood are so out of touch with reality it's hilarious.

1215 days ago


Reuben Rolando 22 minutes ago

This seeker, is one who seeks? What is it that you seek seeker? If it is a man then you have found a man. But I, Reuben Rolando believe you seek attention, no?


Good one, Reuben.

1215 days ago


"salmon and a coke" - code for Sam Ronson and Cocaine.

1215 days ago


If they're talking about Keith Middlebrook, that's an old story.....

1215 days ago


the Seeker 5 minutes ago

Blood red loves andyconda
I'm tellin your hubby slut

Olive Hue too xoxo


Go entertain your own boyfriend, Milo.

1215 days ago


no one believes a liar... tough cookies lol

1215 days ago


Man, Blood Red Witch, you should have never turned down The Seeker. Looks like you've got your own stalker!!!

1215 days ago


****in psycho bitch psychosis !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOLZ

1215 days ago


Lindsay's productive day:

12:00 noon - wakes up.
Downs some Grey Goose, falls back asleep.
2 pm - gets up, snorts a line.
2-5 pm - screams at others, both in person and on the phone, raging about house arrest and how it's the judge's fault. Also - Snorts multiple lines, downs lots of Red Bull, Gray Goose. Pops some pills in a bottle that some guy named Dave gave her in Florida.
5:30 pm - glances at a book. Puts it down with a combination yawn/sneer.
5:30 pm - Gets angrier, takes boob out, walks over to the window. No one is outside, so puts boob back.
5:45 pm - Picks up a paintbrush with a violent color on it and slashes it across Milo's face. Puts it down, satisfied. Hangs up masterpiece on wall.
6:00 pm - Sees neighbor coming home from work who glances up at her for a second and waves (not on SamRo side of her view.) Realizes that this "could" be a stalker so gets all worked up and calls TMZ. Screams and cries, demands that a photographer be dispatched.
6:10 pm - Calls TMZ back, screams "where the hell is my photographer?" and hangs up. Snorts another 5 lines. More Grey Goose and Red Bull.
6:15 pm - Sticks tongue out at Milo picture hanging up, then tears it up, screaming.
6:20 pm - Photographer finally turns up. Lindsay shows a tear stained face at the door (albeit tears of rage from tearing up Milo's picture 5 minutes ago.) In a quivering voice, tells all about how a crazed maniac fixed her with his eyes and started yelling he was going to have sex with her and how UNSAFE she feels home alone, unable to leave, sniff, sniff.
6:30 pm - Photos taken on empty balcony where Lindsay saw her neighbor waving. Photographer also finds a gardener doing some last minute weeding, lurking in the bushes, so gets his photo too for the story.
6:35 pm - Lindsay is angrier still. Drunk dials the judge but only gets an answering machine that doesn't take incoming messages. Screams into the phone anyway about how the Judge has ruined her life and is OUT TO GET HER. Bangs the phone down.
6:40 pm - Lindsay hears loud clock ticking, ticking, ticking, mocking her. Takes clock down and smashes it through the window.
Unkown time, due to clock being destroyed - Lindsay has had enough. The peace and quiet is killing her. She will DIE from it! Yes, that's right, she decides. The Judge will be responsible for her death, because she is obviously having a heart attack from the peace and quiet. Or was it a stroke?
Unknown time, 1 minute after the Great Revelation - Lindsay is up and out the broken window, cheerfully on her way to Chateau Marmont, knowing that she is saving herself from an impending stroke or other life-threatening illness brought on from house arrest.

1215 days ago

the Seeker    

Ball`s has no Ball`s 20 minutes ago

This seeker, is one who seeks? What is it that you seek seeker? If it is a man then you have found a man. But I, Reuben Rolando believe you seek attention, no?
Go home you freak!
Busted Rueben douche bag signed in as ballbag

1215 days ago


Poor poor Eleanor.

Soon it will be time there for little Lindsay's nap and maybe Eleanor can grab a few martini's.

1215 days ago

St Murphy    

LA great great prison system...DUH!

According to California prison inspectors, an ill-equipped computer system has allowed the release of 450 inmates who are considered to have a "high risk of violence." The mistake originated in a computer program designed to organize the release of low-risk prisoners parole-free, and keep the facilities from wasting time and taxpayer dollars on those who pose no threat to society.

Unfortunately the criteria the system was using when it determined the release dates for 10,134 inmates last year failed to take into account convictions and disciplinary actions for over half of the state's entire prison population. Using only arrest information, which on paper can make even the most violent criminal appear to be a minimal threat to society, the system ordered the parole-free release of violent felons, gang members, and rapists.

Prisons in the state are dangerously overcrowded, and a federal mandate has given officials 2 years to cut the inmate population by 33,000 individuals. The computer program at fault was meant to help with this process, but without accurate records, it won't do much good. Law enforcement has made no attempt to track down the erroneously freed felons at this time, and officials say that they can only be returned if they are caught committing a crime.

1215 days ago

Make it stop    

Oh yeah...cause she's sooooo honest. And how is her house arrest actually teaching her? She'll OD by the end of this year.

1215 days ago


Blog? It was her PROBATION REPORT that said she was drinking.

1215 days ago


On July 6 Judge Revel in sentecing LIndsay included in her conditions of probation that she be drug tested as her PO sceduled it ..That was the condition that Lindsay got her VOP with judge Fox and she dodged a VOP for on Feb 8 because she was revoked on Feb 9 for the necklace.
Judge Sautner reimposed her formal probation as it was in her DUI case until the CS is done .
I never heard Sautner say no testing in fact she did not change it at all . Her PO would have had testing to the end of the 36 months.
LInsay is already up to 120 days for VOP the next is what ? 180 !
I do not think she is drinking , the point went across to her I am sure.
She needs to fight those that continually put her down for things she is no longer doing.
If she gets another VOP then she has to deal with thatand IO think Sautner will send her down for a long time if she did.

1215 days ago
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