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NFL Legend Warrick Dunn -- I'm No Gun Runner!

5/27/2011 11:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former Atlanta Falcons running back Warrick Dunn says he feels "violated" -- after cops pulled him over outside ATL and told him he had the characteristics of someone "transporting drugs and guns."


36-year-old Dunn says cops told him they pulled him over because his tinted windows were "too dark" ... but Dunn insinuates he was racially profiled.

During the stop, Dunn -- who is black -- says 4 white officers targeted him with "a lot of personal questions" and told him "I had the characteristics of people transporting drugs & guns."

Dunn says the cops searched his car and gave him a warning for the tint.

After the incident, the 3-time Pro Bowler went to his Facebook page and said, "Felt violated and I've had my car since '08, nvr been pulled ovr for tint. Taken back bc I think the reasoning was bad. Ruined my day but not my spirit."

UPDATE: Dunn's rep tells us Warrick was frustrated after the incident -- and after cops explained that he was traveling through a high-crime area ... he understood the officers were just trying to do their job.

Warrick, through his rep, tells TMZ ... "As the son of a hard working police officer, I understand the stress that police officers are under."

Dunn adds, "The real lesson in all this is that Twitter is a powerful tool but what happened to me is the same thing that  happens to a lot of people every day. I’ll take care of it through the appropriate channels just like everyone else has to."

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@ ohboy

Its easy for some whites to try debunk racial profiling. they dont have to deal with racist white cops. it's even a statistic. their view on blacks are what they see on tv or read in the newspaper. I bet if the cop called him a "***got" you'll have a bunch of outraged white folks calling for that cop's resignation, a press conference and a letter of apology from the dept, the mayor, the governor, and the police officer's association. they'd make that cop preform 100,000 hours community service to the gay community.

1252 days ago


dunn comes across as a good dude.he did alot in the community during his playing days.

1252 days ago


I had dark tint on my windows, and got pulled over by a black cop. Does this mean he was racially profiling me? Was he a racist for pulling me over? No! I had the windows tinted to dark, and found out it was against the law. He gave me a warning, and I de-tinted my windows that day. No problem. You don't hear me whine and complain do you?? Darn it black people are sooooo racist.

1252 days ago


@ golly

Youre an idiot dude. did you get asked a bunch of questions and get searched? I got stopped and frisk by 5 cops just for walking to jack in the box. was I breaking the law? they threw the contents of wallet on the ground and they threatened to harass me or anyone I know again. tell me, would that be whining if I complained? Do you think that was "sooooo racist" of them cops?

1252 days ago


Douchebags always trying to play the race card! I was pulled over before for windows too dark and I'm a caucasian woman. Turned out they weren't too dark.

1252 days ago

brown dynamite    

Why is every athlete on here a legend or a stud?

1252 days ago


I can tell from Dunn's initial defensive statement that
he was not exactly cooperating verbally. Every drug pusher
has tinted windows and plays the race card. So shut the
F#$k up cause your grandparents who experienced real
racism are turning in their graves. You little brat.

1252 days ago


@ david

real racism? you say that like if racism doesnt exist anymore. I mean you have whites on here that claimed that when they got pulled over, everything was fine and dandy, so if it never happened to them then a black person or anyone else non white must be lying or playing the race card. I dont think lily whites know the true definition of race card.

1252 days ago


It sucks but, it's to keep us all safe. I really don't think it has to do with the color of your skin but the color of the windows. Obviously, they are not Bucks fans ;)

1252 days ago


dammmmit man, don't pull the race card. a-hole

1252 days ago


I find it amusing that everyone is bringing up the fact that he was pulled over for tint and asking the question how was he "racially profilied", but you fail to address the reading in the article were the cops told him he looked like a drug dealer and searched his car with no probable cause... HELLOOO (Herm Edwards voice) its not the fact that he got pulled over, but how they reacted and responded to him after he was pulled over.... HELLLOOOO

1252 days ago

Jaime Lesueur    


1252 days ago


javon, u sound like a complete jackass.

1252 days ago


Sensationalism at its TMZ finest. Warrick Dunn is an "NFL legend?" Sure!

1252 days ago


well thank you livereater. that's the nicest comment Ive gotten today. do you like onions with liver?

1252 days ago
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