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NFL Legend Warrick Dunn -- I'm No Gun Runner!

5/27/2011 11:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former Atlanta Falcons running back Warrick Dunn says he feels "violated" -- after cops pulled him over outside ATL and told him he had the characteristics of someone "transporting drugs and guns."


36-year-old Dunn says cops told him they pulled him over because his tinted windows were "too dark" ... but Dunn insinuates he was racially profiled.

During the stop, Dunn -- who is black -- says 4 white officers targeted him with "a lot of personal questions" and told him "I had the characteristics of people transporting drugs & guns."

Dunn says the cops searched his car and gave him a warning for the tint.

After the incident, the 3-time Pro Bowler went to his Facebook page and said, "Felt violated and I've had my car since '08, nvr been pulled ovr for tint. Taken back bc I think the reasoning was bad. Ruined my day but not my spirit."

UPDATE: Dunn's rep tells us Warrick was frustrated after the incident -- and after cops explained that he was traveling through a high-crime area ... he understood the officers were just trying to do their job.

Warrick, through his rep, tells TMZ ... "As the son of a hard working police officer, I understand the stress that police officers are under."

Dunn adds, "The real lesson in all this is that Twitter is a powerful tool but what happened to me is the same thing that  happens to a lot of people every day. I’ll take care of it through the appropriate channels just like everyone else has to."

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ron mexico    

ok, maybe not an "nfl legend", but was a college all-american at florida state and played in enough pro-bowls to be considered better at his profession than most people will be at theirs.

not what's important, though.

Warrick is the epitome of the American dream. grew up middle to lower-middle class in a blue-collar family, become proficient at a skill and used it to earn a degree and elevate himself to upper-class, and now uses his new status and money to help other kids and their families have better lives and improve their chances of elevating themselves.

bottom line: if you were to blow up the world and start from scratch, your new civilization will be much better off with more Warrick Dunn's than less.

1212 days ago


It's not Warrick that's the idiot, it's those that have no ability to read and comprehend. He was pulled over for his tint being too dark (yes, there are laws against having too dark of a tint, no profiling there). HOWEVER, to tell someone you have the characteristics of a drug dealer or a gun runner, is like telling every young black woman, she has the characteristics of being a welfare mom. How do you determine someone has the "characteristics" of ANYTHING without profiling them? So no, he wasn't playing "the race card" regarding the tint, he was upset and offended by the line of questioning (as anyone would have been regardless of your race). Not everything is about playing the "card" but if that's how YOU take it, then maybe just maybe you need to be honest about who and what you are.

1212 days ago



You could tell some of these white posters till they are blue in the face. they will perceive it the way they want to. they think because they dont experience it, that it doesnt exist. they've been trained to think that blacks just want a handout. some of us who have dealt with good cops and racist cops know what youre saying.

1211 days ago


Wow, in a lot of these white posters minds, racism just doesn't exist. This is why we'll never make progress in America because a lot of whites just refuse to call out their racist counterparts. Something is only racist to them if it involves a burning cross and even then they'd make some excuse up about it being the black family's fault for breathing. So sad.

1211 days ago

Nat Turner    

Let's pay attention ppl. Yes he was wrong for the tint. However, it becomes profiling, when they start asking about drugs and guns. White ppl kill me with their revisionist history as if the problems/ statistics of racial profiling have not been well do***ented. Who in da hell don't know who Warrick Dunn is !?!? Just like they pulled over that crippled and old Harvard professor and arrested him for breaking into his own home.

1211 days ago


Since we have a few new race card carrying members coming into this thread who want to IGNORE the facts, perhaps they can answer these questions:

If these cops were after Dunn because he was a black man then why did they not give him a ticket?

If these cops were after Dunn because he was black then why did they not have his car towed?

Since these late coming race card carrying posters know for sure these cops were racist, keep the black man down, southern cops then why did they not plant a gun or drugs on Dunn?

Ooops I hate when logic gets in the way of race card carrying people who are mad at the world because their parents were black.

Your're black, you were born black so get over it. Quit crying like a two year old.

1210 days ago



You are the one ignoring a significant portion of the story. They pretty much told him he looks like a gun/drug runner. "...characteristics of people transporting drugs & guns." Since they did not elaborate on the specifics, we are all making assumptions of what traits they were referring to. It is a fair assumption that his race had at least some influence over the line of questioning.

He never pulled the race card just said that he felt violated. You are the one who keeps bringing it up.

1210 days ago


@simone so tell me why they told him he had the characteristics of aa drug runner? do uknow what the characteristics they meant did they mean he had a nicer car than them n he was black so he had to be involved with drugs... why dont white ppl wanna admit that the mostof them are fu.ckin racist n yet yall surprised when ppl hate yall the same way yall were surperised about 9/11 well i wasnt and never will be about anythin that happens to white ppl or amerikkka

1210 days ago


He got pulled over for Driving a Nice Car in a Black Neighborhood. If he would have been driving a 89 Maxima with tinted window he never would have been stopped. Police think anyone in a nice care in a Black neighborhood is a drug dealer. A Black man I grew up with who is now a Police officer pulled over another friends Brother who was in a New convertible Camaro. When he realized he knew the person, he apologized and said "i just hate seeing these Young guys in nice cars" This was a black officer saying this. To many police white/black have this ignorant bias against young black men making it. Its catch 22 for black men, if you don't make it its because you are lazy, dumb etc, if you make it you get pulled over and harassed for having the trappings of success.

1209 days ago


Hey - I got stopped by a black officer for no front license plate, dang - I should of hired Gloria Allred!!!!!

1209 days ago


How can they say he looked like a gun runner if the windows were tinted?

1209 days ago


Once you leave the actual city of Atlanta your in Klan country. I was born and raised in Atlanta and racism will never die in Georgia. The cops in the surburban counties around Atl make there living racially profiling young brothers because most of them are to scared or not smart enough to be REAL POLICE OFFICERS and work 4 the city of Atl and fight real crimes.

1209 days ago


Same thing happened to me in Georgia.Funny, i only got a warning for the tint and yet the officer searched my car and ran a drug sniffing dog through my vehicle. I felt violated and frustrated on the side of the interstate like a criminal. I got the same speech " this is a drug running corridor". It is profiling pure and simple. The police can see your skin color through the front window, not the tinted side or back windows.

1207 days ago


For all of the people who say you can not be profiled because the windows are to dark you are wrong. As a former law enforcement personel , when i run your tag I know who your are and there are ways taught on how a minoritys are to be targeted.

1207 days ago
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