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Whoopi Goldberg -- I Farted On 'The View'

5/27/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Something stinks on "The View" ... and it's Whoopi "Cushion" Goldberg.

The ladies were hanging with Dr. Oz yesterday ... when he asked if any of the women had tore some ass during the segment.

Whoopi's hands shot up ... as she proclaimed, "There is more room out than in!"

Ya gotta check out Barbara's face ... classic.


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Tyrion Frost    

Everyone farts. Get over yourselves.

1246 days ago


This is to be expected from someone named "Whoopi".

1246 days ago


what is the world coming to?? do we all need to know when a celebritiy or anybody farts? nobody needs to know. is somebody going to take a picture or have it on breaking news if a celebrity picks thier nose,uses the bathroom, blows their nose, snort when they laugh, or sucking someones face they shouldnt be sucking??? nobody needs to know. they all know somebody is watching them and taking pictures. its all for the attention. why dont any of them take all the money they have and donate it to all these charities, give some to the people going through all the tornados and all of that. none of them do...they all say they care but nobody helps. thier the only ones that dont have to worry about the gas prices or whether there is going to be something to eat the next day or not. they all sit in their mansions and have everybody else do it for them. they all take life for granted. these days it seems like they all get paid thousands for smiling and looking into the cameras. im sure there is alot of people who feel the same...

1246 days ago


While I agree with others that Whoopi is a very loyal friend and very genuine this was classless! I don't care how nice you are or how well you can act it is NEVER okay to "fart" in public!! There is absolutely nothing funny about it! It is ignorant and inconsiderate to those around her! She needs a course in Manners101!! Two words for Whoopi with regard to this GROW UP!

1246 days ago


Whoopie Gldberg is a disgusting person and has always been crude and disgusting. I have no idea why she is on this show except se can't make it more terrible than it already is. What a waste of air time and she should go after that crudeness Shehas no manners or understanding of how to be a polite woman. But it does draw attention to her which she likes. I have no idea what people see in her lewdness.It isn't funny.

1246 days ago


She's just as NASTY as she LOOKS!

1245 days ago


wow. a couple things (I got to page 5 in the comments and gave up...)

1)The view is a pretty crap show, agreed there.
2)I can't watch the clip cause I'm overseas. That's pretty crap too.
3)ARE YOU ALL MAD??? Love her, hate her, what ever. but ALL human beings pass gas. Would you care if a guy did it? probably not. was it bad timing? sure. a crime? hell no. Totally natural? yes. I suspect most of the worst responses are from women. Your all so unforgiving of each other...Here's a news flash, your **** stinks too....

1244 days ago

Hollywood gives Ca a bad name    

Gross. She's such a freaking dude.

1243 days ago



1054 days ago

Chuck Ellis    

I think it is time to put Whoopie out to pasture. Her bitterness is a thing of the past and her violent reactions and attitude about being black is yesterdays news. She represents everything that creates racial disorder. She is totally classless. Her, Al Sharpton, and Jessie Jackson should be put in a room by themselves to vent their frustrations on false beliefs. She is just an insult to public viewing.

754 days ago
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