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Spencer BLASTS Virgin Mobile -- 'Sparah' Is a Rip-Off!

5/28/2011 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Spencer Pratt is furious at Virgin Mobile -- telling TMZ, the cell company's new celeb couple spoof "Sparah" is blatantly copying Speidi ... and now he wants Virgin to start paying up for using his likeness.


If you haven't seen the commercials ... Virgin Mobile's new ad campaign is built entirely around a fake Hollywood couple called "Sparah" -- a mashup of the names Spencer and Sarah -- and Pratt is pissed he and Heidi have become the target of a national joke ... with no paycheck to show for it.

According to Spencer, Speidi's getting ripped off -- telling us, "They should being paying for using our likeness. It's obvious they are trying to be us."

0527_sparah_commercial_min_playerPratt doesn't stop there -- adding, he and Heidi "hate" Sparah ... "It's nuts how much [Virgin is] promoting them, when they are obviously copying us."

Attempts to reach Virgin's celeb couple were unsuccessful -- but we're guessing ... "Sparah has no comment."


No Avatar


They were a national joke before the commercial aired! Actually they are a national embarrassment!!!!!!!

1251 days ago


awwwwww are already a national joke...

now you will have to make your brain hurt one more time trying to get money that you didn't work for or deserve...

1251 days ago


Serves them right. They just don't seem to understand that they are not stars in anyone's world and need to just get a job and put the rest of us out of our misery.

1251 days ago


I have to say, I've never watched any of these reality shows, and find these two quite opportunistic. But then who isn't in the entertainment industry, particularly recently? I somehow have to agree with this these two.(God, what's happened to my judgement. . .?)
They certainly were the folks that came to mind when I saw this ad. It really is a copy of this fabricated entertainment couple. I have to, sadly, sit on their side of the aisle on this. They were marketed for the consumption of the growing need for drama. I hate myself for this. But, there it is. . .

1251 days ago


Speidi - losers F off. You're failures and jokes to everyone. Those who admire you have zero going for them and lower self esteem issues than you guys. Just another ploy to get money. Hope Virgin mobile counter sues and gets attorneys fees for this baseless lawsuit!

1251 days ago


The commercial is funny, the guy is hot. It's ridiculous, the girl showing her vag could be anyone, paris h, Linda Lo, britney, and I don't recall Heidi ever having a nipple slip........Yeah, no likeness from what I an see. Idiots.

1250 days ago

Karl Steiger    

My Speidi senses are tingling...

1250 days ago


Hey Dumbass! It's legal to make fun of public figures. STFU!!

1250 days ago


sparah is STILL more classy than spencer and heidi..doesn't seem like they played off of them. Even when I saw it on TV they didnt come to mind..haha they are a JOKE!

1250 days ago


Copying something of no value, is worthless also.

1250 days ago


Well I highly doubt SNL pays anyone for their spoofs so suck it SPEIDI!

1250 days ago


Are you kidding me? I've seen this commercial several times and never associated it with Speidi (thank God they are out of my mind). Virgin is clearly mocking a variety of celebrities' mishaps and media trends.

Spencer, please just go away - forever.

1250 days ago


Lmao yeah cause "speidi" is the only celebrity mash up right? Theres not "Brangelina" or "Halleburton" right? I'd LOVE to know when Spencer will realize that no one gives a **** about him lol.

1250 days ago


Sorry, Spencer, you were a national joke long before this commercial. And guess what? You still ARE!!!!

1250 days ago

East Coast    

At least the couple on the right is attractive. Those two hideous non-talented losers are so gross to look at. The guy on the right is HOT and the girl looks natural and not a freak like Heidi.

1250 days ago
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