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LeAnn vs. Brandi -- Gold Bikini WAR

5/28/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

LeAnn Rimes and Brandi Glanville have similar tastes in men, aviator shades ... and gold bikinis!
Here's Eddie Cibrian's latest wife LeAnn showing off her country goods in a metallic swimsuit in Cabo (left) -- and Cibrian's ex-wife Brandi lookin' smokin' hot as she goes two pieces in L.A. (right).

Eddie definitely has a type.


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He should just admit he likes young boys and call it a day.

1210 days ago


smokin hot??
I guess if skeletal and emaciated is "smokin hot"..

1210 days ago


Why is this one not a "Who would you" question?

1210 days ago


Smokin hot? I don't think so....unless maybe you add some BBQ sauce, then it's Rib time.
It's just too skinny. Slim is fine, but this is just beyond slim. Almost dangerously so.
TMZ's remarks are outrageous as well. Is it any wonder there are so many people with eating disorders. TMZ start doing responsible reporting!

1210 days ago


There are starving children in this world, and both of these skelatons look like 3rd world starvation victims. It's too bad that they think they look good, and it's a mockery to a society where starving child actually don't have a choice of a meal.
No one should EVER aspire to look like this on purpose. When you can count the bones on someone, then you know your way too sick and skinny. Shame on both of them for promoting starvation.

1210 days ago


If I had to chose between these two and Hilary Clinton, I'd pick Hilary. If I had to chose between these two and Betty White, I'd pick Betty White. If I had to chose between these two and the lady from the "I've fallen and I can't get up" commercials . . .

1210 days ago


eww leeann looks like a chinese shemale dam she has her balls very tucked in couse i can see her skinny bonny camel toe lol theres nthn to lick there

1210 days ago


At least Brandi was attractive. Not so much LeAnn. Bet LeAnn has bunches of money tho. Just hang tight, Brandi. Eddie will eventually cheat on LeAnn - it's his nature. Besides, she is one homely broad.

1210 days ago


OMG They both need to eat and LeAnn is flippin nasty ,I truly hope she doesnt think she looks healthy because she doesnt,the other has always been thin,soo who is LeAnn trying to be? Eddies ex because she certainly isnt her OLD self..

1210 days ago


Where is the who'd you rather pole....?

1210 days ago


they both need to gain about 20-30 pounds

1210 days ago


At least Brandi has always been a beanpole but Leann is just a pathetic, insecure copycat. Leann looks like she's been dipping into her hubby's roids as well as the starvation diet.

1210 days ago


I like meat but once in a while I dine vegetarian I can use the new wife and the ex wife as toothpicks, because that is how grossly sick they look. I want to push huge amounts of pot on them just to encourage huge amounts of food in them..."Smoking hot"? Yeah dude, riight...go get your eyes checked. their bodies are starving for food someone should slap them with a ham sandwich with a double dose of mayo cause they look like the smack heads downtown. If this is what Hollywood calls sexy they need to get their heads out of the butts.

1210 days ago


They both look like they should be pinned to the floor and force fed. Skin and bones is NOT a good look.

1210 days ago


If this is what they consider healthy, I will stick to beng a chunky monkey.

1210 days ago
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