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Avril Lavigne -- Take Me Out to the F*@&%+ Ball Game!

5/29/2011 9:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Avril Lavigne was all smiles when she threw out the first pitch before last night's Tampa Bay Rays game, but she lobbed a few four-letter words at the crowd when a technical glitch messed with her post-game concert.

According to local reports, Avril's mic didn't work at the start of her show ... and she responded to the cavalcade of boos by yelling obscenities at crowd.

Rays rep Rick Vaughn tells TMZ, "The Rays demand profanity-free performances from all of our concert performers and we are extremely disappointed by the language used in last night's show. It is not consistent with the family-friendly atmosphere that Tropicana Field is known for."

Calls to Lavigne's rep were not returned.

UPDATE -- Several of our readers were in attendance last night and point out via our message board ... that while Avril did drop a few F-bombs, they weren't directed at anyone in particular. Her real fans, it seems, enjoyed the show just fine.

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Say what you want about Avril not being able to sing, and how horrible she really is, but remember she is rich and famous, and your not. So talk all the stuff you want. But back to the article. I do not blame her for being pissed about being booed at for the mic not working. That is not her fault, its the people who are supposed to make sure that stuff works fault.

1241 days ago


Hey, TMZ! If you pay me, I will correct your articles before they post. If you hire me, you will stop looking so damn foolish for having so many typos and usage errors. I am a great editor and proofreader--you NEED me!

1241 days ago

Seal Team 6    


1241 days ago


Yet another TMZ story that doesn't have their facts straight. I was at the show and that is NOT how it happened. Was she booed? No the audience was to busy singing to the song though no one could hear Avril. Did she dropped the f-bomb? Yes. However it was not to the people in the audience it was over the whole situation. TMZ couldn't even quote the Rays spokesperson correct. If you are gonna report crap like this shouldn't you at least quote people correctly?

1241 days ago


Another over rated singer, seriously, I watched her on Oprah sing with Pat Benatar and Pat simply blew her off the stage and she was holding back! Avril just stood there, she has no stage presence, no voice and no talent.

1241 days ago


"That's not what the Tampa Bay Rays are about". Oh, really? The spectators were booing her. Sounds like a bunch of *******s to me. So what exactly are you guys about. If you are going to dish it out, you better be able to take it. I live in Tampa, btw, so no one jump down my throat.

1241 days ago


I would have to disagree with the reports about Avril's show at the Rays game. She did decide to sing the uncut versions of her songs after the initial technical difficulties appeared to frustrate her. When you sing a song, and the mic doesn't work, and you do not lip-sync then I understand the frustration when a crowd doesn't respond as expected. She did not scream obscenities at the crowd (way overexageration)and I feel she was actually gracious despite the obvious technical difficulties from the stadium sound equipment. She handled the situation just fine in my opinion.

1241 days ago


And I don't remember any booing from the crowd. This article is as inaccurate as it can get. I'm disappointed in this article...I was not dissappointed in Avril's show last night.

1241 days ago

brock lesnar    

when will the sex tape appear? im saving my pennies now.

1241 days ago


I am Canadian and I couldn't agree with you more Fran. I guess we shoul not expect much from a girl the dates one of the idiots from the Hills.

1241 days ago


Well, she has a pretty smile...

1241 days ago



1241 days ago


Avril always keeps it classy 0_o

1241 days ago


TMZ must employ a 10-year-old to post this stuff up. It's "threw", not "through"!!

And she's just nasty anyways. Boooooooooooooooooo.

1241 days ago


WOW, she got rid of that once hideous yellowish stain teeth? "F@*K yeah!!! =D

1241 days ago
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