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Sarah Palin -- Bad to the Bone

5/29/2011 11:11 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sometimes politician Sarah Palin hopped on the back of a Harley and took part in the annual Rolling Thunder motorcycle rally in Washington, DC today.



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Lovely Rita    

The GOP should be sentenced to death for unearthing this stupid woman and unleashing her on American soil. What is wrong with you people??? She could'nt handle the heat as Gov. of Alaska and you want her to run for President? You nead your heads examined!!! God have mercy on the USA.

1243 days ago


Wow! I've never seen so much raw jealousy expressed by a group of people who haven't accomplished even one percent of what Sarah Palin has accomplished so far in her young life. Some of you apparently are suffering from terminal Palin Derangement Syndrome. There's no cure. It's associated with an inability to engage in intelligent debate without resorting to hate speech and name-calling. I've been wasting my time reading this thread. I didn't glean one scrap of information, nor one idea, worth retaining.

1243 days ago

Lovely Rita    

To Nuss - what is an intellect such as yourself doing trolling on TMZ? Please, enlighten the rest of us and post the long list of accomplishments by Palin. Don't forget to add she single handedly blew the election for the GOP.

1243 days ago


The liberals on this site are the same as on the political blogs. They cannot debate you on issues, so it's name calling, telling you that you are too stupid to even comprehend the issue. When that fails, drag out the race card, rinse and repeat. I cannot imagine being such a sheeple that you only follow the Liberal talking points that are issued. Sad, really.

1243 days ago


News just in, Obama out golfing for the 70th time since elected. On a day that should be about remembering our fallen soldiers, he's on the course having a grand old time. Bush gave up golf early in his presidency out of respect for the families of dead soldiers. He felt he could not justify playing a game while they were suffering a great loss. Different men, different priorities. Obama only cares about himself.

1243 days ago


I think that photo means Palin's a lesbian.

1243 days ago


You made a great point Midwest Gal. Romney and Pawlenty SHOULD ALSO stay home and take care of their children! You aren't up to this. Pull up your extra large flowered granny panties, pour yourself a nice cup of tea and maybe tune in to QVC and buy another nice zircon ring instead.

1243 days ago


Wow! What a cesspool of lying liberal ****s! She WAS invited, showed up, and honored our vets. What does the left offer? Weinergate! LOL!!

1243 days ago



"Pathetic. Disagree with her issues, but calling her stupid is laughable and only reflects on the low quality of leftist zombies who have nothing better to offer"

Um, Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes was quoted as saying that she's stupid. And an idiot.

1243 days ago

Libyarals Treat Sarah as well as bin Laden PLEASE    

Extremist Intolerant TERRORists.
Hatemongering, Intolerant Extremists with hate speech and disrespect for another indivual is way over the line.
What this woman has had to ENDURE from these FRAUDS that pretend to be humans is way out of hand and has to stop. Show respect if you want to be are talking to a fellow American, a mom, wife, grandmother that deserves to be treated AT LEAST AS WELL AS YOU TREAT MOORISLUMS, CRIMINALS & TERRORISTS.
At least treat her as well as you treated Osama bin Laden!!!

1243 days ago

Are you nuts?    

Is Ldawg still defending his precious little Palin?

1243 days ago


Idiot sheeple asking how Plain has the gall to invite herself to RT or commenting that she is exploiting the troops or that she does not care for the troops are to effing stupid to know that anyone can go to or ride in RT. Those invited are, generally, speakers. People from other countries attend RT, maybe you should people from Europe, Canada, Australia or any country but the US attend. Second, you effing retards, her eldest child was in the service and he served in the ME. She has always supported those who serve or have served in the military and will continue to do so no matter how long you bleeding butthole liberals whine that she is using service members for exploitation.

As for her having no right to be on a bike, there are many photos of her going back that show her on a bike. Just because she does not 'rider' her on does not make her a poser. If that were true than every b#*&ch on the back of her significant others bike is a poser.

1243 days ago



Wow - effing retards, bleeding butthole liberals? Aren't you late for a book burning somewhere?

1243 days ago


Name calling is all you libbies have left. Your messiah Barry Soetoro is a failure. The country does not want anymore hope and change. We have had enough, thank you.

1243 days ago



Do mean us effing retard, bleeding butthole liberals?

1243 days ago
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