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Cheryl Cole OUT As British 'X-Factor' Judge Too

5/30/2011 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cheryl Cole was a judge on two different versions of "The X-Factor." What a difference a week makes!

The judges for this season of the popular British show were announced today and Cole's name was off the list. This year's judges panel is made up of music mogul Louis Walsh, Take That's Gary Barlow, Kelly Rowland from Destiny's Child and Tulisa Contostavlos of N-Dubz.

As TMZ first reported, Cole was supposed to be on the U.S. version of the show, but was given the boot because producers thought her accent was too thick for American audiences.

Guess the Brit's don't have any issue with Rowland's thick accent. 


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She can take on a huge role in show in my bedroom anytime!

1179 days ago


Who is Cheryl Cole and who gives a ****ing ****. Seriously

1179 days ago


she is very cute.
and kim k. is going to get knocked in the head for that ring.

1179 days ago


Is that Shania Twain?

1179 days ago

george fudge!    

Leave it to the twits at Fox to get rid of the most beautiful woman they had and ruin their own show. Paula Abdul was a cheerleader and dancer, not a singer. American X-Factor is going to be a bust and will be cancelled after this failed first season.

1179 days ago


fake boobs

1179 days ago


LOL....her eyes makes me am Norwegian and I understand her accent....So not sure why some Americans can't. smh

1179 days ago


Mary I am not proclaiming that the UK is some perfect land because it most certainly is not! i was merely replying to an american poster who was trying to suggest that the UK is more institutionally and generally racist than America! I am under no illusions about my country, we have some very deep and dark social problems like every country however i do believe the we are in general a less racist country than America! As for the British National party they are a vile organisation and in a national context have very little support! their existence relies solely upon the fact that out political system is very broad unlike in the states where there are only 2 parties! (but thats another story)

My main issue was that i feel i can say these things about my country because i am not ignorant to the negatives (as i am sure you are not about the negatives of the your own nation) However unlike the USA Britain does NOT proclaim to be some land of boundless opportunity where everyone has a chance to live the so called 'American dream' we don't bull**** on about how anything is possible for everyone! because it is simply not true and nor is it in America either.

I am massively generalizing but it remains my belief that the Uk IS more liberal than the US! The US republican party is far more conservative than our conservative party! We have a far better track record on human rights and civil liberal issues eg. we don't have death row (haven't had death sentence since 60's), Gay marriage is legal nationally, gay people can serve in the army openly since the 90's, we had a woman prime minister ( way back in the 80's), we have never had such a movement as the KKK, there is not a region of the uk like the deep south....nuff said!, we don't all believe it is our god given right to own a gunn, we have an National health service which means if your poor you don't get sub par treatment you get as good treatment as if you were donald trump! (the US wouldn't let obama's universal health bill through because of the greedy insurance companies that corrupt your senate)

American dream my arse! And as for this special relationship...pft! The notion that our nations share the same values and ideas is far from accurate!

And as for Cole she is not a Bigot! she loved her black husband, her best friend and manager is She punched the toilet attendant because she was 19, in a club probably drunk and the attendant wouldn't give her a lollipop! And anyone who thinks otherwise should read the case notes fro the courtroom!


1179 days ago


you guys ever hear her speak lol
she sound like Colin Farrell ..she should talk in an different accent instead

1179 days ago


What a mistake.

1179 days ago

Cheryl Cole    

not really "Breaking News" It's been know since about 11am PDT.
About Simon offering 2.5m for her to go back to the UK X Factor. Its more like Will.i.Am demanded she get 2.5m.
DM is reporting ITV only offered her that same as last year which was 1.5

Its her own fault. Not anyone elses she got the boot from America. She didnt do anything to promote herself.
what kind of a twit says on a tv interview "I know that not many people know who I am" than doesnt even bother to be seen or anything.

1179 days ago

Mary Bailey    

@sheffuk I hear you. I appreciate anyone pointing out the US's hypocrisy. I'm sorry I got a little carried away.

Yes, Cheryl was in love with Ashley big time. I wouldn't be surprised to read she takes him back one of these days. Those tears over him during Cheryl's Piers Morgan interview last year weren't fake.

1179 days ago

Dragon Tattoo    

This girl is a bad ass racist, I am actually glad she is out of the USA. She got away with just community service in the UK after beating a insulting, humiliating and beating a black bathroom attendant, but then again she is a celeb so she can get away with murder. But I am glad to live in the USA where these/those crimes are taken more seriously, had she done that she, would've done at least done house arrest on a fancy rooftop in LA!!!!! LOVE LA LAW for celebs!!!!

1179 days ago


Cheryl Cole is NOT a racist. Anyone that says she is is either grossly misinformed or a liar with an agends.

1179 days ago

Thelonius Bostik    

the truth about the Cheryl fiasco:

1179 days ago
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