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David Beckham -- 'Speeding Really Bad' Before Crash

5/30/2011 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David Beckham was driving like a MANIAC before swerving into another lane at a dangerously high speed ... and rear-ending a stalled vehicle earlier this month -- this according to multiple 911 calls.


One caller -- who claims she was driving behind David for several miles-- reported that David was "driving recklessly" and "speeding really bad" before slamming into the stalled car on May 6.

Another caller claims David was "definitely speeding" -- pulling in and out of the carpool lane ... "breaking a couple traffic laws."

As we previously reported, Beckham rear-ended another car with his Black Escalade ... on one of the busiest highways in L.A. -- and the other driver had to be taken to the hospital.

Beckham -- whose son Brooklyn was in the car with him at the time -- has not been arrested or cited.

A spokesman for Beckham tells us, "As unfortunate as accidents are, David was not cited by the police at the scene for any violations."

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A reporter fish who reached down and copped a feel has confirmed what we always suspected: David suffers from the dreaded conditia known as "tinymeat"!

1208 days ago


Lorelaooo, you're not much better than David Beckham for making such an awful, hateful comment about a CHILD. If anyone deserved to be hurt in this accident, it's David Beckham HIMSELF, not his kid! I agree with your point that it's always the innocent people who get hurt and they shouldn't, but David's child IS another innocent person! What, do you think the CHILD was somehow responsible for his father's reckless driving?! That child was in just as much danger (if not more so) as anyone else on the road that day and didn't deserve to be. Wishing harm on an innocent child is a terrible, evil thing. The kid is not to blame for who his father happens to be or how his father behaves, and he shouldn't be the one to pay the price for his father's mistakes even if that WOULD teach David Beckham a lesson! Personally, I would NEVER want to see an innocent CHILD get hurt just to teach their famous parent(s) a lesson. Shame you don't feel the same way! Perhaps you really ought to stay AWAY from children...

1208 days ago


Shame on you, David Beckham! Endangering the lives of everyone else on the road and injuring someone else with your reckless behavior is bad enough, but putting YOUR OWN SON in danger is unspeakable. You should have your driver's license taken away from you and you should be investigated by Child Protective Services for child endangerment. How often do you drive like this with your kid(s) in the car with you?!

You're a disgrace as both a driver and a father. People like you shouldn't be allowed to drive or have kids. You're a menace to us all, including your own family! Just remember, SOMEONE GOT HURT BECAUSE OF YOUR STUPIDITY. Just be thankful that it wasn't your kid! You, David Beckham, are a slimeball. If you want to live dangerously and possibly injure/kill yourself, that's fine, but don't take other innocent people out with you!

1208 days ago


Maybe his praying mantis wife will eat him.

1208 days ago


More Hollywood superstar treatment! You think the regular folks in California would complain to the states Attorney General about the obvious favoritism that stars receive.

1208 days ago

JM in San Diego CA    

Never mind "why is he famous?" Why is he here? He plays an English game for an American team that draws scant attention.

1208 days ago


Prosecute him for attempted murder and child endangerment. And take all his kids away.

1208 days ago

Inner Party Member    

Ok, I just read this and I'm literally horrified at the inability of the posts as they seem to be filled with true imbeciles or at least people who don’t know the law.

First, what time of day/night was it? If it was day, then he would have saw the car. If it was night and he did not see the car, then he was driving too fast. The skid feet will prove that.

Second, Is there absolute proof that there was another passenger in the car? Wife, child. It doesn't matter if Puke Spice was singing bloody murder and dropping her baby while he was driving. If it was his son, how tall and how much does he weigh? This has specific ramifications as to if he could be in the front seat or back. Not to mention there is no indication as to if they were wearing seatbelts, but I'm "sure" they were(n't). This itself is a big deal but another issue entirely.

Third, entering into the carpool lane by going over the double yellow is a 2 point citation. Regardless of who the hell you are, except maybe a badge or government official, and if Beckham was treating it like his own little passing lane then there are multiple violations.

Lastly, the hit of another vehicle from behind: Regardless of who you are, where you are or otherwise, it is your responsibility as the owner and/or driver of a motor vehicle to abide by the laws of the State of California. The driver is held responsible for the operation of that vehicle. In the event that said vehicle crashes into the back of another vehicle, there is no excuse for the driver of the vehicle. Period. It is the fault of the driver. It doesn't matter if it's raining, foggy, snowing, regardless. Read the CVC. The ONLY excuse available is that the vehicle was itself pushed from behind by another vehicle.

Was David driving fast? Witnesses say yes, and there are MULTIPLE 911 calls proving this. Did he hit this vehicle at a high rate of speed? That has not been proven. However it is evident that he hit a car from behind in the carpool lane.

Should he be cited for at least failure to operate his motor vehicle? If the 911 calls can be substantiated and connected to him then he’s looking at driving recklessly, causing an accident, unsafe speed (again proven by the skid lengths), and since no cop was there to catch him weaving in and out of traffic using the carpool lane as his private passing lane, that he’ll get away with, but a civil suit will happen if he doesn't take care and completely replace the car, pay for the persons visit to the hospital (regardless if he was hurt or not) and pay for ANY pain and suffering he caused and lost time and compensation.

Allowing him to walk away scot-free is an insult to the CHP, LAPD, and those that they serve and protect, the people of Los Angeles. If the powers that be chose not to press this then they insult the very badge they wear.

Oh and one final note, this states from "multiple 911 calls" So if some jerk was speeding by me on the 405 at 9 am or 9 pm and I felt it was such that a 911 call needed to be made, well that may add a bit more weight since there was more than 1 call. Could those calls be from the same person? Highly unlikely, but worse is the fact that enough calls were made for TMZ to state "several" calls. Regardless he should be made an example of and punished as the law demands, not allows.

1208 days ago


Celebs can do whatever they want. That's for sure.

1208 days ago


He should have been charged!! Being a supposed celebrity is no excuse for reckless driving!!

1208 days ago


Now we know what is meant when they say Bend It Like Beckham!

1208 days ago


when your as famous as he is, laws can be bent.

1208 days ago


Hi, I'm the lady who followed Beckham's crazy speeding way for five miles. I have a story to tell and I'd be happy to give it as soon as I get my face on TV with the promise of a book deal.

1208 days ago


it's becks. he can do whatever he wants in my book. endangering lives? who cares! who else can rip one to the upper 90 from 30 yds out? no one.

1208 days ago


I am Becks and have sh*t loads of money I dont need so I can do what I want. American celebrity justice.

1208 days ago
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