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Sean Kingston's Savior

He Was Puking Blood

5/30/2011 1:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The guy who heroically jumped into the water to save Sean Kingston says the singer was spitting up blood after his jet ski accident last night -- but that Sean was responsive and even spoke during the rescue. 

Jonathan Rivera, a member of the Coast Guard, says he was driving his boat around Star Island on his day off ... when he was called over to the accident scene by a man and a woman on a jet ski. Rivera says he noticed an empty jet ski, a woman in the water floating (she was wearing a vest and complaining her head hurt) and Kingston.

Rivera says the two people on the jet ski were trying to hold Kingston up, but they were struggling to keep his head above water. Rivera says Kingston's size was a problem for them, as his life vest had come off.

So Rivera says he jumped in the water and noticed Kingston was "puking up blood out of his mouth."

Rivera says he wrapped his arms around Kingston and held on to the jet ski to help keep Kingston's head above water. Rivera said Kingston was "convulsing and throwing up blood all over me" -- but said he didn't notice any head trauma. 

Rivera tells us he held onto Kingston for about 15 minutes, until a police boat finally arrived. Rivera says he doesn't think he could have held on much longer than he did. 

Rivera says when help arrived, he told Sean he was going to be okay. He says Kingston repeated back to him, "I'm going to be okay." 

When it came time to get Kingston into the boat, Rivera says Kingston was able to follow directions, though he did need some assistance getting in. 

From there, paramedics quickly came and cleaned Kingston up and rushed him to an ambulance that was waiting nearby. 

Rivera, who says he didn't recognize Kingston until well into the rescue, tells us, “I mean regardless of whether I was in the Coast Guard, I would have still jumped off to help him. He needed help."

Jimmy Vega, who was with Rivera at the time and assisted in rescuing Kingston, talked to a local reporter (see below) and explained, "We were about to turn back around [and go home] when we noticed him. I truly believe if we did turn around, he would not be with us today."



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"Rivera says when helped arrived..." glad TMZ proof reads things. Anyway, great story.

1221 days ago


Geeze TMZ, you Idiots act like this guy is a Beatle or Mick Jagger. He's a bloated Rapper with 1 or 2 hits. I hope he heals but come on..... Get real u lame momo's!

1221 days ago

Mr. Nice Guy    

I'm the only black person at my job, & i tell my co-workers how racist some of the customers are when they come in. Most of our guest are White. It's like No matter what, We're always gonna be label. It's sad, 90% of the time is cool, but that small 10% make me not wanna work there anymore. The stares & looks I get & ppl don't even know me. Sad How children can play & get along & not see color, but Grown Ups are VERY IGNORANT!!!

1221 days ago


To Maria:

If you read the ENTIRE article you would know they had difficulty holding up him b/c Sean Kingston is a big man. He may be trained but it's not like he had super strength or a stretcher dumbass.

1221 days ago


He isn't a hero, he was doing his job.

1221 days ago


The immaturaty level of most of the posters here is beyond comprehension. How cowardly to hide behind your monitors and talk crap about people you don't even know. Your lives must be terribly sad.
Prayers to Sean and his family.

1221 days ago


Sean was rescued by Vin Diesel? Lol no seriously props to this dude - So glad he's okay.

1221 days ago

Kartrashian Klown    

This is sad, but it's great to hear that he helped saved this guy. He could of gone unconscious and drowned but it's good to hear that Sean was surrounded by Angels that watched over him. Hope he recovers..

1221 days ago


Word from the wise: Never eat Krispy Kreme Donuts before jet-skiing. It's a proven fact it always to lead nothing GOOD. (i.e. Sean Kingston.)

1221 days ago


Great job. The men and woman on our police force, fire force, armed forces don't make half the money they should. They are here to protect us and when the time comes to step up they do. These are the people our kids should look up too, like they did years ago!

1220 days ago


Spitting up blood is normally a sign up internal injuries, hope this young man recovers. Prayers for him and his family.

1220 days ago


Brave and good men. They went above the call of duty.

1220 days ago

Alissa Verner    

WOW !!! What A Hero.

1220 days ago


I am sorry to say that Sean has passed. The doctors did everything they could, but the internal injuries were too severe. RIP Sean, you were loved by all.

1220 days ago



1220 days ago
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