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Stars Who've Served!

5/30/2011 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

For Memorial Day, we thought it would be fitting to honor the brave celebs who have served in the armed forces!


** TMZ's fearless leader Harvey Levin is out of town and did not select the stars featured in this gallery ... which is why we stuck him front and center! FYI -- Harv served in the Air National Guard.**


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Audie Murphy......a decorated hero.....!!!!!!

1221 days ago


Where was Regis? I think he was in the Navy.

1221 days ago


Audie Murph was the most decorated hero during ww2. Several men had been killed by a sniper. Audie wanted to go after him. His commanding officer told him to take others with him. Audie didn't want to because they could get him killed. After they left camp Audie told the others to take a break. He went ahead, killed the sniper and got back to his men. Audie had alot of trouble after the war. He never could sleep thur the night and slept with a gun under his pillow. One time an actor was told to wake Audie up and before he knew it he was looking down the business end of a gun. He was a great american.

1221 days ago


Pee Wee Herman...a Marine???? "I know you are, but what am I"?

1221 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Looks like Harvey thought that if he pulled his pants up higher, he would look taller.


1221 days ago


Lee Marvin was also a decorated hero. He was serously wounded on an island while fighting the Japanese and they had to force him off the island to get medical treatment. Lee felt he was deserting his fellow soldiers.

1221 days ago


Joe Kennedy had to use all his influence to keep JFK from being court martialed by the navy. He was a hero for what he did after his ship was destroyed but he shut his engines off to try and hear where the Jap ship was. Before he knew it the Jap ship was cutting his in half. The navy said JFK should never have shut his engines off so he was the cause of the ship sinking and his actions after did not excuse him.

1221 days ago



From his Wiki page:

Later, he joined the National Guard serving seven months in the USA. He then went to Korea for 14 months in the United States Army, serving in the 24th Infantry Division in the Korean War. He was wounded twice, first in the face and hand from shrapnel fire from a mortar round, and second on April 23, 1951 in the buttocks from friendly fire from U.S. fighter jets as he dove headfirst into a foxhole. Garner was awarded the Purple Heart in Korea for the first injury. For the second wound, he received a second Purple Heart (eligibility requirement: "As the result of friendly fire while actively engaging the enemy"), although Garner received the medal in 1983, 32 years after his injury.[6][9][10][11] Garner was a self-described "scrounger" for his company in Korea, a role he would later play in The Great Escape[12] and The Americanization of Emily.

1221 days ago


DK - I am proud of those who served. I also notice that these men served because there was a draft and they had to serve. Where are all the younger people of today?

1221 days ago


Why is JFK on the list? He was a President, and many presidents served in the military. To have him as a 'celebrity' is not consistent with the post.

1221 days ago


First of all...JFK, NOT a "celebrity" and second, ads in between? Really??? You could've spared those for this!

1221 days ago


JFK received the navy-marine corp medal which is the highest valor award for non-combat actions. JFk was refused the Silver Star. Lyndon Johnson got a Silver Star for making 1 flight over an enemy held base.

1221 days ago

Fat hand puppet    

@ Matt pg2 "What amazes me about Jimmy Stewart is that he started as a private and retired from reserve service as a major general. Dozens of flight missions and awards and all. Such a modest man."

Jimmy Stewart's problem wasn't being qalified (he had a pilots licence and a degree)Jimmy's problem was his weight .. he was like 6'2 and weighed 145 ...
But if you want a incite into Jimmy stewart research on youtube about 4 or 2 years into his service.. Jimmy Stewarts Communication-skills or publicy skills are demolished. he fumbled like a incoherent dork through an filmed interview as if he was someone who didn't know anything about stage presence.

Henry Fonda is also a hero ... he recevied a silver star for having the inititive to dive on a japanese airplane wreak for intel.

1221 days ago


Since when was JFK a "Star"?????

1221 days ago


Don't forget Mickey Rooney!

1221 days ago
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