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Arnold's Baby Mama

My Family Is Selling Me Out!

5/31/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Arnold Schwarzenegger's baby mama is fuming mad AT HER OWN FAMILY for selling pictures and stories about her to the tabloids ... this according to a direct family member. 

A relative of Mildred Patty Baena -- who has not made a cent off her and REFUSES to sell out -- tells TMZ ... Mildred is shocked and didn't expect her own family to make a cheap buck off this whole ordeal.

In addition to the money, we're told Mildred feels these family members are just telling flat-out lies. The relative we spoke to says Mildred is sure the main culprit is the ex-wife of a family member.

If you can't count on an ex-in-law to keep secrets about your illegitimate love child with the former Governor of California ... who can you count on?



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Yikes... well... I'm not related to Patty, so I feel a little better about myself when I share the first ever interview with the son of Conan the Barbarian:

1211 days ago


Maria was banging lopez the gardner so whats the big deal

1211 days ago


I LOVE the last sentence, TMZ? I mean, she's offended? After what she did to Maria and her children for years and years? Who cares if this girl is offended. She deserves whatever she gets, as does Arnold.

1211 days ago


Phil 5 hours ago
There was a famous episode of The Twilight Zone called "Eye of The Holder" and I swear this maid Arnold was banging (while she was dusting) looks just like one of the deformed pig faces of the doctors and nurses in that episode. Don't believe me? Check the image here:


I see you posted your own picture here? Don't worry, someone will finally love you, just stop being so hateful because it shows on your face!

1211 days ago


STOP IT, TMZ, who freely already used a ***Kennedy*** smear campaign against this MAID. STOP IT ALREADY.

1211 days ago



1211 days ago


Maria Shriver acknowledged feeding the press the story -- Maria and the Kennnedys were behind the smear campaign TMZ ran. SHE'S A MAID. STOP THIS.

1211 days ago


And she is surprised that good morals and loyalty do not run in her family???

1211 days ago


Where is all thus hate and anger against the housekeeper coming from? We only heard what Maria Shriver decided to put out in the way she decided to put it out. Who knows what truly happened. How much power do you think the housekeeper had to resist Arnold?? We know he grabbed total strangers just because he felt like it. If you are a low wage worker and Arnold is grabbing you and you try to resist. Can you? Would you lose your job? Also, she may have liked the attention from the big boss, what a head trip to get the attention of the gov. if you are the housekeeper. How many women, wouldn't cheat for a one night stand or more with a big movie star? Maybe they only did it once or a few times and he decided to do right financially for the kid? Maria must have known and looked the other way because she
was getting to be the CA first lady and planing for Arnold to follow Regan and be Prez. YouTube has very candid videos of Arnold from the 80s where he boasts about his sexual appetite. He is Brazil being all grabby with the dancers and just his physical presence, not to mention the charm, I really cant imagine. The housekeeper saying no to the boss. MAria sold Arnold out because before she could tolerate it given the CA First Lady role and all the power that meant for her. Once he decided not to run, she looked at it and realized all she had was an oversexed dog and decided not to keep his secrets and get even for all the humiliations she had tolerated. Maria put out the stories about the maid doing it inhere bee. Hey Maria, the maid was not the only one and shame on you for destroying the life of a kid! Yours are

1211 days ago


I find it hilarious anyone thinks Mildred is a victim! She knew exactly what she was doing. She had three children prior to Arnold's lust child so she knows how they are made. She worked for the family and I am sure her job description didn't require her to have sex with the man of the house. She probably loved every minute of it...all the attention a rich and powerful man was giving to the housekeeper. This wasn't a one night stand. She was having sex with him for years. He was sleeping with multiple women during the same time period. I don't understand how Maria didn't get an infections from him because he never wore condoms with any of his whores.

1211 days ago


Conveniently forgetting she sold herself and her family court, as well as that of her employer, about fourteen years ago.

1211 days ago


I dont feel sorry for her one bit. That is what happens when you "F" with someone else's husband

1211 days ago


File this under: Dumb & Dumber....

1211 days ago


Oops. That should have read: "Conveniently forgetting she sold herself and her family OUT, as well as that of her employer, about fourteen years ago."

Note to self: Finish tea, give it time to work; then type. Sorry ya'll.

1211 days ago


What did she expect? When you are screwing an A List MARRIED actor you are bound to be sold out at some point. Give birth to his bastard child you are guaranteed to be sold out.

I don't know what she is so upset about. Rather than crying in your Cherrios lady about how bad a deal you got here, think of Maria and HER kids and what YOU did to that family. Talk about a woman that thinks she has some sort of entitlement to privacy! You lost privacy rights when you were banging the married boss. What a shameless whore.

She's probably pissed that all her ugly photos got out into the media and how everyone has called her a fat pig.

1211 days ago
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