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Gloria Allred's Casino Case -- The Angry Waitresses

5/31/2011 11:37 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The waitresses who claim an Atlantic City casino fired them for being too old went public today -- blasting the place during a news conference ... in which Gloria Allred literally served up her lawsuit on a silver platter.

Gloria put the legal docs on the silver plate, mocking one of the casino's sexy new "Let us serve you!" advertisements -- declaring, "We will be serving YOU today. Not with a cocktail, but with a lawsuit."

As we previously reported, Gloria represents 9 female cocktail servers -- aged between 40 and 66 -- who claim Resorts Casino in Atlantic City fired them to make room for sexier, younger waitresses.

The women are suing for unlawful sex, age, and race discrimination -- demanding back pay, lost wages, and damages for pain and suffering.


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It just hit me---real news outlets rarely cover Gloria, but TMZ seems to be there every time. Problem is that our responding to these stories just makes TMZ cover her more (they don't read this crap, they just count the comments and react accordingly). This will be my last comment on Gloria stories.

1208 days ago


They can make cute flapper outfits to suit all ages and sizes. Flappers were not slutty-looking, which it sounds like what Atlantic City casino want. Eeewwwww to all of you who only value skinny youth>>>I don't need a young, scantily clad waitress and I visit there 3 times a year. An experienced waitress is ideal, and they would do well to remember that all their customers are not horny young guys. These ladies deserve to keep their jobs or at least be given better ones and how Atlantic City Casino responds will say a lot about who they are becoming. We may be going elsewhere next month.

1208 days ago



Who wants to see old ass waiters? all saggy and baggy and OLD - ......actually I dont care about the "age" of the waitPERSON ...I do care about their personal hygiene, grooming, efficiency and honesty... I guess you have different values...therefore may you always have a young, idiotic, brain dead, dishonest, P-I G wait on you --- as long as he or she is "young" what does it matter???? right!

1207 days ago

who dat    

As much as i empathize with these women, i know they want to work. This suit is a loser. This type of job is based on a persons looks.

Gloria is a vile individual. Using these women for her own publicity. When Gloria passes, i doubt anyone will mourn.

1207 days ago


I ask you how many Victoria Secret models are 50-60... year olds? None--how many do you see walking the catwalk in the spring fashion shows in paris? None--I rest my case. This country is totally in awe of keeping young, and looking young. I am 62 happy to still be here, living and others ought to just count there blessings instead of wrinkles!!Accept it --I think the casino was fair in offering other employment to them. They could still work they were not fired.

1207 days ago


A 66 year old ****tail waitress?
Isnt that an oxymoron?

1207 days ago


She's got the turtle-neck thing going to cover the vulture neck. whore.....

1207 days ago


@Jonni: You won't find many men of any age working as bartenders or waiters anymore because men don't tip them, and women never tip. Can't make a decent living without them tips.

1207 days ago

Just Sayin    

Sorry, they are money hungry slackers. Case in point, if they were SERIOUSLY upset about what happened they would hire a REAL lawyer, not someone who is more concerned about a press conference like Gloria. Sorry I have no sympathy for anyone who hires Gloria rather than a real lawyer in search of REAL justice. I seriously hope they lose and I hope the casino does not settle up with them. Teach them a lesson to hire a real lawyer, rather than a circus freak.

1207 days ago


Allred gives lawyers an even worse appearance and reputation than they already had. Shes nothing but a publicity seeking ambulance chaser.

1207 days ago
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