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Kim Kardashian -- I'm Ditching My Last Name!

6/1/2011 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Goodbye, Kim Kardashian ... HELLO, Kim Humphries -- TMZ has learned ... the BIGGEST name in reality television will soon cease to exist ... because Kim K will be taking her soon-to-be husband's last name.

Kim Humphries

That's right -- sources close to Kim are adamant ... the most famous Kardashian of them all will "for sure" take NBA star Kris Humphries' last name when the couple ties the knot this summer.

Which might piss off Kim's mom, Kris Jenner -- who recently told, "I don’t think she should take his name and be Kim Humphries ... She needs to be Kim Kardashian because she’s worked so hard to get where she is.”

A rose by any other name ...



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Kim must be ashamed of her family name which is a clear shot at her father who worked his as* off way harder than Kim has. Robert must be rolling over in his grave more so than he did after Kim's porno.

1243 days ago



1243 days ago

Rick LaChapelle    

Does anybody really believe these two will ever make it to the alter? This is all a publicity stunt to help ratings, which I'm sure are headed down the toilet due to over-exposure!

1243 days ago


When you have a famous name like that you should not drop the name. She is known for the KK status...her sisters are all Ks...except the jenner two..but still ...Kardashian is a Huge name to drop. Stupid Kim

1243 days ago


@ truth about kim----------Wow, when you put it all together like that, she becomes very pitiful. Maybe if the truth hurts enough she will change.

1243 days ago


the fact that everyone knows of her; means she has worked hard... Maybe not the ideal type of work, but her name is part of her working identity, and it flows better for a stage name than Humphries- so her mom is right... The name Humphries will place her in the old married catagory, and could potentially affect her wallet. Have to give her credit for putting her marriage before her career, because she is esentially doing this by taking this slight risk.
Maybe she wants to stay out of the spotlight when she gets married. That would truly piss off her manager (Kris) as she will lose her 10% for pimping out her kid. Kim get married move to the other coast.

1243 days ago


no one has any idea, but now we have sort of an experiment to watch. I think it has a classy ring to it but i can bet people will just adhere to it, what else are they going to do, unfollow her on twitter?

1243 days ago

Kev the Realist    

WHo Cares, Kim Kardashian, Kim Humphries, She is is talentless media, fame whore with no talent. The entire family is a joke. They must be gypsies in their souls, as they really believe that they offer the world something. Give me a break.

Stop covering them and they will disappear faster than Kevin Federline's job of cooking fries.

1243 days ago

Stacey Patterson    

OMG who freakin cares, this two lossers won't last, she barely knows him, she don't know basketball at all, and plus how many times do you think she would fly to New York how about none she dummest person on earth! And i don't think his parents knows that Engage to Kim!

1243 days ago


No No Kim K will be taking her soon-to-be EX husband's last name.

1243 days ago


Besides that it is stupid in all commercial and business ways the worst thing is, it sounds totally retarded. Kim Humph..ries .. Kim Humph.. really ? I dunno.. Kardashian at least sounds elegant, fake or not.

1243 days ago


Kim Hump Frees?

1243 days ago


2 mil for your birthright name.

1243 days ago


Wo give a shxt about this or her family? The term "celebrity" has a ver vague interpretation these days... remember when a gal did a porno and then just went away,,,,,, I miss the good ol days where there actually had to be a talent behind the build up. A bunch of do-nothing fame ho's.

1243 days ago


Yes, Kris she worked "so hard". If laying on all fours by being plowed by a man on tape is "so hard" and then just standing there posing for photo shoots is "so hard", then I have been killing myself working. Get over yourself Kris, you know you're a fame hungry mother who wh0res her children out to the media, you're a disgrace to even call yourself a good mother.

1243 days ago
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