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Kim Kardashian -- I'm Ditching My Last Name!

6/1/2011 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Goodbye, Kim Kardashian ... HELLO, Kim Humphries -- TMZ has learned ... the BIGGEST name in reality television will soon cease to exist ... because Kim K will be taking her soon-to-be husband's last name.

Kim Humphries

That's right -- sources close to Kim are adamant ... the most famous Kardashian of them all will "for sure" take NBA star Kris Humphries' last name when the couple ties the knot this summer.

Which might piss off Kim's mom, Kris Jenner -- who recently told, "I don’t think she should take his name and be Kim Humphries ... She needs to be Kim Kardashian because she’s worked so hard to get where she is.”

A rose by any other name ...



No Avatar


It will take longer to change it back.
WHATEVER!!! Soon we will hear a sad story about how they decided to part ways as friends.. AND she will keep the ring.. BOO HOO!!!
Who gives a crap what she calls herself.. and why do people even like her to begin with..

1237 days ago


b!tches ain't **** but ho's and tricks!

1237 days ago


Changing her name isn't going to give her any class or make her ass smaller.

1237 days ago


I thought she was so proud of her Armenian identity.

1237 days ago

Yep I said that    

Change what ever you want you plastic ho then then just plain and simple F*CK off into the sunset and don't come back

1237 days ago

Trooper Tom    

Change your name doesn't matter you're still a vain, vapid, self centered, materialistic ho who got banged in every hole on tape and then sold it, for fame and fortune.

1237 days ago


Yeah, it's really hard work screwing everyone in pro sports while you're looking for a pro athlete to secure your finanical future. Seriously, she's worked so hard to get to where she is? Where is she? Hard work is caring for babies that have been neglected, it's not waddling your fat azz around celebrity beds. You better get out while you can, Kris Humphries, because you are just a means to an end. You have been bewitched by a bitchy witch. Pull up your zipper and think, for a minute, with your other brain.

1237 days ago


her mother is a pimp for those daughters of hers. she sees money going out the door if kim no longer goes by kardashian.

1237 days ago


Are you effing me? She has "worked so hard to get where she is"? These people are such typical zero I.Q. Beverly Hills dingbats. They are a LAUGHINGSTOCK!

The mother would sell her kids soul if the price was right. Remember Jonas Salk? He discovered the polio vaccine. He REFUSED to sell it and make millions of dollars for himself. He said "this belongs to everybody, just like the sun belongs to everybody". These morons could never in a million years wrap their pea brains around a concept that somebody would actually do something and not be motivated by the almighty dollar. The fact that they sell themselves on a reality show just shows you how vapid, shallow, greedy and utterly devoid of any common sense these shait for brains people are.

These clowns are sad, empty, vapid materialistic nimrods who live the most mindless, empty lives. Oh...they have lives full of parties, designer clothes (mostly gotten for free) illegitimate pregnancy, $10,000 handbags, Bentleys, drunken fights, and all kinds of other fun stuff. They show zero respect for their mother or their stepfather. They show zero respect for a dollar (nobody in their right mind would spend $10,000 on a handbag, not matter how "rich" you think you might be).

In my experience, the very rich are THE cheapest people on the planet. Only nouveau riche shiat for brains (like ballers and reality stars) throw money around like these imbeciles do. I’ll bet these people read on a 6th grade level.

1237 days ago

Kim Wannabee    

Kim Kardashian is super sexy and super hot and is really a cool chick. Way to go Kim! I'm happy for you and wish you a lifetime of wedded bliss. Taking your husband's last name is the right thing to do. Thank you for showing us how to do it RIGHT!!!

1237 days ago


No worries, she will be back to being a Kardashian in no time...

1237 days ago

Ms M    

I totally agree with you JB Kris needs to mind her own business, even if Kim is making another major mistake going into a marriage with someone she really doesn't know. All of these girls received their fame from their "Father" may he rest in peace. they were really nothing before that. But the young man got whipped if you know what I mean. Someone should council them both.

1237 days ago


Ditching your name doesn't change who you are! WHATEV!

1237 days ago


Looking like that... She never "Humps free"...

1237 days ago


"worked so hard"? posing nude and getting peed on? this slag wouldn't know an honest days work if it slapped her in that giant cottage cheese ass. YUCK!

1237 days ago
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