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Snooki -- One Big Pain in the Neck

5/31/2011 11:30 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

After being taken into custody for crashing into a police car in Italy yesterday, Snooki was spotted shooting scenes of "Jersey Shore" on Tuesday wearing -- and then taking off -- a neck brace.

While it is unclear whether or not she was really hurt, it's all fun and games until Snooks loses her ... tan.


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she looks fun..... and i am actually like 4 inches taller and infinitely classier

1239 days ago


Looks like she hasn't shaved her legs in a while.

1239 days ago


What's up with those boots? Does Snooki think that she's Lady Gaga now? They may be rich and making more money than any of us ever will in our lifetimes, but they sure don't have any taste or fashion sense! Everything they do is strictly for attention and nothing else.

1239 days ago


this bitch is so ugly, even more looks like a freak in these.

1239 days ago


Why is this ugly girl on TV? Seriously.. not attractive AT ALL. She looks like a drunk native american troll.

1239 days ago

justin case    

TMZ please stop showing anything about this fat little troll PLEASE...... I'm sick of hearing about her and the rest of the jersey shore douche bags.... To the people who even watch the show, why watch it when you can live it. Hell all you got to do is go to clubs and get trashed that's it!!!!! These douche bags have nothing to offer anyone.They drink, do ROIDS, and acts like A --- holes (_O_)... When people realize this show doesn't help anything going on in the world then MTV will drop all these douche bags and they will all crawl back under the rocks they came out from....

1239 days ago

the Pat-Mann    

Look at Snooki without the tan! She almost looks like a normal person.

1239 days ago


Snooki is looking good!

1239 days ago

the Pat-Mann    

Get a load of Snooki without the tan! She almost looks like a normal person.

1239 days ago


What the hell is she wearing on her legs? Is that part of her shoes?

1239 days ago


Mamamia! Ma che cazzo!!!

Tell us something, big-bad TMZ. Why don't you shed information on the amount of dislke, dissent, and negativity that the Italian citizens, restaurant/club owners, and political figures in the city of Firenze have shown towards these arrogant "Supercafoni" as they are called in Italy(translation:Big Idiots). Why don't you also publish how The New York Post apologized on an article to the city of Florence for having those "supercafoni" misrepresent Americans. "Not all Americans are like that" the writer of the New York Post explains. TMZ, why don't you give all acounts of what is going on for the JS cast in Italy, which is extremely negative towards them and MTV. Is it because you and your staff are also getting paid by MTV to give these ignorants further fame?

1239 days ago


I hope the 2 cops that did get whiplash sue MTV! It's ridiculous that they even had a police escort for that trash!

1239 days ago


Could someone please put that ******* out of her misery?

1239 days ago


What a joke, I'm sorry to say you are American, please stay in Italy. Oh wait your not even Italian. GET A LIFE LOOSER!

1239 days ago

Kid Pawley    

I cannot be more embarassed for the United States. For God's sake, could someone at . . . what channel are they commandeering?? . . . please do your country a favor and kill these people . . . from your line-up, I mean . . . or do I???

1239 days ago
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