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Steve-O BOYCOTTS Charity Event -- I'm Outraged!!

5/31/2011 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Jackass" star Steve-O WALKED OUT of a charity event benefiting the American Diabetes Association this weekend because they served meat for lunch ... claiming, "It's like serving alcohol at an AA meeting."

Steve-O was set to compete in the Celebrity Go Kart Tournament in Gardena, California this weekend -- but once he caught wind of the menu, he BOLTED.

On his way out, Steve O expressed his outrage with a woman named Helen from Children's Hospital -- saying, "I came here because I thought this was about promoting a plant-based diet as diabetes prevention and they're serving MEAT there ... so I'm outta here."

After asking a few kids if they wanted to take his place driving his go-kart in the event ... Steve-O added, "It's kind of an outrage to me ... it's stupid."


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you can cure diabetes by eating large amounts of rocks,then you go see a dentist

1177 days ago


What an ignorant FOOL.

Meat helps control blood sugar. Low fat chicken, pork, and turkey are FINE for diabetics.

SteveO needs to educate himself.


1177 days ago


Shut up Jack Ass Steve-O
Surrounded by f*cking idiots!

1177 days ago

CA Girl    

What a sanctimonious *******. If all he wanted was salad, then he could have had just salad. Another example of Hollywood arrogance courtesy of this latest *******, Steve-O.

1177 days ago


stupid non meat eaters... its funny that people who eat meat don't give a **** about people who don't but the non meet eaters always making a big deal out of ****.

Just because you don't eat meat doesn't make you healthy. Just because your skinny means your healthy either..

1177 days ago


That was a bitch move steve-o. you could have made money for that charity and helped sick people but instead u acted like a lil bitch. i really DID like you after watching you on tv but now I think you are a ******* and why don't you go put a needle in your arm and do us all a favor. I have family who I watch die from this disease and there has to be a cure found. **** Steve-o ****ing has been never was.

1177 days ago


Who gave him the idea that the event was going to push a plant-based solution to diabetes. And actually, his stupidity may have the positive effect of drawing extra attention to diabetes and that's a good thing. As for the vegetarians out there: ask Paul McCartney why his vegetarian wife was dead of breast cancer at age 56. I'm not against a plant-based diet, but the idea that it's some sort of cure-all is just ridiculous.

1177 days ago


to "thetruth":

It's very telling that the truly scary threat of a vegan standing by their convictions brings out all this hostile sexism. Way to go, champ!

1177 days ago


Careful Steve-O, or the Vegan Police might strip you of your incredible jackass powers for being well.... a JACKASS!!!

1177 days ago


I love my dead flesh. Keep your stupid tree hugging hippie vegan ideas away from my type I diabetic body. as****s.

1177 days ago


Good for him! I would have done the same. It has been scientifically proven that a whole foods, plant based diet can reverse type 2 diabetes as well as heart disease. (See the film Forks Over Knives). The issue again here is money and the bottom line. Big pharma doesn't want people to cure diabetes or other illnesses. They would rather people remain sick and dependent on their drugs so they can rake in the cash. Dr. Joel Furhman was scheduled to do a lecture for the American Diabetes Association a few years ago. When they found out he was advocating a whole foods plant based diet and not drugs, they pulled him from the speaker list. Your health is in your hands. It is time we took back our own health and power. Just do a Google search. The information is out there.

1177 days ago


You know I try to be understanding & supportive of someone's personal commitment to something. Be It a God, or a choice in how to live their life. To cut something entirely out of your diet takes a commitment, & I have nothing but respect for that. I personally cut POP out of my life because I have my own beliefs about it. However, I am SO sick of Vegans/vegetarians getting uppity & preachy about a CHOICE of diet they personally made. It is great you made a commitment to something you believe in, but you don't have to CRAM that belief down the rest of our throats, & try to condemn us for making a different choice & deciding we want to eat meat! Why isn't it enough to just be proud of your commitment to veganism/vegetarianism?

Steve-o was immature for reacting the way that he did at a CHARITY event. Regardless of what he thought it was about, once he realized he was wrong he didn't have to BAIL on those kids! Just don't eat the meat that is being served, & try to promote your belief without ridiculing everyone! Would that really have been so hard?

1177 days ago


What a pitiful celebutard

1177 days ago


if he was talking to someone from the Children's hospital, then this was more about type 1 diabetes. THERE IS NO CURE FOR TYPE 1 DIABETES!!!! You can be a wimpy plant eater all you want but it won't help your pancreas make insulin. And to all those that believe diet or jesus or some miracle rock can cure type 1 then all I can say're idiots.

1177 days ago


If he believed he was attending an event promoting a plant based diet, and was then served meat, I can totally see why he'd walk out. I admire that conviction.

That being said, as a mother who is raising a child with type 1 diabetes, I completely disagree with the notion that meat as part of a healthy diet is anywhere near the same as drinking alcohol during addiction recovery.

Furthermore, the hospital rep had an opportunity to dispel the stereotype, and engage in a conversation to raise awareness while promoting accurate information. But she didn't! She agreed with him...and THAT'S the part that bugged me the most!

1177 days ago
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